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  1. Careful, now you have put it out there! I'm sick of all this revisionist soft-cock rubbish. Oh wait, I've just offended those with impotence (or without a cock).
  2. What a load of bollocks this all is. We cannot filter the arts retrospectively to shelter soft and precious sensibilities. Based on this article, 99% of rap/hip hop needs to be banned with all that ho' culture and attitudes.
  3. And who can forget the other great soundtrack from then. God I had a crush on Kevin Bacon!! Played this cassette to death!! Let's hear it for the boy!
  4. I still give it a burl! My only disappointment is the omission of 'Gloria' (from that emotional ice skating scene) from the OST. At least Laura was given another track on the album and in the movie.
  5. Besides 'Madonna', other follow up cassettes got decidedly more cooler and include:
  6. My teenage self WANTED to love it, but I do remember feeling let down by its mediocrity (I think nostalgia for that time makes me think it was a much better album than it really was).
  7. At least we get Helen Terry wailing the word 'war'! 'The Medal Song' was ok, if memory serves me right.
  8. Man, I have so many CDs in boxes that have been a total waste of money, for that ONE song. Ludicrous!!! So, agree. Touring is where it is at. Look at Springsteen, Rolling Stones, etc. Charts mean nowt to them! I still buy the odd CD for peeps like Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy, and re-issues.
  9. This has been a fantastic thread to read. So, thanks to all respondents! @Icykiller For reminding me of the Napster/Music album downloading excitement! I had dial-up then, so a nightmare in waiting times (and Impressive Instant kept cutting out). I am a bit slow on the upkeep with streaming, as I don't use any services. I still download mp3s and use iPods and make/buy CDs. Like @peter I use my iPod in the car (as I live rural/coastal and have a long commute to work). Still, portability is the issue. I've been collecting Madonna music and memorabilia since 1983!!! I'm about to take that next step (fortunately for me) of early retirement and overseas relocation. I'm not going to cart my collection around again (been doing it for 35 years!!). So...melancholy and sentimental baggage needs to be pushed aside and the music part converted fully to digital and SOLD to a collector who wants it. Ill be crying for weeks, tho!
  10. When you're really young it is really hard to remember what was bought for you or belonged to another family member. I bought 'True Colours' when I was in high school. Still love it.
  11. Yes, I remember! Huey Lewis and The News were big, big, big in Oz!! I absolutely do remember that TV Week pin-up. I had it on my bedroom wall!! He was handsome in a bring-home-to-mum-and-dad kind of way. BTW, Madonna was so beautiful and radiant at those awards. Swoon!
  12. Celine, George, Michael and Madonna -- what an iconic range! Artists were truly original back in the 80s!! I still love the under-rated 'Waking Up With The House On Fire'. And war is still stupid!
  13. My neighbours had ABBA's 'Arrival' on vinyl and I loved the foldout sleeve with ABBA amongst the crowd. How I miss the touch and feel of holding vinyl records and their card sleeves! I love Pat Benatar, btw!!!!!!
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