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  1. The biggest issue with Madonna's marketing of her physical media is the appalling lack of communication and centralization of information. Unless you were perched on a fan forum like this through the release, I don't know how anyone would have the time to find out she's selling XYZ color vinyl or special hardcover deluxe edition in XYZ country or find a chart created to differentiate the contents of one release from another. It should be easier to find everything to buy in the first place. As for the tour CD, I'm sure it was because the North American tickets came bundled with physical CDs upon sale and they probably forgot about that option entirely when prepping the merchandise for Europe.
  2. It's actually interesting, but from those um... leaked papers... we learned that Gaga's Interscope contract has restrictions on number of songs on an album and even song length, plus who she works with production-wise has to be approved by the label before it's even in the recording stage. So there are actually very few, if any, unused songs that ever get finished for her. The label also has full discretion to choose which songs are singles and get music videos. I wonder if Madonna's is similar in a way. Taylor's Republic Records deal affords her almost unparalleled creative freedom for a megastar artist. She not only owns her own masters now (so she can record whatever and whenever she likes even if it never gets released), but she can also work with whoever she wants to and without informing anyone. The label is basically only for distribution and marketing now, so her own Taylor Nation in-house team basically did all the graphics and lyric videos until it was time to send everything to be shipped out for production and distribution for release. Ariana also seems to get similar freedom on Republic and seems to be recording a lot and has been able to spontaneously release a lot more songs in the streaming era than we used to be able to get, but she probably makes less on her music because she shifts fewer physical sales and not all of her recordings make it to physical release. Now we know Madonna has a lot of demos and other recordings that never make it to market, so obviously her recording flexibility probably has more freedom than Gaga's, but it's interesting to wonder what other restrictions she has to deal with.
  3. LFM and Funana remain standouts on this album. They have a warmth and nostalgia that's missing from the rest of the clinically cold album. I hope the tour film isn't dubbed over too much because the LIVE VOCALS were what really brought those songs to life in live performance.
  4. It is so sad and horrible. It's all over the news here too. I hope all our Australian members are safe.
  5. I wish Madonna had made room to perform some of the fun songs on the album like this on tour!
  6. I meant even live I could barely tell what she was saying.
  7. Who can really tell through the vocoder?
  8. I'm obsessed with the piano solo tour version.
  9. Her vocals on this on the tour are some of my favorite in the show. Stunningly amazing!
  10. People kept shouting "Faz Gostoso!" at the show last week. Madonna was like "Faz Gostoso. Why is that all anyone cares about? Why do I have to make a video with Anitta?? This is about ME."
  11. I still listen to this, Crazy, and Funana the most.
  12. Love the raw emotion of Madonna's vocals on this song! One of the best on the album.
  13. I also dislike the mumbly grillz singing, but the rest of the song has so much going for it that I can overlook it here. While muffled, at least it's still coherent though unlike certain artists who can't enunciate anything to save their lives... Can't wait for the video of this. I still have this on repeat like it's an IV infusion of energy!
  14. God Control Crazy I Don't Search I find Looking for Mercy Funana
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