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  1. Music from the tours ranked

    1. Live 8 performance 2. Promo tour version 3. DWT 4. SST/RIT 5. RHT 6. CT (an abomination)
  2. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    I couldn't agree more! It looks like a cheap Halloween costume.
  3. There's also a great Chicago recording doing the rounds, which although not as interesting in terms of the behind the scenes stuff has much better vocals from M. http://forums.madonnanation.com/index.php?showtopic=50835&p=2128839
  4. This is AMAZING! Thanks for posting it! The pre-show stuff is great. And I had no idea about the mic guy either. Such an insight!
  5. An interesting (and positive!) article about Madonna's choreographers: http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2015/nov/24/into-the-groove-how-we-taught-madonna-to-krump-and-thrust
  6. Los Angeles, the Forum 10/27

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better she pulls Like a Prayer out. Wish I'd been there
  7. Where the decent bootlegs

    Loving the Chicago recording! Thanks for sharing the link! She seemed on really good form that night as there's lots of interaction with the audience. The crowd seem to be giving her lots of love.
  8. Detroit - Oct.1st - Joe Louis Arena

    Yes Yes YES! I would die if she played Bad Girl. Can someone please start a new thread about which songs we would most like to see her play after WTG. I'm too much of a newbie to start a new thread
  9. Does Anyone Miss...

  10. Madonna in QUEBEC CITY

    Haha! Love it! Thanks for sharing
  11. Madonna in QUEBEC CITY

    Fair enough, maybe I misinterpreted the comments. I wasn't directing my comment at you I agree with you, there were LOTS of bf's who didn't seem that into it. Despite all this, she still won the crowd over and put on an awesome show.
  12. Madonna in QUEBEC CITY

    I was expecting the worst from the Quebec City crowd but from the floor where I was they were really into it. Yes, they were older but who cares. I can't believe how ageist some people are being. The women behind me were probably in their late 50s but still going crazy. Good for them! Madonna seemed to appreciate the crowd too. That said, some people left before Holiday. Never seen that before at a M gig! Maybe the Quebec City crowd does suck! The Montreal/Quebec City faux pas was funny, especially considering she did the same thing during the MDNA tour (Express Yourself). You could tell she was beating herself up over it and made a couple of self-deprecating comments about it during the show. From True Blue onwards the crowd seemed really into it. LAV and LVER got a great reception. Just before WTG or GT, I can't remember, she started asking people in front of the heart for requests. I get the impression she might mix this section up during the tour and play some other songs. Lucky fans who get to see her on future dates!