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  1. Vogue slaying! Not really happy with the albums'rank though... Anyway Thank you Curtains! magnificent work!
  2. I'm still not over TUTBMP at #74. It should be top 20 at least
  3. AMAZING work @Curtains!!! Keep dem coming! @Shaun thank you! You have good taste in music too
  4. @VogueMusic clear this mess with one of your gifs
  5. Go back to your playpen... ....baby
  6. What XXL is writing is right tbh. It's hard for a pop act to be an album artist the way you mean it, Kim. Pop albums need DEM HITS to sell unlike rock albums, as rock acts have a far more loyal fanbase (and even they're starting to struggle....U2 and Bon Jovi's latest albums sold half of what RH sold). Still, I don't know another veteran pop artist who sells the amount of copies Madonna sells, who is global like her or capable of having 4 successful worldwide tours in the span of a decade. Ageism is not an excuse, I don't need to play the ageism card to justify Madonna's less eventfull charting career today, radios do that themselves. If Madonna was the only veteran act to have trouble making her way on the charts today I'd agree with some people in here....but she's not (she's actually the only one doing kinda decent, as I stated earlier) so show me those other veterans whose fanbase has not shrunk. We're comparing Madonna to other people not to disrespect her but because Madonna is somewhat seen as "the only one flopping" when others (among youngsters and her peers) are selling LESS than her and get away with it. Again, I agree that all of these things are not the only ones to blame.
  7. Warner and Interscope are the problems, it's not 100% their fault but they have made things worse for sure. People at Warner handling her career were out of their mind for about a decade before she left (don't make me list all of their NONSENSE, let's not go there). Interscope, as I said yesterday, does nothing for her, no radio promo, no spotify promo, albums badly stocked in stores, messy releases, zero knowledge on how charts work today. Add a music industry which is teen-oriented (ageism, radio ban) and here you have why Madonna's charting career got worse. Still, Madonna did good with both MDNA and RH if you take these things in consideration.
  8. Thank you. RH did good and I wonder how much more it would have sold if there was radio support and no leaks. People don't realise how big of a deal is selling 1 million copies of your album today. Excluding Adele or TS, the average popstar barely reaches that mark with MULTIPLE hits, oh and let alone Madonna's peers (Mariah and Janet's last albums sold 300.000 copies, LESS than what RH sold in its first week, crazy). +1