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  1. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    I couldn't agree more! It looks like a cheap Halloween costume.
  2. Great live performance and write up!
  3. Madonna and Arsenio

    I love her interviews with Arsenio! The one with Rosie and her dad is definitely one of my top 5 Madonna interviews
  4. Will she sing Cherish ever again?

    My thoughts exactly! No more Isla Madonna please.
  5. Who Do You Wish M Had Worked With?

    I would DIE if she worked with either Massive Attack or Aphex Twin! That would be one killer album
  6. She's definitely way more insightful/eloquent when she's talking about her life rather than her political beliefs.
  7. What's in the backpack???
  8. The Howard Stern one was great but I also love this one with Arsenio
  9. YAS to this thread! And this performance is one of my faves. It's a shame we never got it on tour
  10. Yes to this! I live for the thought of one day hearing Bad Girl live
  11. MUSIC

    This song is EVERYTHING! I love the Daft Punk inspired production too which sounded so fresh and avant-garde. It has to be in her top 5 songs for me.