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  1. I haven't finished listening to the whole thing but I LOVED the vibes in South London Forever.
  2. I've got tickets to see them in Santiago next Wednesday!!! Last time I was at Estadio Nacional was for the MDNA Tour
  3. Sinéad O'Connor and in the 3rd place Goldfrapp.
  4. She's running out of ideas.
  5. I really want to give them a try! I've got 3 albums but never paid much attention to them.
  6. I watched one of their videos on VH1 like 2 years ago. I like what I hear in both albums, however I haven't purchased anything because imports tend to be really expensive. I'm thinking of getting the first album online though, I love Lies and Gun!
  7. Goldfrapp's music has been a part of the soundtrack of my life as a whole. Hope their new album is at the same level as the others!
  8. Does Beyoncé believe actual tv viewers wanna see her perform an entire hour????!!
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