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  1. Definitely! So powerful. It has sent a shiver down my spine each time I’ve watched it. I was worried how she would handle this issue but she really exceeded my expectations. The videos this era have really been spot on.
  2. Thanks for the explanation! It’s a bit of a shocking mistake for them to make.
  3. I didn’t buy my copy on amazon but that’s pretty sweet that they replace it and you get to keep the original. It seems the misprint is pretty widespread then.
  4. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but do all the vinyl copies of the album state that Future is on side A on the sleeve when in fact it plays on side B? I bought my copy in Canada and was wondering if this mistake is on every LP.
  5. I was hoping IDSIF was going to get a video but I see that God Control is the Drag Queen video (which I’m ok with). Do we think this will be a single too? THIS NEEDS TO BE A SINGLE!!!
  6. Her skin tones and the kind of painted feel to the album cover totally remind me of the Rain single. Swoon
  7. That’s how I read it too, but yes, maybe it’s just wishful thinking.
  8. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better she pulls Like a Prayer out. Wish I'd been there
  9. Loving the Chicago recording! Thanks for sharing the link! She seemed on really good form that night as there's lots of interaction with the audience. The crowd seem to be giving her lots of love.
  10. Yes Yes YES! I would die if she played Bad Girl. Can someone please start a new thread about which songs we would most like to see her play after WTG. I'm too much of a newbie to start a new thread
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