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  1. It’s not that Madonna is underperforming. It’s that Bruce is doing very well.
  2. Wednesday Update: Top 5 Albums 1 Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars (44,139) *2 Madonna - Madame X (24,038) *3 Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish (16,734)4 Bastille - Doom Days (13,782) *5 Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (7,383) *
  3. Yes, the egg shaped cunt has consistently sniped that Madonna should act her age etc, all the usual societal norms. Of course she's now realised that people are now rallying against that so she has totally changed her tune. So insincere. In other news Medellin is upto 35 on the rolling UK airplay chart, was 75 last week. The official chart is every Friday so essentially this is because of 4 days of high value radio 2 plays. (oh sorry see Ugly Hecty beat me to it)
  4. That is excellent, so pleased the lovely Chellegasm was the chosen one xxx
  5. EROTICA RAY OF LIGHT CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR LIKE A PRAYER MUSIC MADONNA AMERICAN LIFE BEDTIME STORIES TRUE BLUE MDNA REBEL HEART LIKE A VIRGIN HARD CANDY Love them all except I just like HC. RH has many high moments, GT, BIM, RH, JOA, but suffers with too much filler and dross. Her last fabulous Lead single was HU. No surprises that COADF was her last great album.
  6. Good Morning Britain just showed the picture of the three of them with Britney photoshopped in as a genuine image. Fucking idiots.
  7. Women I know we're laughing about her fall, saying she deserved it and she needs to stop her performances as she is too old. I can't say I was particularly a fan of the overblown cloak entrance at The Brits or some of the more lewd HC promo era but... Er, hello, this is MADONNA. She is not going to stop and tone it down to fit in. She wouldn't be the force she is if that is how she approached her career. She can do what the fuck she wants and i would rather her do that and make some mistakes than fade into a shadow of her former self. And a risk taker can only deliver epic performances like BIM on Fallon.
  8. A bit late but still chuckling at JoanOfArcers...
  9. That egg shaped cunt Lorraine Kelly was predictably anti Madonna on her show this morning. I didn't realise I could despise her anymore. Nasty bitch.
  10. Now I have seen the whole thing it is clearly planned and he is laughing at the end. Storm in a bra cup. Oh, I saw Piers Moron on Good Morning Britain completely slating her but he came across as a deranged hater. Stupid cunt.
  11. Voted 7 but now think 8. Agree best for a while, she looks absolutely beautiful and really enjoy the dancing section. It should definitely bring the general public to the song and hopefully the album.
  12. Completely agree Markm. Some of the prices are utterly ridiculous. I am going to wait and buy nearer. Plus there maybe someone I know who can bag me great seats. Will have to pay but face value.
  13. Forgot to check yesterday, is it too late now? For MDNA I was ready at the start and still only could get seats quite far back on the floor. Not going to bother this time if high price for average seats. Looked and there seems to be loads of packages and options. WTF.
  14. One of my favourites of the demos and of the main release. It is a telling retrospective of her life and her art and her approach to the future. Either production works for me because the lyrics are so clear and strong.
  15. Just love this video. It is like watching her best tour performance in a beautifully shot and edited video.
  16. Cher is on tour? Again! Come on M, get a single out, quick. And make sure it is chart eligible in the UK, don't want a repeat of GMAYL having half its sales discounted.
  17. A ballad section containing some or all of TUTBMP, Bad Girl, Rain, I'll Remember, You'll See, Time Stood Still and Power Of Goodbye. That is all.
  18. Yes, if they had even announced during the wait that there would be a delay it would have improved matters. The DJ support act finished his set over an hour before she came on. He had built up the anticipation, left the stage and then all the main lights came back on, bright, destroying the build up. Crap planning. Oh well. It was still great. Without the delay it would have been the best ever.
  19. it was a great concert. Celebration and LAP were off the scale, So accomplished. Negatives - almost 10pm when it started! WTF. Lots of fatties in the audience, sadly representative for some of the Birmingham suburbs. I bet the catering teams were happy, lots of money spent on the bar and at the burger outlets. Having been to many concerts, Birmingham crowds can be crap, but I thought this one, especially in the area I was in, were up for it (despite looking as if they live on a sofa eating chips all day). Quite a few people left from 11pm, I guess because they had to leave for trains etc. Shame because they missed the outstanding finale, which alone is worth the price of the ticket. Parts of the show sag slightly but her energy and artistry always shine through. Respect.
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