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  1. I hate you. I LOVE M at Blond Ambition, but I think now I'd much rather have attended the Drowned World Tour.
  2. billyto

    what an entrance!

    Guns out, blowed out bottle blond flying, perfect make up and dress. Most importantly, attitude. Those fishnets and boots though
  3. It all makes so much sense. Thanks so much guys, specially you Roland I did not know of Marlene Stewart's existence until this thread, and certainly wasn't aware that she had designed that last Holiday costume. It's quietly amazing, and I think the Blonde Ambition Tour could not have existed in any other way than it which it actually did. Can you imagine her closing with LIB? While a great, signature M song, it doesn't quite pack the closing punch of energy Holiday leaves you with.
  4. Amazing. Madonna getting wet on stage in a JPG costume would've been an even more memorable image of the tour, though it was probably scrapped considering the complex logistics of the show. And I also see that either the opening look for Express Yourself or closing look for Keep It Together where supposed to have these kind of long, negligee-type drawstrings? I guess they were supposed to be made of stretch material, so M could actually dance in them. Thanks for posting these Roland.
  5. Does anyone know if she's staying in Chicago for tomorrow's show, or is she probably just flying in? PM me please
  6. I would definitely ride young Guy though I'm not sure about now, seems he has let go a bit. M has probably hit a dozen times, for stress-release purposes only of course