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  1. Rebel Heartbreaker

    For all of you who saw Madonna live, close up...

    True, that. Strangely enough, the only other star I felt had charisma to burn meeting her was k.d.lang. Though, total different league to Madame Ciccone.
  2. Rebel Heartbreaker

    For all of you who saw Madonna live, close up...

    That's our gal! When we admire someone as talented and amazing as Madonna, that blurring between myth and instant reality can be confronting. In this world of dime-a-dozen social media harlots with no discernible talents to speak of, Madonna is pretty much the last of the bona fide Superstars.
  3. Rebel Heartbreaker

    For all of you who saw Madonna live, close up...

    I've said this once before on this forum, the closest I have come to Madonna was meeting Kylie Minogue! 😆 Enjoyed reading all the stories here. I've been to both Girlie Show and Drowned World Tour was in nosebleed seats both times, unfortunately.
  4. Rebel Heartbreaker

    Take a Bow from the Japanese release

  5. Tragic figures. No wonder artists tried to release Tidal.
  6. Rebel Heartbreaker

    The Live and Acoustic Tour

    Quite. There's this push-pull quality when Madonna does something more intimate. She is obviously grateful for the energy of love from the audience, but she turns things around when fans get unruly ("I'm in charge here, muthafuckers!").
  7. Rebel Heartbreaker

    The Live and Acoustic Tour

    Want it! Need it!
  8. Rebel Heartbreaker

    Pete Burns R.I.P.

    RIP Pete. Pete Burns was a firm favourite of mine from the 80s onward. Very sad
  9. Rebel Heartbreaker

    The "Rebel Heart" forum is closing April 1st.

    I think Madonna needs the rest! The best thing about this era is that with the multitude of leaks, one can revisit all variations of different tracks and still discover something new in them. The album that keeps on giving...........
  10. Rebel Heartbreaker

    worst and best reinvention of a song on tour

    Agreed! On both counts. HUNG UP on MDNA just sounds like a screechfest.
  11. Loved reading that, CandyPerfumeGIrl! For me, I have been a Madonnachronic since 1983 and 'Burning Up', so I just assume that everyone knows a lot of the classic tracks, no matter what age they are. I grew up listening to radio where the new was played with the old, so back catalogues for all sorts of artists were a given.
  12. Yes, definitely the most exciting era since Confessions. Sure, the other eras tickled my Madonna fancy, but she's BACK BACK BACK!
  13. As it is, musically TNB sounds like a knock-off of a few tracks from Etienne de Crecy's last album ('Hashtag My Ass' comes to mind). I can see the concept behind the song; it just lacks a good execution.
  14. Rebel Heartbreaker

    I do not want a new Madonna album

    That would have been upwards of 19 videos or more for Rebel Heart! Give the old woman a break!
  15. Rebel Heartbreaker

    BloodDiamonds on Madonna/Rebel Heart

    Question: have the FULL credits for the 'RH' album ever been published? I find it odd that this is something that has been overlooked.......... (unless I missed it). I love reading who did what on a song.
  16. Yup, I will try and do it tomorrow....
  17. Rebel Heartbreaker

    LFL on Slant Best Singles of 2015

    This track makes me all kinds of happy!
  18. I have some DWT posters from Boston, which I need to offload soon (downsizing dramatically at home). I should take a photo and show.
  19. Rebel Heartbreaker

    The Greatest Moment of RH ERA!

    It's a killer shame LFL was not the worldwide massive it was meant to be. It is certainly up there with Madonna's all-time best singles. Even though Ghosttown (more cruelly ignored) is probably a more favourite song for me, the whole of LFL (from demo leak onwards) is my favourite part of this era.
  20. Rebel Heartbreaker


    Oh, God! This is my favourite version, too. The crazy strings at the start still sound offputting, but once the beat kicks in, the song really takes flight.
  21. Rebel Heartbreaker

    Rebel Heart (Demo)

    I am not sure if I like ANY version of the song!! The acoustic demo is nice, and I don't mind listening to this when it is next to the WOAM acoustic demo, but overrall it is a song trying to hard to be liked!
  22. Rebel Heartbreaker

    Your Year End Rebel Heart Awards

    I love that we all love different songs, aspects, etc
  23. Rebel Heartbreaker

    LFL on Slant Best Singles of 2015

    Tycole6, I agree. At least the album isn't being totally ignored!
  24. Rebel Heartbreaker

    Your Year End Rebel Heart Awards

    Top 3 - Ghosttown, LFL, Devil Pray Grower - BIM Faded - Iconic Best lyric - Ghosttown Best Melody - as far as the crow flies, LFL Best Chorus - see above Play Loud - Unapologetic Bitch Overrated - Iconic Underrated - Body Shop (though, getting the tour love)
  25. I loved Shamir's album, so happy it topped the list. Of course, Rebel Heart deserves EVERYTHING it can be praised for!