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  1. EROTICA RAY OF LIGHT CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR LIKE A PRAYER MUSIC MADONNA AMERICAN LIFE BEDTIME STORIES TRUE BLUE MDNA REBEL HEART LIKE A VIRGIN HARD CANDY Love them all except I just like HC. RH has many high moments, GT, BIM, RH, JOA, but suffers with too much filler and dross. Her last fabulous Lead single was HU. No surprises that COADF was her last great album.
  2. A bit late but still chuckling at JoanOfArcers...
  3. Her sugar is raw, sticky and sweet.
  4. That egg shaped cunt Lorraine Kelly was predictably anti Madonna on her show this morning. I didn't realise I could despise her anymore. Nasty bitch.
  5. Now I have seen the whole thing it is clearly planned and he is laughing at the end. Storm in a bra cup. Oh, I saw Piers Moron on Good Morning Britain completely slating her but he came across as a deranged hater. Stupid cunt.
  6. That is a fucking fantastic performance what a superstar.
  7. aeroco

    Rate the Ghosttown video

    Voted 7 but now think 8. Agree best for a while, she looks absolutely beautiful and really enjoy the dancing section. It should definitely bring the general public to the song and hopefully the album.
  8. aeroco

    REBEL HEART (song)

    One of my favourites of the demos and of the main release. It is a telling retrospective of her life and her art and her approach to the future. Either production works for me because the lyrics are so clear and strong.
  9. Just love this video. It is like watching her best tour performance in a beautifully shot and edited video.
  10. Hoping and Praying for a surprise release, squuuueeeeaaaalllllll.
  11. Cher is on tour? Again! Come on M, get a single out, quick. And make sure it is chart eligible in the UK, don't want a repeat of GMAYL having half its sales discounted.
  12. aeroco

    "Turn Up The Radio" Video Premiere

    ...oh and it does kind of lead in to an epic GB video.