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  1. IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN There is something in her voice during the 1999-2000 period that's full with warmth. Pop music could have never sounded better without Madonna. I proudly admit I became a fan during that time. I was only 10.
  2. You're right. She visited Arnhem only. I heard what I wrote like 10 years ago anyway lol
  3. BAT Dallas was available last year if I'm not mistaken but then it was removed.
  4. The ultimate discography.
  5. I think the album would have done better in 2010.
  6. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    Why was one of the Israel concerts cancelled?
  7. Chile is known for having one of the priciest tickets in the region. However the big tours didn't start 'til Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper visited us in 1989.
  8. I know we're all fans in here and would love to chat with her no matter what. However, why would one have the need to "even say something" to her? I'm sure she knows she's not gonna be ignored by the people around her but what if people just leave her alone and enjoy her flight.
  9. "You have too much facial hair!"

    Desperate for attention.
  10. I was able to see her perform it in Miami but I also wish it was included as a bonus on the DVD. Too bad she neglected it again.
  11. Madonna Mania

  12. Check this out. It contains another sample used in the interlude!
  13. Too bad she stopped doing it in the Latin section of the Rebel Heart Tour