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  1. Die Another Day is the best JB song. Lulu? I've never met the woman, I don't know anyone she knows.
  2. Exciting news! They talked about it today on TV, I'm more and more sure we're not alone in the universe. I love astronomy so much! When I was a child I was totally obsessed with planets, stars and stuff like that, I have many books about astronomy at home, it's my favorite field of science, so fascinating and inspiring!
  3. Leave a comment on Guy's Instagram Let's do this!!! Maybe he will block us all but still
  4. Totally agree with you! We should do a petition IMO and maybe send it to Oseary on Twitter after we reach a respectable number of signatures (even though i don't think he would pay attention to it....oh well) But we need to do something...
  5. I'm listening to Teenage Dream (album) I love it like the first time, flawless pop record