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  1. Exactly. Masterpiece, Love Spent and I'm a Sinner should have been the main singles of MDNA.
  2. Nobody talks about it. I adore it, should have been a single. Love the production, the lyrics, the beautiful bridge, her voice, everything.
  3. To be fair, there is nothing positive around this release. MESS I will buy it because I love the tour and I can't wait for the live album too
  4. Let me blast RH now with the album versions in ALL of their GLORY
  5. Album out on July 21
  6. Yes I think I have it too on one of my old Ipods, I clearly remember it didn't stop at JML
  7. Why are we remembering that Gaga quote? She got DRAGGED HARD for it and it's now forgotten by everyone.
  8. Queen Katypatra exposing that Toilet Swish Swish Bish.