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  1. A wonderful record and an outstanding evening at the Palladium! Fuck all those idiots who complained about the era since day 1. They will sure have to wait a couple of years for a new album
  2. This has to be my favourite bonus track. It's out there on the top with Has to Be.
  3. Who else could fill his shoes? Is there anybody out there in the business who still cares?
  4. I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously
  5. Madonna should go back to work with Martin Solveig. Kiddin
  6. What are they waiting for to release the whole batch on Spotify?
  7. This song is so good and the live rendition electrified my whole body.
  8. I loved Looking For Mercy when I first listened to the album but now whenever it shows up on Spotify I can't even play it. This doesn't happen to me with other album tracks such as God Control or Crazy.
  9. Guess what! I finally got the deluxe cassette I ordered back in April when the Medellin single was released. The parcel was marked as shipped on June 10 but I didn't receive it til November 12. Either the online store is crappy as hell or my local post office sucks big time. I vote for both lmao At least I got a full refund in August
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