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  1. I really hope she leaves the ratty blonde hair extensions at home this time around! And please wear COMME. She's never worn it in public before, right?
  2. Oh my god, she's hideous. That hairy patch on her face Jesus' father has to be a GORGEOUS man, I'm sure. cause mom...
  3. M will show them all (once again…) with ha new album. I can just feel it.
  4. Yes Missy bowed out because she was dealing with Graves disease Also, yes at the fact they only got together for business… Missy was very hot at that time ('03) I don't think they necessarily dislike/hate each other nonetheless… Game recognize game.
  5. I love the Nothing Really Matters maxi single… I've gotten my entire life to it soooo many times. Peter really did it with those remixes.
  6. It was her second album that I bought, right after I became a fan with ROL. I was on to Erotica way back when...
  7. The editor in chief of that magazine. He always finds a way to include M in any and every listicle they publish.
  8. Sal Cinquemani is such an M stan.
  9. That sounded cool. I would love to hear in its entirety.
  10. Extreme M stans. Pop culture curious collectors. Probably 60+ living a comfortable suburban retirement.
  11. Right. Timbo and Pharell were working with early 00's microwaves by then.
  12. I would love to see M wearing something crazy by Comme...
  13. Roland, not to be a nitpicker but Glenn was a superb writer and he actually EDITED 'Sex', he did not design it. That honor belongs to Fabien Baron. In any case, may he RIP.
  14. First half. I love Hollywood and Nothing Fails.
  15. First here too. Great energy.