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  1. I still got the feeling the song lacks something to smash...vid is good tho.
  2. I am impressed. i wish we had ht or dp. Well, at least i can have dp from sexual ways.
  3. 1- Hold Tight 2- Devil Pray 3- Inside Out 4- Holy Water 5- Living for Love​
  4. My dream double album: Rebel: Unapologetic Bitch Illuminatti Trust no Bitch (with a proper rework) Score Two Steps Behind (with a proper rework) Bitch I'm Madonna Holy Water Iconic S.E.X. Devil Pray VVV Best Night Heart: Living for Love Ghosttown Hold Tight Joan of Arc Never let you Go HeartBreakCity Inside Out God is Love WAOM RH Beautiful Scars (closer to the demo version) Addicted
  5. Ray of Light Erotica Rebel Heart Confessions on a Dance Floor Like a Prayer Bedtime Stories Music American Life Like a Virgin Madonna True Blue MDNA Hard Candy
  6. i though this was the official madonnavevo channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MADONNAVEVO/videos did she really create another?
  7. I'd travel to US to prove those who don't agree with...
  8. Illuminati, body shop, holy water, hold tight and inside out are so overplayed...
  9. I just listen to never let you go, God is Love.... and Score =P
  10. BIM must be the next single, i don't like it but will probably be the biggest hit in RH.
  11. same here, i love this era and how i am gravitating towards her music again.
  12. The performance was better than the grammy, and those female dancers reminded me of carrie ann inaba, I thought she was there for a moment lol
  13. I just commented her video on youtube with this as well as answered lady caca's herself post on the video saying that she copied along with link with the image making the comparison.
  14. It's a feeling i had given all these mega productions full of fantasy, mega structures, unreal worlds the lesser pop singers are always releasing nowadays. Flawless video, yet simple and incredibly performed.
  15. The best video and the lowest budget. Killerdonna, slaydonna. Can't wait for the grammy
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