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  1. Yes! Its like releasing candy shop when u have 4 minutes.
  2. i was very skeptical about this one, since we saw mercy james singing on m's ig and was upset at the singles. what happened is: the album has blown me away, bop after bop. this song is very good.
  3. just listened to the HQ quality 18 tracks. IT's heanvenly better. IDSIF Gis the one i could notice a huge improve. What an album omg. 90/100, just 2 or 3 flaws. RH and MDNA are put to shadow. u guys waiting till friday are blessed, HQ makes a difference.
  4. i liked body shop, of course i love this. with that choir it should be the album closer!
  5. I wouldnt say that but if its not better, its close. I love the not released songs. it has that “it” mdna and rh failed to deliver. and gc is better than hung up
  6. i have to mention tho, dark ballet is an introduction to gc. thats why she wnted to do GC in eurovision. it would have blown ppls minds.
  7. thisssss, i am so pissed cause the songs are sooo great .
  8. i am not pissed, i understand the vocoder in GC actually makes sense, it`s freakin good.
  9. i even listen to vangelis. its easier to say the genres i dont listen to. brazillian funk, samba, rap, trap.
  10. yes, i understand... but not releasing the best songs first is no good promo. anyway, the album as a whole is very good. i am delighted.
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