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  1. I just remember similar sentiments being echoed prior to the Super Bowl. Like who cares that it’s sport, it’s huge exposure especially for the upcoming album... things didn’t really work out like that. As I’ve said before, I don’t really care if she performs or not but if she does I hope there is a simple and effective political message behind it. Something like when she incorporated the Hebrew/Islamic tattoos on the dancers in CT for Forbidden Love. Id be disappointed with M if she turned a blind eye to the atrocities the Israeli government commits.
  2. Referencing Picasso adds some credence to those artists that have been rumored to be doing visuals in capacity. I love Picasso so I’m totally here for theme which feels organic... I hope someone shows her the Artpop LP visuals so she can see how it SHOULDNT be done... and have a snort laugh while she glazes over the mediocrity!
  3. I don’t care either way if she performs at ESC - a great perf to watch if she does, no loss if she doesn’t. I personally doubt that it will have much promo effect (see Super Bowl vs gmayl and MDNA). My issue is that it’s in Israel and that this particular ESC is already contentious. I fear it will play into negative connotations of her tone deafness with certain issues that are already widespread about her.
  4. I love the return to dark hair, I’m just not a huge fan of the over styling, vintage look. I know she’s always done it but tbh I think it ages her more than any hair colour. I feel the same when she’s blonde and it’s styked like that too. I’d love to see something a bit more loose or straight. Or something deconstructed like the black wig she wore for the RIT promo pics.
  5. This has nothing to do with being PC. Israel is practically an apartheid... this would be really shitty PR for her and warranted backlash. And all before world pride.
  6. I kind of wonder if she changed direction with the album again like the trajectory of RH. All those political demos (freedom, revolution, god is love) and Avicii and then a shift to ever changing, contemporary sounds. I believe that via Vogue Italia, music was pencilled in for 2018 but then she’s changed gears hence the delay... it’s happened before most notably with ROL. Of of course this is all based on drips of info and a whole lotta presumptions from my rear end. i was literally creaming myself at the thought of a cool, dark Mirvais Vs Portuguese opus but I feel like this ha
  7. Yes! A proper PR campaign and some smart whoring et voila! No one is above tv shows these days. The way they are reformatted to be streamed via YouTube shows that.
  8. Some of you talk about the leaks like it’s a thing of the past. If indeed the album is due to be released in April () then there is still plenty of time for the campaign to be sabotaged... its 4 months away. I don’t mean to sound like a negative nelly but I’m not convinced her team has suddenly changed on that front. Perhaps I’m burned by RH but the closer we get to the release and the more publicly she talks about her music, the more paranoid I get about the album or demos being leaked.
  9. When I heard the first opening bars I got Black Cherry LP vibes... which is a great thing to my ears. I miss that dark solid type of electronica.
  10. Not really a fan of this type of music but this is EXACTLY the type of features she should be doing, and should have been doing for years instead of having her lead singles as collabs. i agree with what others have said - her part is really catchy, which is great. I didn’t know what to expect before I listened but honestly, my heart swelled hearing her sing something brand new... the hunger is real!
  11. Technically they aren’t allowed to use it for advertising with logos etc. We have a massive light/music festival called Vivid which uses the sails for three weeks in Winter to project an artists’s installation. This is why right wing ignorants are turning it into an art Vs sport / elitist thing. It’s BS.
  12. Not to mention it’s for a horse race... which to many equals animal cruelty considering all the dodgy shit that happens to those animals. I was disgusted. It’s not time square. I’m so sick of how marketing/advertising permeates so much of our visuals and people just accept it. im glad the protester crowd were out in force but unfortunately it’s a case of conservatives just thinkining they’re all ‘snowflakes’. And they always flip this narrative into how city people and the art crowd are elitists. We live in such an anti intellectual world it scares me.
  13. ^ I really don’t want a magician theme! An updated variation on an earth mother would be great...
  14. Perhaps her time in Marrakech created further inspiration that she wanted to represent on the album?
  15. It’s a shame she didn’t do a soundtrack song for one of the Twilight films considering Guy O’s involvement in those. Seemed like a missed opportunity and more effective way of introducing her to a younger generation ala Beautiful Stranger.
  16. I don’t think a surprise release would work for M. It could actually work against her in terms if she dropped it out of the blue and it sold poorly. She needs a bit of a buzz campaign... Not a long drawn out affair, but at least a month worth of proper hype for the GP ala ‘Madonna is Returning’
  17. Such a shame considering the weeks preceding her 60th were so publicly and critically joyous. If anything it shows that people WANT to love her but for whatever factor they hold back. Although if she released something amazing... And let’s not beat around the (Maureen McFarland) bush. We loved our girl getting the kudos she deserved in most of her ‘60th’ articles... and we would love to see the same type of print focused on new music too. There’s no shame in it. That type of press and general consensus is what made her renaissance era (1996-2002) so fucking amazing as a fan.
  18. Don’t get me wrong, I really want her to release the album this year but I don’t understand some of you holding on to the Vogue Italia quote as verbatim. Didnt she do an interview in when Rebel Heart was being recorded saying the album was going to be political, and then that completely changed?
  19. This campaign is creating so many negative ripples. All I can think is what he said about shooting somebody and still having support to run.
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