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  1. I haven't trawled through the last 27 pages before this, but I just saw a listing for an MNEK remix for 'Crave'? Tracklist 1 Crave (MNEK Remix) 3:34 Companies, etc. Phonographic Copyright (p) – Boy Toy, Inc.
  2. Madame X is so easy to listen to as a WHOLE album, so it is going to definitely stack up as one of her best albums from her whole career. Not 'defining', though the madcap elements of the album are joyous, but an amazing document of a woman who set the standard(s).
  3. Ditto. I actually prefer the Standard album version, but love all the bonus tracks all together. 1. Extreme Occident 2. Looking For Mercy 3. Funana 4. Back That Up To The Beat 5. Ciao, Bello 6. Soltera (which I consider a Madame X track, anyways!)
  4. I love the album from start to finish, and pretty much have a new fave every day, but hand-on-heart: 1. Come Alive 2. God Control 3. I Don't Search, I Find 4. Dark Ballet 5. Crazy
  5. Do you have a zippy? I know -- want, want, want, is all we want...but we do appreciate your craftsmanship!! xo
  6. Agree with the sentiments. Loving this track to the nth degree!
  7. Exactly. Even tv chat shows are edited for dramatic effect, so context can be lost. Strange that Madonna gets flack for supposed attitude when a lot of what we see/hear/read these days is driven by bad attitudes from media to social platforms. Madonna's authenticity can be affronting to those used to safe spaces and virtue signalling bollocks.
  8. My other half, who is anti-Madonna (for the most part) "listened without prejudice" and gave the album a B- >>> which is bloody good going!! The vocal effects took a bit of getting used to, but they're fine, here to stay, and make a statement.
  9. Totally agree here! I just play it right through (and perhaps REPEAT a track) without hitting skip/forward. Like you, I created my own MDNA/RH playlists...so it is nice to not have to mentally re-arrange the order and edit out tracks.
  10. Honestly, I have difficulty following the 2 dozen or so peeps that I follow and follow me on Instagram...how a famous person can bother to read the 3240 comments on one post is beyond me.
  11. Thanks @Jazzy Jan - great review from Cameron.
  12. All the early release tracks make sense in the running order of Madame X. I literally can feel my excitement rise when 'Come Alive' comes on. Hidden gem.
  13. Agreed! This song literally makes me come ... alive!
  14. Another almost-pensioned-off-writer who is deluded in thinking that the words they write are more important than the art/music they review. I'll be listening to Madame X more than I'll be reading that review. (which is just the once).
  15. I was impressed; Denton is a calming influence on his guests. I felt they were just getting warmed up when Andrew was told (behind camera) to wrap things up!
  16. I don't have time to read 12 pages of this thread, but I love "God Control" and think it is EPIC in musical proportions!! The 'rap' in it reminds me of Tom Tom's "Wording Rappinghood", so it is like that song on Madonna vitamins!!
  17. The ROL era took creative chances with remixes.....that worked on many levels. As with anything and everything being disposable these days, official M remixes hardly bear the repeat button. Having said that, Offer did a great job on Medellin! 🏌
  18. Damn! The weekly treats have become something we are taking for granted!!
  19. @dubtronic Your edits, extended versions and general musical mayhem with these new tracks has been VERY much appreciated!! I am sure you will do something with the spoken part of the 'Crave' video, non?
  20. I am surprised I am liking the tracks as much as I do. I am not usually a fan of autotune/vocoder and the tired business of 'featuring' artists in pop music, especially where Madonna is concerned (call me an old school hag, but I much prefer backing vocalists like Donna and Nikki as a compliment to Madonna's vocals. But, hey...time to move with the times!
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