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  1. I bet she will sing her greatest hits aka Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Born This Way. Apart from the gays NO ONE remembers her stuff post 2011.
  2. She's a depressed artist, how edgy.
  3. If it weren't for you guys, I'd never known about Vibeology, an instant classic!!
  4. I don't know about you guys but I'm in love with this
  5. I know she's part of the Lollapalooza headline that's coming to Chile next year. But I still need another motivation to spend my money on that. No way I'll go just to see one act lol Hope Grimes is part of the festival but doubt it's gonna happen! And regarding the LAP comparison, she just said it was kind of accidental but knew where it was coming from. Her first album is great.
  6. She'll release her next single on Madonna's birthday just to show how delusional she is
  7. ^ Madonna's face looked exhausted before she turned 50 as well.
  8. The Born This Way Ball stadium shows in Latinamerica were such a disaster as well. Same situation happened during Artrave ARENA shows in the US lol Embarrassing! Record labels insist on selling these "pop sensations" that "have hundreds of millions of views on Youtube" as if their impact was unbeatable. Guess what, the general public is kind of tired of the same shitty publicity stunts as most honest and way more talented people have surfaced during the last few years.
  9. Baby Don't Lie is pretty nice, very similar vibe and production to Madonna's Hold Tight
  10. Lol Papa Don't Preach was not even Madonna's original idea. Same for Holiday, Borderline, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Dress You Up and Crazy For You, some of her earliest greatest hits. Mind you. I think Katy's got potential.
  11. Katy's playing in Santiago next Tuesday, I'm pretty sure the show will be perfect. I'm not a big stan of her but I perceive quality where it is. It's like Katy learned her lesson from Madonna. Of course she's miles away behind the Queen but as other stated before, she's way more likeable than the rest of the hoes out there.