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  1. There is always a 'will they won't they' about the host city but Rio's mess is definitely epic! I can't think of anything as bad in recent times... Greece perhaps?
  2. Tangent question but can I just ask what is the current set up for an EU student who wants to study in the UK for either there first degree or masters? Are they classified as international students or is there a different rate?
  3. ^ exactly re the divorces etc. Surely there will come a time when an elected leader will have nudes out there? Professional or private. So many dick pics...! I actually find the idea that a potential First Lady has nudes out their quite indicative of our times and representative of American/western culture.
  4. This. It's just so short sighted.I don't want to imply that all who voted leave are xenophobes but id be willing to bet at least 50% of that group are. This is a victory for conservatism and the power of fear.
  5. Nationalism is on the rise everywhere - I'm shocked at the complacency people have about it.
  6. This has really put me on a blue funk... I'm pro remain...
  7. I don't want to start shit but those lines, although natural, curve the way they do because of the mini or full facelift she had years ago (or whatever it is you think she has done). Natural line but not a natural curve. Some woman do continue to fill similar lines but that's when you head into scary territory...!
  8. I hear and agree with what you are saying. The problem is that I feel Trump unlocks the hideous undercurrent that exists the US (and in all countries), fueled by ignorance, bigotry and hatred. Once that genie is out if the bottle and given political endorsement, that's when hellish possibilities seem no longer impossible. He would leave a far more poisonous mark on the social side of things, as most right wing leaders do.
  9. Tony Windsor is such a decent politician... Barnaby needs to be flushed.
  10. If the election was today I think the Liberals would win but they would lose seats to Labor in the process. I'm glad the gloss is fading on Malcolm. His personal popularity always masked his true colours. It's been refreshing to see Bill Shorten finally have a voice in a few issues but I don't think he's strong enough to win the election. I dream of Tony Abbott losing his seat but I think the chances are slim. His electorate is full of baby boomers and they love a right wing conservative!
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