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  1. or completely the opposite. I'd prefer them to film a biopic after she's dead like they've done with so many icons.
  2. I've read in different boards that the BAD Tour should have made it so, you all agree Michael's 1987 tour was better than Madonna's Who's That Girl? Just wondering.
  3. Loved his comment at the end of Live Earth... "Madonna, the original MILF" lol
  4. Last time I cared about one of Beyoncé's concerts was in 2008.
  5. Thanks for the link. I was looking for some of them :)
  6. The red dress she wore during the WTGT was really beautiful. Wish I had been alive to see it myself. It's true that La Isla Bonita is one the most performed songs by Madonna and that can only mean one thing: She really loves it! No matter if she's playing in Canada, Japan, or even Australia, everyone in the audience gets to feel the latin vibe! We latinos are so fortunate to be the exact opposite of stiff.
  7. ^ Especially if you choose to post the pics with better lightning. There was something in her look that made me worry about her a little bit, I don't know how to explain it but it's a feeling of unhappiness or fatigue I perceived at the time.
  8. She looked exhausted by then. The MDNA Tour rehearsals must have been devastating.
  9. But still gave us one of her best vocal performances on tour. Loved the concepts, loved the costumes. Never really mind the setlist since I was a newbie by then, but her damn face looked so strange. I find it hard to locate that look after the gorgeous ROL Madonna and the one from the EMA in Stockholm :/
  10. She knew she looked like shit during that tour.
  11. If she's still around in 2025, we'll get another Versace campaign
  12. It's curious that since the Super Bowl Madonna has only played the album version of this song with just a few new elements.
  13. They did the same to every Express Yourself video... and most of the tracks from American Life.
  14. I never said the person smoking in front of her wasn't rude. But things got worse with her reaction to it and thretening all the people who were there that she wouldn't do the show. HER WORDS. Anyway, I love M til death but that was very stupid of her. If she wasn't feeling welll why not reschedule the damn concert? She had 5 days to do so but couldn't care less...