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  1. First half. Lucky Star and Borderline are truths.
  2. There's so many layers to this video, it's crazy… just lately I was thinking about the burning crosses… it seemed aimed at religion at the time, but now that I think about it, there's obviously a KKK reference there.
  3. He's a total creep. Empty eyes, never smiles.
  4. I was just thinking yesterday how Madonna's never worn Dior by John Galliano. But then I remembered this moment, though I think it wasn't Dior, just Galliano. She looked SO beautiful.
  5. You are soooo right. VOGUE is third.
  6. ANTHEM. Someone can tell me when can I start a thread? I've an idea for a good one
  7. I hate you. I LOVE M at Blond Ambition, but I think now I'd much rather have attended the Drowned World Tour.
  8. Really puts all of this into perspective.
  9. Borderline for me. I don't think it's whiny at all. Haven't you ever felt what she talks about in the song, even once? BU's chorus annoys me and I can never really listen to the song all the way through because of it.
  10. I don't understand that. How do you mean?
  11. Guns out, blowed out bottle blond flying, perfect make up and dress. Most importantly, attitude. Those fishnets and boots though
  12. That British reporter seems so salty about M for some reason. Probably wish it where her getting all of that attention, money and praise.
  13. But it's so true. Who isn't inspired by M's flawlessly buff and toned arms? She makes me want to be better, that's why I love her. Oh, and there's definitely a soft spot in my heart for J. Puta too.