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  1. Holy shit, great photo, going to get a great view.
  2. I'm going tonight, very happy to have believed the rumours and not gone to Hyde Park. 10 min drive from home or, shudder, pubic transport. That said, the NIA is so beneath her. I will however enjoy seeing her in a smaller than normal venue. If it is anything like Kylie at the Cardiff shithole venue, the V shaped catwalk will reach its apex at the rear emergency exits.
  3. ...oh and it does kind of lead in to an epic GB video.
  4. It is much better than the clip implied. Way better than Jump, GITM etc. Apart from the wooden acting it is a laugh, carefree, sexy video. They made the budget and time go as far as they could.
  5. Ha ha, the clip implies it is what it is....
  6. It wan't at all impressive but she looked good, well sort of. Non fans may think she looks desperate, us fans will think she looks MAGNIFICENT.
  7. It was a very short 15 second clip, didn't give much away, 2 separate scenes, both on the back of the car. The crowd noise is clearly part of the video.
  8. Yes, the old stuff started around 1992, particularly in Smash Hits. I think she looks great here, great makeup. Bless her.
  9. Yes I would, the question still remains, why now? Non traditional promo, hahaha.
  10. She looks just like she did at the 1995 MTV Awards. Beautiful. This look REALLY suits her. What have they done to the audio of the song on the video clip? She sounds like Minnie fucking mouse. Hope that isn't the official single edit. This video is looking fabulous. I am glad she is filming videos but why now off the back off a lowly selling album? Wish she had used the money from the last 2 tours to film proper videos for Miles Away and Get Together/ Jump. Three good videos so far in this era. Surely this song HAS to be played by RADIO stations.
  11. How can any Madonnanation member not have enjoyed Love Spent or the glorious acoustic version?
  12. I'm surprised that folk find time to post on here but not to bow down and submit to the audio alter that is MDNA.
  13. Release party? No.

  14. Nightingales is so passé. People tend to go to the Village now, it is late night and usually free entry. Oh just realised Thursday night - shit in Bham but then if M is in town there is probably stuff on. Will keep an eye out in the local listings but I rarely go out now. Manchester's village is so much better than the ugly bug Birmingham ball.
  15. I am in G, row c. The NIA is not that big so we will all have a good view. I am relatively happy as i think I will be able to see the entire show from G. There were tier 1 tickets at the side of the stage but then you miss seeing the visuals. Not making that mistake again. The best seats ever were near the end of the catwalk centre of the block for Confessions. Awesome view of the entire stage and she was only a few feet away when at the end of the catwalk. I can only dream of those tickets again.
  16. Birmingham general sale came up with slightly better tickets than the pre sale. I fucking hate Live Nation. And it isn't sold out after 3 hours. Don't think they will bother with Birmingham again. General apathy here.
  17. Found some decent floor seats in the LN presale, price level 2 and have bought them. So seeing Madge in Birmingham yeeeesssssssssss. Going to be so weird not having to travel to see her. Result. Will still check general release on Friday morning, just in case but think just shy of £300 for 2 is enough. Would pay £400 if at the front only. What with Kylie this Sunday, and the Olympic closing ceremony, I think that is it for 2012. Seriously emptied my wallet.
  18. The Livenation presage was just the same as the one already on ticket master, will have to take my chances on Friday or just not going to bother. Not paying almost £200 to sit either on the side of the stage or three blocks back. She can f off.
  19. God these tickets are so pricey, going to be on Livenation later waiting to pounce. The NIA is a relatively small venue so am not too bothered about going further back this time. And it is only 10mins from home.
  20. Oh shit missed out. Was receiving those legacy emails but not anymore and can't remember the login. Bastards. So are tickets going to be available tomorrow or Friday? All this pissing about is draining. Literally.
  21. The NIA is small - bit of a surprise. I better get fucking tickets.
  22. After listening to MDNA a few times, it is such a joy. Gang Bang is dark and amusing, Love Spent is gorgeous and building, Addicted is disco and fabulous, TUTR is great uplifting dance pop, I'm a Sinner is joyful and carefree. Ok, it is not as creative and serious as LAP and ROL, avant grade and adventurous (by pop standards) as Music, or cool and dark like COADF, but is has moments from all of them and is 10 times for fun. It really is like a rush of MDNA. I am less keen on Birthday Song and Falling Free but perhaps they will grow on me. It is a shame about the lack of promo as I would hate this to be overlooked by her wider fan base. Of course if GMAYL was anywhere near the standard of the rest of the album then her US promo would have been done and dusted following the Superbowl. As it stands we will have to hope that the mostly positive reviews and general media marketing will make up for the lack of performance promo and less than stellar airplay. The UK is going to be tough post first week.
  23. Beautiful. I love both versions, can't decide which one is better. She should do more acoustic versions. I like much of the production on MDNA but some of it, e.g. on Superstar and best Friend, is passé.
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