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  1. I know! I would love to see some pictures!
  2. Masterpiece would have S L A Y E D the world if released as a single. Just look at what it did in Russia, where it peaked at #1 and is one of the most played songs of all time. It even peaked at #68 in the UK thanks to airplay only. Surrender to Masterpiece HA POWAH
  3. Why do people hate Kanye? IMO he did a brilliant job on RH....WAOM, Illuminati, Holy Water, SEX, he turned them into tracks with an ATTITUDE Illuminati was a Gaga song in its demo form, let's be real for once
  4. Honeymoon is now Gold in the UK for sales of 100.000 copies
  5. 1. Rebel Heart 2. True Blue 3. Bedtime Stories 4. Like a Prayer 5. Ray of Light 6. Erotica 7. Madonna 8. I'm Breathless 9. Music 10. Confessions on a Dance Floor 11. Like a Virgin 12. MDNA 13. Hard Candy 14. American Life Love them all anyway
  6. 6 pages, already my most successful topic MDNA ha impact
  7. This. MDNA is a good record but it just pales when compared to Rebel Slayage.
  8. I think there are many Madonna classics on this record! I'm Addicted, Love Spent, Falling Free, Gang Bang, Beautiful Killer, Masterpiece are all great Love GGW too, one of M's best dance tracks
  9. Agree!! I think that too sometimes but when I listen to HC is the other way round maybe they're equal
  10. Imagine the amount of dislikes she would have had for videos like LAP or JML omg
  11. Into The Groove didn't chart on the Hot 100, yet it's a classic and more iconic than any of Minaj's Hot 100 entries Charts are meaningless and they've always been.