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  1. That would be FUCKING AWESOME
  2. Oh do they? that would be worth paying more for.
  3. I did the RIT "platinum package" - waste of fucking money. It really pissed me off because the seats were SHITE. Though this looks better I agree, BBQ - who would want to be queuing for a cheap meat furry burger during a madonna concert. And imagine all the dickheads getting wasted on the complimentary booze and hurling half eaten hot dogs. NO THANKS.
  4. Just watched it, spellbinding performance from Madonna. So much going on in 12 minutes. Camp, showy, artistic, clubby, poppy, and then a heap of soul at the end. A visual spectacular. Stunning. Her tour will sell out so fast now. Even faster than usual. It's great to have you back, Queen M
  5. This video is a great return to form and nothing like anything she has ever done. Far more fun and self deprecating. Cartoonish, coquettish, sexy, stylish, current, retro, sexy, ridiculous, random. Her face throughout looks unbelievably flawless, I assume a combination of lighting, makeup and photoshop. It suits the overall unreal/ dreamlike vividness of the video. Must have cost a fair few MAdollars. Whilst not epic on the scale of EY, BG, Rain, TAB and Frozen it must be one of the most pricey videos in her collection.
  6. Yes, recalling the scenes from the videos of DW and PoG and the distorted effects. Been a long time since I had the "shudder vision". Probably 1999.
  7. Things are moving so fast, album covers, pre releases downloads, 18 track deluxe etc etc. 4 years (apart from Celebration) is a long time since the promo for the godawful HC. However, the whole promotion reminds me much more of COADF. Good omen.......
  8. Had it on repeat and I quite like it. Grey November suddenly seems so much brighter.
  9. Love this thread, the 2005 debut of Hung Up is her all time best worst vocal.
  10. Didn't she have to cut down on weight exercises to get a more womanly body? Read that in Smash Hits in 93. She looks hard as hell in the buff so I doubt she did.
  11. ..as she bites seductively on a juicy strawberry. No the best line is, " what you doing here anyway, ambulance chasing..."
  12. 1. Bad Girl 2. Vogue 3. Take A Bow 4. Bedtime Story 5. Nothing Really Matters ....so hard for her finest period. Also love loads more esp Erotica, JML, ROL, Frozen, HN.
  13. In no order: Music What It Feels Like For a Girl Die Another Day American Life Hung Up
  14. FFS, it is obviously sang live. She sounded good, not great. It wasn't perfect but she gave a great overall performance. If it was pre recorded then there would have been no mistakes. Plus, you can hear her hand claps on the microphone.
  15. I was going to purchase it until it tried to charge £100 to ship. They can f@ck right off.
  16. Hope the CD has a good amount of tracks too. Looking forward to this release.
  17. Kangarooz - Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :-(
  18. 1. COADF - majestic return to commercial form with a wholly consistent album, kick ass lead single and video. She looked at her best too. 2. Music - my heart skipped a beat when I first heard Impressive Instant. Some superb tracks outside the main singles. Fantastic production that didn't drown out her new found soul voice. 3. American Life - I really like it but its fault is that it is a bit lumpy and repetitive. Some good melodies but at times they are lost in the mix of the production. 4. HC - desperate at times still can't fathom the reasoning behind this album following the success of COADF. I can understand her not wanting to do the same again but its main saving grace was GITM and that essentially was just a reworked old Pharell song. The only album in her career I wouldn't save if I were on a sinking ship.
  19. Simon Cowell confirms 'X Factor' duets Simon Cowell has revealed the three duets for this weekend's X Factor final. Speaking at the final press conference, the show boss confirmed earlier reports about the special guests appearing with Olly Murs, Joe McElderry and Stacey Solomon. Cowell said: "We've got a lot planned. I'm not going to reveal everything, but what I can tell you today is who's singing with who. "Olly will be duetting with Robbie Williams, Joe will be duetting with George Michael and Stacey will be duetting with Michael Bulé." He added: "That is a big deal for these contestants and I think the duet will be a very significant part of the competition. "Beyoncé last year was a huge part of why Alexandra [burke] won, so I think these duets are becoming increasingly important now... and there'll be a few surprises on Sunday. ...could the surprise be Madonna???? Probably going to be Ronan C*nting, ggrr!!!!
  20. I know, but is was a great excuse for the vomit emoticon.
  21. Oh dear, Robbie and Buble are the reported duets, along with George Michael. Macca is to be the star of the Sunday final results show. What a let down. George Michael is the only one of any interest.
  22. Just had a look on the GMTV website for today's part 2 of the interview. They are running a poll for favourite Madonna number 1. The winning video will be played in full this Friday. So vote if you can be arsed. http://www.gm.tv/entertainment/music/42281-madonna-celebration-queen-pop.html
  23. Hoping, and praying, for M to go on X Factor.
  24. 1. Brixton 2000 - purely because I was in the audience! 2. Confessions Tour 3. Hung Up at the EMAs 4. WIFLFAG - video and remix 5. Late 2005 Face - make up or plastic surgery - she looked fantastic and years younger.
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