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  1. Hung Up - Living For Love - Like A Prayer - Music - 4 Minutes - Live To Tell are all strong lead singles and Hung Up holds a Guiness Record for a reason! Ray Of light as a single is kinda not my cup of tea. American Life on the other hand is the most attrocious lead single i can think of
  2. 1. Confessions on a Dance Floor (Miles ahead of the rest) 2. Like A Prayer 3. Ray of Light (iconic record) 4. Rebel Heart 5. Music 6. Hard Candy ( i'm on the minority but i love Candy shop,give it2 me,4 minutes,miles away and devil.) 7. American Life 8. True Blue (love the singles esp Live to tell) 9. Bedtime Stories 10. MDNA 11. Erotica 12. Like A Virgin 13. Madonna ( i'm not much into this) (14. I'm Breathless) Justice for Ghosttown and Candy shop.
  3. Repeat it like a mantra (for you), I'm in love, I'm in love. ..... BEST NIGHT for me.
  4. Don Diablo Mix should be a stand-alone single on Itunes. It rocks to be honest.. The vocal edit of the ohhh's is perfect. BOP
  5. Unapologetic Bitch because hellooooo summer is coming.
  6. I was playing a cd in my car the other day and had some friends with me. While Living for love remix from the grand journal a girl asked what song was and that she liked it. When i said it's Madonna she said" Madonna ew change it. I don't know what is wrong. On topic: This Guy is useless.
  7. Hm least favourite so i'd go with: Autotune baby ( The only one i don't like it) Body shop Beautiful Scars Graffiti Heart To be honest 2,3,4 are my least played but still like them.
  8. I hope Justin is there only to massage the Queen and not to sing cause i need a mute control. Seriously
  9. Unapologetic Bitch is being played in Greek Clubs more than any other track summer smash.
  10. Time for Addicted to slay the rest bonus tracks and shine
  11. I really enjoyed her first interview with Ellen during Confessions. I'm ready for a great comeback there.
  12. Diplo will be in the video bookmark me.I really believe it. I already sent him a private message hope he responds.
  13. Hold Tight demo 4(03:25) or 5 featuring MNEK(04:43) is a must. Borrowed Time demo 2(03:22). Rebel Heart ft, Avicii (04:00) is a must. Wash All Over Me (04:32). These are the only ones i use to be honest
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