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  1. I would DIE if she worked with either Massive Attack or Aphex Twin! That would be one killer album
  2. She's definitely way more insightful/eloquent when she's talking about her life rather than her political beliefs.
  3. What's in the backpack???
  4. The Howard Stern one was great but I also love this one with Arsenio
  5. YAS to this thread! And this performance is one of my faves. It's a shame we never got it on tour
  6. Yes to this! I live for the thought of one day hearing Bad Girl live
  7. yeah!

    This song is EVERYTHING! I love the Daft Punk inspired production too which sounded so fresh and avant-garde. It has to be in her top 5 songs for me.
  8. I really like the London recording too. Barcelona and Nice are fine as well, but the vocals and energy level are better and the in between song banter is great. You can tell it must have been an amazing show.