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  1. True OCD fans will buy anything that's been labeled MADONNA on it so it doesn't matter which versions she chooses to include
  2. She should have kept the album version on tour
  3. Thanks for the wav file. Hope it's the real deal
  4. I love Madonna but she's so stubborn sometimes
  5. The greatest thing about this demo is how good every verse sounds, how the words rhyme and how Madonna sings them. Love everything about the feeling this songs creates. The demo definitely needed rework as it sounded it was going nowhere. Sad she doesn't perform this on tour though
  6. I get the feeling Hold Tight sounds louder on the CD than on the iTunes version
  7. It seems like the media in general is trying to give her some recognition, after all her tour is aiming to be one of the biggest things once again
  8. Wish she was still playing the album version with those sounds effects from the Grammys and the Brits on tour!!
  9. Another reason to go out on a Sunday night to avoid all those shitty and overhyped performances
  10. And the best thing after all is that Madonna has never lectured the world about how big of an artist she is, leave that to the basics
  11. I wonder why iTunes does not list the writing credits for each song...
  12. Ghosttown Living for Love Graffiti Heart Borrowed Time Joan of Arc Bonus: Devil Pray and Iconic
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