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  1. Collaborations that never happened

    YES! This would have sounded amazing
  2. This performance makes me so nostalgic for the trio that was M, Niki and Donna. Maybe one day they'll perform together again.... I can hope!
  3. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    I couldn't agree more! It looks like a cheap Halloween costume.
  4. Great live performance and write up!
  5. Madonna and Arsenio

    I love her interviews with Arsenio! The one with Rosie and her dad is definitely one of my top 5 Madonna interviews
  6. Will she sing Cherish ever again?

    My thoughts exactly! No more Isla Madonna please.
  7. Who Do You Wish M Had Worked With?

    I would DIE if she worked with either Massive Attack or Aphex Twin! That would be one killer album
  8. She's definitely way more insightful/eloquent when she's talking about her life rather than her political beliefs.
  9. What's in the backpack???
  10. The Howard Stern one was great but I also love this one with Arsenio