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  1. Watched part 1 of the interview - is that it! Nice interview but it lasted around 3 minutes. Better than nothing and they did play her back catalogue and reference Celebration.
  2. Oh no, at best this will scrape the top 75. Unless there is a performance scheduled soon...
  3. They had her on everything for Evita - the now defunct Big Breakfast used to LOVE her.
  4. Finally bought this today. Picked up the digipack. Packaging inside better than expected as the outside isn't too hot. Able to resize the videos on my mac as otherwise the standard picture size is irritating. Some of the videos are grainy but £12.99 for 47 vids is pretty good value. Its sales worldwide have demonstrated it wasn't worth a massive production spend.
  5. Well ANY interview is better than nothing. I wonder if they will say she is the biggest selling, even more so than deluded Mariah.
  6. Friday Update Top 40 Only - Madonna is top 30 in the albums. Bon Jovi should have just enough of a lead to fend of CC in the albums but she might do it due to Saturday chav sales. Singles 1 JLS 97.2k 2 Cheryl Cole 54.9k 3 Black Eyed Peas [MMH] 35.6k 4 Jay Sean 31.4k 5 Alexandra Burke 30.3k Top 10 Chase & Status Ke$ha Lady GaGa Top 15 Jay-Z ft. Alicia Miley Snow Patrol Top 20 Calvin Harris Paolo Nutini Journey Top 30 Bon Jovi Cheryl Cole Beyonce Laura White Top 40 Chris Brown Albums 1 Bon Jovi 59.4k 2 Cheryl Cole 52.5k 3 Michael Buble 47.1k 4 Foo Fighters 46.2k 5 Michael Jackson 30.6k Top 10 Katherine Jenkins [ultimate Collection] Beyonce Black Eyed Peas Top 15 Sting Top 20 Bee Gees Top 30 Pink Frankie Goes To Hollywood Nirvana Top 40 Slayer Julian Casablancas
  7. Come on M - climb further before Sunday's chart! Maybe the new set of ads are helping reverse the decline.
  8. I guess the are making up for last years disappointing performance by Leon in the singles and albums. Leona did well but there were no other successes by past acts except for Rhydian in the albums charts. They are making us PAY this year, haha. Leona, Alex, Rhydian, JLS, Cheryl and of course the awful group and winners single to come. One benefit is that Shayne with a Y Ward has been bumped until spring.
  9. First set of mids, Madonna in the top 30 in albums. Hope her weekly fall will be negligible this week. Crappy Cole could be dethroned from both charts though I suspect Bon Jovi's lead will disappear through the week. JLS are off to a fantastic start. The X Factor effect is crazy this year. Summary Top 40 Only Singles 1 JLS 58.4k 2 Cheryl Cole 26.7k 3 Jay Sean 15.8k 4 Black Eyed Peas [MMH] 15.5k 5 Alexandra Burke 14.8k Top 10 Chase & Status Lady GaGa Miley Top 15 JLS [spell It Out] Snow Patrol Journey Top 20 Calvin Harris Top 30 Paolo Nutini Cheryl Cole [3 Words] Top 40 Beyonce (BHG) Bon Jovi JLS Laura White ======================================= Albums 1 Bon Jovi 33.4k 2 Cheryl Cole 22.9k 3 Michael Buble 20.7k 4 Foo Fighters 17.3k 5 Michael Jackson 13k Top 10 Katherine Jenkins [ultimate Collection] Beyonce Black Eyed Peas Top 15 Nirvana Top 20 Slayer Pink Top 30 Sting Top 40 Tinchy Stryder Frankie Goes To Hollywood Bon Jovi [best Of] Julian Casablancas
  10. Plus Celebration the single drops out of the top 75 after just 6 weeks.... 88. (56) CELEBRATION (Madonna)
  11. Music week summary of last week and some sales highlights. Let the bickering continue SINGLES 138614 Cheryl Cole 75330 Westlife 72015 Jay Sean 71335 Alexandra Burke 42745 Michael Buble 42614 Black Eyed Peas (6) 32319 Chipmunk (7) 31243 Whitney Houston (8) 24466 Robbie Williams (9) 23798 Black Eyed Peas [iGAF] (10) 23454 Miley Cyrus (11) 19869 Lady GaGa (14) 16454 Biffy Clyro (17) 12068 Duck Sauce (22) 11794 Saturdays (23) 10641 Cheryl Cole [3W] (26) 7266 Michael Buble [CMAR] (34) ALBUMS 125271 Cheryl Cole 112314 Michael Buble 78097 Michael Jackson 56558 Soldiers 55429 Alexandra Burke 30572 Katherine Jenkins (6) 25400 Whitney Houston (7) 18095 Daniel O'Donnell (8) 17706 Paolo Nutini (9) 17541 Fleetwood Mac (10) 7969 Harry Connick Jr (28) 7768 Ultrabeat (29) 6303 Wolfmother (35) 4080 Saturdays (57) 2078 Saturdays (100) COMPILATIONS 32038 Live Lounge Vol 4 (1) =========================== Year To Date Singles 431.459 Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love 380.179 Alexandra Burke ft. Flo Rida - Bad Boys 221.652 Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy 160.153 Robbie Williams - Bodies 99.205 Madonna - Celebration 98.710 Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet 97.239 Saturdays - Forever Is Over Year To Date Albums 196.849 Madonna - Celebration 190.319 Michael Buble - Crazy Love 187.494 Alexandra Burke - Overcame 77.032 Whitney Houston - I Look To You 36.304 Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of ?? 25.712 Saturdays - Wordshaker Singles Cheryl Cole pulls off a notable double this week, remaining atop the singles chart with first solo offering, Fight For This Love, while entering the album chart at number one with her introductory long player, 3 Words. She is the 12th women to achieve the feat first completed by Barbra Streisand in 1980. Despite the album’s release, Fight For This Love continues to set a scorching pace on the singles chart, selling a further 138,615 copies last week, bringing its 13-day sales tally to more than 431,000, and jumping 37-12 on the year-to-date rankings. The track’s first week sales tally of 292,846 was the highest for an act not newly graduated from a reality TV show – though, of course, Cole herself was discovered on Pop Stars: The Rivals and serves as a judge on The X Factor – since September 2001, when Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head sold 306,648 copies. Cole’s singles chart holdover denies Westlife the opportunity of registering their 15th number one, at least for the time being. The Irish band, whose tally of number ones is bettered only by Elvis Presley and The Beatles, last topped the chart in November 2006 with The Rose, which opened with sales of 44,305 copies. Westlife’s 25th chart entry, What About Now opens with sales of 75,330, and brings up the group’s 6,000,000th single sale since their 1999 debut. It is a cover of the Daughtry track which has itself flowered into a late hit thanks to its use – both in original form and cover versions – on The X Factor. The singles chart’s other notable new arrival is Jay Sean’s recent number one US hit Down. A collaboration with Lil Wayne, it debuts at number three on sales of 72,017 copies. Meanwhile, the top tier’s other transatlantic twining – that of Alexandra Burke and Flo Rida – ebbs 2-4 on sales of 71,335. Debuting inside the Top 20 are new singles from Miley Cyrus, Biffy Clyro, Duck Sauce and Lady GaGa. Singles sales slip 2.1% week-on-week from their 43-week high to 2,742,825 – 15.22% above same week 2008 sales of 2,380,457. ======================= Albums Having dethroned reigning X Factor champ Alexandra Burke from the singles chart summit last week, Cole now nicks her album crown, with 3 Words becoming the chart’s ninth number one in as many weeks. The album sold 125,271 copies on its first week in the shops, beating Cole’s previous best first-week sale of 85,670 chalked up by Girls Aloud’s Out Of Control album a year ago this week. It would have done better, had fans not cherry-picked favourite tracks for download. Nine tracks from the album join Fight For This Love in the Top 200, with the title track (a Will.I.Am collaboration) leading the way, at number 26 on sales of 10,641 copies. Setting aside first weeks, Girls Aloud’s best week of all came in Christmas week 2006, when their Sound Of: The Greatest Hits set notched eighth week sales of 129,888. All told, Girls Aloud have sold 3,717,204 albums since their 2003 debut. Continuing The X Factor theme, Michael Buble’s appearance on the show last week helped sales of his Crazy Love album to continue at a high level. The album saw a 44% increase in sales (to 112,315) on its second frame, and holds at number two. Introductory single, Haven’t Met You Yet, climbs 9-5 (42,745 sales), while Buble’s version of Cry Me A River debuts at number 34 (7,266 sales). Michael Jackson’s posthumous soundtrack album, This Is It, debuts at number three on sales of 78,097 copies. Jackson has now sold 2,192,217 albums in 2009, the vast majority of them since his death in June. Three serving members of the British army, known collectively as The Soldiers, debut at number four (56,557 sales) with Coming Home. Completing the Top 5, Alexandra Burke’s Overcome falls 1-5 (55,429 sales). Katherine Jenkins has had seven chart albums, four of which reached the Top 10, and has sold nearly 2.4m albums for UCJ/Decca since 2004 but has a new home at Warner Music, for whom her debut set, Believe, debuts at number six (30,573 sales). Irish country/MOR crooner Daniel O’Donnell is the most prolific chartmaker of the 21st century, chalking up 12 Top 20 albums since 2000. 47-year-old O’Donnell has had 25 Top 40 albums and 29 Top 75 albums including at least one every year since his 1988 chart debut, something no other artist can match. His latest collection, Peace In The Valley, a collection of inspirational songs, debuts at number eight on sales of 18,095 copies. Six debuts pepper the Top 10 of the compilation chart. Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 4 debuts in top spot on sales of 32,038 copies. Album sales climb 14.96% week-on-week to 2,299,292 – their highest level for 19 weeks but 6.16% below same week 2008 sales of 2,450,276.
  12. ^ looks like they are. Plus saw ads for Celebration on ITV2 last night so hoping WB have a marketing budget for the rest of the year. Also, the fact that Jamie Archer didn't sing LAP on Saturday's X Factor still gives us hope that Her Madgesty will turn up to the X Factor. Six weeks left.
  13. JLS are building a huge lead on itunes. They will be number 1 next Sunday. Not sure about the albums. Don't think Crappy Cole will hold on. Buble outsold her Friday and Saturday so he may make it, though I expect there is another big album out.
  14. Just noticed and am shocked at how poorly received Gaga's new single is on this weeks chart but then I guess it has only just been sent to Radio. It is now top ten on itunes. Westlife have already slipped to 5 on itunes. Maybe Jay Sean and Alexandra will catch them by close of play Saturday. Excellent.
  15. Friday Update Top 40 Update, courtesy of Haven. Jay Sean is selling more per day that Westlife and so could catch them for runners up in the singles chart. No major sales spike for MJ, though all the top 3 are going to have great weekly sales. Cheryl's sales have slowed slightly but Buble is not selling enough to catch her, though he is keeping pace. At least Westlife have no chance of number 1 now with their lasy piece of shit cover version. Buy Daughtry instead. Singles 1 Cheryl Cole (107.9k) 2 Westlife (62.7k) 3 Jay Sean (56.6k) 4 Alexandra Burke (54k) 5 Michael Bublé (31.9k) Top 10 Black Eyed Peas [MMH] Miley Cyrus Top 15 Tinchy Stryder Top 20 Biffy Clyro Lady GaGa Duck Sauce Top 30 Cheryl Cole [3 Words] Calvin Harris Paolo Nutini Top 40 Michael Bublé [CMAR] Daughtry Florence & The Machine Beyonce [bHG] Albums 1 Cheryl Cole (91.5k) 2 Michael Buble (74.3k) 3 Michael Jackson (53.4k) 4 Alexandra Burke (39.5k) 5 Soldiers (38.2k) Top 10 Katherine Jenkins Daniel O'Donnell Top 15 BEPs Top 20 Kings Of Leon Muse Whitney Houston [ult. Col] Top 30 Florence + The Machine Harry Connick Jr Ultrabeat Lady GaGa Top 40 Wolfmother Tinchy Stryder
  16. Yes, good move if the posts irritates you.
  17. No, it went in at 1 and then spent 2 weeks at 2, narrowly missing the top spot both weeks by a few hundred sales. BTW - Cheryl is almost guaranteed top spots in both charts, her lead in singles is huge and she is heading for 150k in the albums. It is half terms week and her sales on Tuesday (30k) almost matched monday's (31k). Buble is doing very well but not these numbers. Perhaps Jacko could do it but it looks likely that due to half term week and end of the month pay day that her sales are going to be strong all week. In fact all of the albums market should be good so hoping Madonna can still have sales similar to last week despite the fall in chart position. Fair play to Cheryl's management - they have perfectly timed her album release to maximise sales and capitalise on her current popular status.
  18. Not in any way trying to defend all of QBs points, but this is a thread about the UK charts, not worldwide sales. I think QB is mainly commenting on the album "flopping" in the UK. I personally don't think the album has or is flopping but I would also like it to hang around the top 20 and then climb again for the big December rush. And like I said earlier, I want the album to be a massive (relative to the market) seller because the album is a brilliant and worthwhile addition to any music collection and celebrates her Warner years. I couldn't care less whether Madonna is bothered by what numbers the album sells.
  19. Eh? You don't think the public go out nowadays and download a song they like straight away rather than wait years/ months for a possible future Greatest Hits?
  20. I am shocked at how quickly Celebration is falling but I guess it just further shows the changing conditions of the music industry. I am not a fan of Madonna because she is popular but I prefer it when she is so I hoped this album would appeal to many more buyers than it currently is, even allowing for the lack of promotion. Madonna used to be able to hardly promote her releases but they sold on her massive reputation. These days it seems everyone HAS to promote to get any decent sales, plus Greatest Hits are harder to push because of cherry picking. Celebration's 36 songs should have overcome this problem and there is the cheaper one disc. Hopefully it will reignite during late November/ December, when it could and should be an essential Christmas purchase. I would also love her to promote her stuff so I can see her being interviewed/ perform. Oh, bloody Westlife. They have come up with some lazy covers before but this takes the biscuit. Hastily recording by numbers a song by Daughtry that has been used as a music back drop for weeks on the X Factor shows that their upcoming album is once again a hit free zone. This latest release doesn't even have a video and has only just been serviced to radio. Its success this week is a genius move by their management as it will probably save their album from disastrous sales. People are buying it because when they heard it on Sunday night they would have thought, "ah that was Westlife for all those weeks", what a great song. They would probably never realise it was Daughtry's version all along. at shitty Cheryl getting the double although she could be caught on albums as she isn't that far ahead of Buble and Jacko could have massive sales later in the week. That said, she will prevent Westlife from reaching number 1 - every cloud...
  21. I love these esp the Erotica ghost one. Plus I love her expression in Bad Girl when the music stops and she looks longingly at Christopher Walkden. And also the naked hitch hiking image and video from Erotica/ Sex. The definition of fierce.
  22. Picking five is hard but here goes: 1. Sex book 2. Erotica album and single releases, inc videos 3. The Immaculate Collection - perfect timing, perfect songs, when GHs albums mattered - and this is up there will the most essential. 4. COADF - superb comeback 4. Like A Prayer album, videos and singles - when she really proved she was a major star to stay.
  23. I was being ironic . Totally agree that she should do the X Factor, just as she did the lottery show in 98 and look what that did for Frozen/ Ray Of Light initial sales. Sunday nights X factor is massively successful.
  24. Just looked back and as Braby stated, it will be either the biggest since Kylie, or possibly a bigger first week seller than Kylie. Shaggy sold more in its first week this decade than Kylie but CGYOOMH came later in 2001. Of course, there is the debate of whether Cheryl is classed as a song from a reality show or on her own merits. But it certainly isn't the song from the reality show winner.
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