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  1. Yes! Its like releasing candy shop when u have 4 minutes.
  2. i was very skeptical about this one, since we saw mercy james singing on m's ig and was upset at the singles. what happened is: the album has blown me away, bop after bop. this song is very good.
  3. just listened to the HQ quality 18 tracks. IT's heanvenly better. IDSIF Gis the one i could notice a huge improve. What an album omg. 90/100, just 2 or 3 flaws. RH and MDNA are put to shadow. u guys waiting till friday are blessed, HQ makes a difference.
  4. i liked body shop, of course i love this. with that choir it should be the album closer!
  5. I wouldnt say that but if its not better, its close. I love the not released songs. it has that “it” mdna and rh failed to deliver. and gc is better than hung up
  6. i have to mention tho, dark ballet is an introduction to gc. thats why she wnted to do GC in eurovision. it would have blown ppls minds.
  7. thisssss, i am so pissed cause the songs are sooo great .
  8. i am not pissed, i understand the vocoder in GC actually makes sense, it`s freakin good.
  9. i even listen to vangelis. its easier to say the genres i dont listen to. brazillian funk, samba, rap, trap.
  10. yes, i understand... but not releasing the best songs first is no good promo. anyway, the album as a whole is very good. i am delighted.
  11. u mean the willy wonka`s factory song? i think most ppl say they`re incredible are delusional, yet i dont quote them. yes i think they are shit. bad, if you want a better word.
  12. i agree, i am angry at those lead choices. all other songs are better. i want her to have a hit, and the other tracks are capable.
  13. it delivers high quality instrumentals and lyrics anyway. lol, it doesnt matter what its aiming at
  14. lol, gc is probably the best song in this album, the first 5 released songs are pure shit cmpared to the other tracks.
  15. If they didnt want it to leak why seling a week in advance?
  16. I have no doubt we will. I think those songs are confessions level, even higher. she better release them the way they deserve.
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