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  1. This one shines, and I loved the demo too. I know I was/am in the minority there, but this track was killer from the start. Its sassy and funny and it makes me want to do a booty dance. For me, the demo version is one of only 3 or 4 that still stands up to the album version, though the album versions are killer too.
  2. 3 1/2 hours till I get off work...then it will be mine! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  3. This song is incredible! Just a fun, booty shakin' little tune with that grilltastic rap. Irresistible!
  4. I really don't understand why everyone gets so worked up at the mere mention of the word "demo". No one would be telling others to move on or let it go or calling others names if someone said they liked a remix or a live version, so who cares if they like a demo? I can see being annoyed if someone repeatedly talks about a demo/alternate version being better or insulting other peoples taste, but for gods sake, all the guy said was that the demo version was one of his favorites. Is it a crime for me to say that I like the vikram remix of Nothing Really Matters way way way better than the original? Or that I hate ANY version of Take A Bow? Its just an opinion, everyone is entitled to express them. And I think its really lame to call people whiny bitches or whatever else from behind the safety of a computer screen. 99% of these inconsiderate jerks know damn well they would NEVER have the courage to actually say this stuff to anyone in person.
  5. I must be the only person who prefers the new mix of Tragic Girl to the original. The first version is pretty I guess, but it's just so...meh. The Etienne mix at least gives it a bit of oomph. Neither version is all that great though. Tragic Girl and Back That Up are, IMO, the only truly weak songs of the bunch. This album is just incredible. Some of the leftovers are better than the whole Hard Candy album.
  6. @ coadf & your suggestion that she feature on other artists' albums: I am cool with most of those, but if EVER does ANYTHING with fergie I am just gonna have to puke all over the stereo. I want to drown that talentless joke of an artist in a bedpan. Just sayin'.
  7. . Yes, indeed. I had to rewind it to make sure that's what she said. Armed with this knowledge, how can anyone doubt my love for this woman?
  8. OK, I think "My mind is a war zone, the silence hits harder than grenades, I never meant to put a noose around your faith" might be my favorite lyric she's ever written. Wow, that kicks my ass every time I hear it.
  9. Agreed! The album really does feel like one complete statement. I can see why she went in the direction she did when it came to some of the demos. And katypatra, I am with you. Right now, Rebel Heart is neck and neck with Erotica for my favorite album. If it weren't for the memories and associations I have with E, I don't know whether it would even be a question. As it is, music is so wrapped up with memory and circumstance in a person's psyche, so I'm not sure that Erotica could ever truly be replaced, but this one is GOOD. Amazing, really.
  10. Bill & Humby, you're breaking my heart, lol. I don't know why, but I totally LOVE the dubplate. Maybe it's because I like when she messes with her old songs. I always appreciate her tour arrangements, just because I love seeing a new take on old faves. I know the new La Isla isn't a whole lot, but I get a big ol' smile on my face whenever I hear it. I love this era!!!!! And I love being able to share it with all of you guys and gals! I'm all lovey tonight with all the new music out there. P.S.--I don't know if anyone cares, but for all you Aphex Twin fans out there, he just released 150 "new" songs on soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001
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