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  1. Haha sorry! Lady Gaga is crap, that's why the arena was half empty. Saw the show in Antwerp and it was just the worst concert i've ever seen
  2. They could better cancel the second show of Amsterdam! Sellings aren't good
  3. Turn up the radio! It's perfect live
  4. Oldies: What it feels like for a girl, Ray of Light, Get together, Vogue or Like a prayer, Express yourself, Holiday Rebel Heart: Living for love, Devil pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic bitch, Hold tight, Iconic, Heartbreak city, Rebel Heart, Joan of Arc
  5. Thanks you for your answers! Do you think they will send the code in the morning?
  6. Does anyone knows how the pre sale works via bol.com or Amazon?
  7. Kylie sang 3 songs last years during a show! So maybe we'll get also 3 songs!
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