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  1. Kids react to Madonna

    Thanks for sharing @lautert Madonna has been a part of my musical landscape since 1983, when Burning Up debuted on tv in Australia on Countdown. I just naturally assumed that from then on, she was on everybody's radar! 😛 I also remember that the age of an artist never factored in for me. Tina Turner, for example, charted back then, and her mature age never really was questioned.
  2. Let’s discuss her vocals on Future Lovers

    'Humming Bird' should be the title of an album of torch songs for Madonna.
  3. A few of Madonna's fans know a thing or two about cottages...
  4. I love the Spanish equivalent titles added in!
  5. Madonna RARE

  6. Madonna RARE

  7. Madonna RARE

  8. Why has Madonna been silent on Harvey Weinstein?

    LOL!!!! 😃😃😃
  9. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    Agree. Most peeps here (based on the straw poll) single out Beautiful Killer and TUTR. Solveig does not even register for me as a 'producer' of note for Madonna. And I've been an avid fan since 1983!! Funnily enough, the autocorrect on my iPad's keyboard puts in 'solve it' for Solveig!! Whispers: 'beautiful...killer!'
  10. Why has Madonna been silent on Harvey Weinstein?

    I always thought it would be nice to be on Twitter. Musos like Tracey Thorn, Alison Moyet and Boy George write witty and amusing tweets. Unfortunately, every asshole with a grudge to bear just ruins what would otherwise be an amusing moment or two online.
  11. Oh, honey. Relax. It was a joke. 😘
  12. I've had two people in one day ask me....

    Yes, Madonna's music can still be heard beyond streaming, charts, etc. What does become a legend most? Madonna should know!
  13. Why has Madonna been silent on Harvey Weinstein?

    Everyone's an expert on Twitter...