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  1. God how I miss this woman! Queen!
  2. Enigma Pet shop boys Dido
  3. This. I was ready to hate it, I'm honest but I agree completely, it's a great song and the best thing in that top 10.
  4. Can the industry stop treating her like she's over and dead? Madonna please drop a new album and perform the lead at the Eurovision.
  5. So the second single is Goddess or Bon Appetit?
  6. I think Cyndi didn't agree with the way M expressed her feelings and thoughts (aka "that" infamous sentence) but she shares the same feelings and thoughts IMO. Anyway, yes it's sad seeing all these women going against Madonna, especially when you realise their "resentment" towards her is driven by jealousy, envy and bitterness only.
  7. Agree with everything but Cyndi wasn't shady TBH.
  8. Sheryl Crow Camille Paglia Debbie Harry Who's next?
  9. Mediocre top 10s (Yes, even the 1984 one, except for a couple of songs)
  10. Madonna and the Bedtime Story video are cited in a book I'm studying for an exam. Two chapters are dedicated to Leonor Fini, who was an important inspiration for the BS video as we all know.
  11. Ovah it's ovah