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  1. I agree to a certain extent with those who complain about the selection of songs from the Erotica album... but God they were never ever performed again! The Girlie Show is still the only place where you can listen to the complete tracks... apart from Deeper and Deeper, Madonna has never sung any of those songs in their entirety again.
  2. Same here. The differences are abysmal
  3. I don't know about you guys but I love EVERY Madonna record lol
  4. Rarely performed songs like Borderline > HEAVEN
  5. I'm not an expert at magazines but the Super Bowl Vogue logo reference was ICONIC.
  6. I think Katy Perry's performance was better than Beyoncé's.
  7. This topic is quite interesting, however I've always had the same questions regarding the availability of higher quality material before 2005-2006
  8. Let's cross our fingers to get a reissue of that damn Celebration LP!!!
  9. Yes but all her latest tours have been broadcast on HBO, at least in Latinamerica... I don't get why it wouldn't happen this time around
  10. It's odd that they still haven't announced an HBO premiere...