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  1. Which tour woud you go to if...

    Blond Ambition!
  2. MDNA rehearsals

    Who would want to promote from rehearsing like crazy those routines?
  3. Cologne - Nov 4th - First European Show

  4. Who's That Girl needs to stay. Ghosttown would be the most appropriate unless for the recording she does a song she's never done.
  5. Rebel Heart Tour Edition in Japan

    The only new track we'll get is "Candy Shop (Live)."
  6. Rebel Heart opening vs. MDNA Tour opening

    I saw MDNA twice in person and I still prefer the GGW opening to Iconic. While the Iconic video introduction stands as one of her best visual masterpieces, the opening is very bland. Descending from above the stage in a cage? MDNA had the opening monks chanting, the visuals, the opening of the Offer Nissim remix with her crashing glass in full murder bride mode. Though GGW was a disposable track, the choreography, wardrobe, the mashup of Give It 2 Me and Material Girl made it one of her best opening and performances.
  7. Toronto October 6

    Apparently DrownedMadonna reported that Billy requested Take a Bow and Crazy For You but she said she would not perform them because they are "too slow" and "would put everyone to sleep."
  8. Rebel Heart EP for Christmas?

    You'll probably get a RHT Live CD. Iconic (intro) Messiah (Interlude) Body Shop Dress You Up (medley) Rebel Heart and.....CANDY SHOP!
  9. Detroit - Oct.1st - Joe Louis Arena

    The annoying Periscopers demanding the person to do this or that. Be thankful they offer you a chance to see it. Bossing people around, bashing Madonna, asking questions a simple Google search could solve. I think they sometimes cause a lag.
  10. So THREE songs on this record made it.

    It was already in the fan remix along with samples of "Erotica" and the BAT LAV number.
  11. NYC Sept. 19

    During what point of the show did she speak of Sean? I didn't see the show on Periscope tonight.
  12. Will she add and change things this tour?

    Set to a backdrop of Human Nature outtakes.
  13. No. He's a dancer from the previous tour.
  14. Setlist

    Iconic (Video Introduction) (Spoken verse from SECRETPROJECTREVOLUTION) Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Burning Up Holy Water/Vogue Devil Pray Messiah (Ghosttown Video Footage Interlude) Body Shop True Blue Deeper and Deeper HeartBreakCity/Love Don't Live Here Anymore Like a Virgin S.E.X. (Erotica video backdrop) (Elements of Justify My Love) Living For Love La Isla Bonita Dress You Up/Into The Groove/Everybody/Lucky Star (Medley) Who's That Girl Rebel Heart Illuminati (Interlude) Music (Get Stupid excerpt) Candy Shop Material Girl La Vie En Rose Unapologetic Bitch Holiday
  15. The only thing missing is her iconic mole.
  16. Wow, that video. Complete 1991 Sooner or Later look with Mike Tyson looking somewhat like Bane.
  17. Last minute hope for Wash All Over Me.
  18. Praying for Who's That Girl, Rescue Me, Take a Bow and Deeper and Deeper to be confirmed.
  19. Something other than the first six tracks everyone has had since December.
  20. State Farm Arena is too small for Madonna. Though I live like ten minutes from it. I could see her doing two Dallas shows, maybe Houston or a San Antonio show. It's a shame she didn't do at least one Texas date. A lot of my friends are either going to Vegas or Chicago for her show.
  21. Your top 5 Rebel Heart tracks

    1. Wash All Over Me 2. Joan of Arc 3. HeartBreakCity 4. Living For Love 5. Inside Out
  22. Hearing it live was amazing especially the dramatic beginning to Love Spent. Was so lucky to view it in the Triangle at both Houston shows.