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  1. I still listen to Rebel Heart everyday. With so many stellar tracks, It confess this was kind of negleted until recently. I mean, I always loved it, but I was consumed with other songs. Now it's one of my most played and one of Rebel Heart's best. Very happy that it's being performed on the tour.
  2. I can't! @ everything! All those faces and expressions.
  3. listening to Born This Way on Tidal is so good, the quality is great, you can literally hear Express Yourself playing in the background. — Avril Lavigne (@AvrilsusChrist) https://twitter.com/AvrilsusChrist/status/588015455488577536
  4. https://youtu.be/cx0-MZn-QQc Nice video!
  5. Not counting the bonus tracks, only the original 19 tracks. 1. Iconic 2. Illuminati 3. Best Night
  6. I was going to write that we should not provide the links to such articles, just post the content. We should not give them what they want.
  7. Well, she's trending all over the world, but I'm surprised she's trending in Portugal. She didn't when she performed at the Grammys.
  8. Wow, I was at work as M performed, so I just saw this. It's so sad but she just put herself toguether in a few seconds. Impressive! The singing was not near as good as in the Grammys, but that is understandable. She fell so bad, during an important live performance and with no time to recover. Still, she did. What a pro!
  9. Wow, so many people on this thread worried about how some songs should not be a part of Rebel Heart just because of review scores. It seems Madonna doesn't care, she had a huge number of tracks to sell an album without the bitch and the sex songs. It's like I'm suddenly in a Mariah's forum... People are way too conservative, narrow-minded and hipocrate. I'm glad Madonna stays true to some fundamental values while always evolving.
  10. That's what I thought when I heard the track! It remindes me of his mid/late 90's productions. Aaliyah and others come to mind.
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