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  1. No I totally understand your position! Super jeals but also thanks for all your hints!
  2. Dumb question but is there an official release time for the video?!
  3. So lucky!! I’m really chuffed for you! Are you able to say in a vague way how you were involved? Ie an assistant to something? And did you get to see her up close or say hello?!!
  4. Adore the song but the Mario interview is terrible... could they not have woken her earlier? They both sound so lacklustre at the beginning.
  5. I really like it and find it very melodic and current. Can’t wait for the video! Love her look In the teaser... i don’t personally get BS vibes but who am I to say it isn’t there. i find her singing style in the verses very Sia-esque... would love to have had them collaborate back in MDNA so am kinda imagining this could have been their fruition!
  6. Wow - that conversation on the view is literally a perfect example of when personal opinion, ignorance, and not reading something properly turns into fact and status quo, flaming a sheep mentality consensus. They clearly haven’t even read the article and miss M’s point... then attack her. None of the other performers they mentioned have been vilified anywhere near or had an ounce of the same commercial and cultural relevance. I don’t recall Diana or Grace’s hands being accused of too veiny for a solid 15 year period. Meanwhile the whole panel are filmed with a very flattering fi
  7. I don’t understand why at this point they don’t utilize radio deals for several weeks for each single... especially if she wants the Madame C persona to thread through as a storyline.
  8. That’s the only part I find a bit clunky too. And for those that are criticizing her dancing, I kinda feel like Maluma slowed her down at certain parts. She was definitely leading him!
  9. Is this a Billboard production? I NEED some more avant- guarded electronica!
  10. I’m about to go to bed (Sydney side) but love waking up to new Madonna!
  11. Life is so much better without leaks and the inevitable meltdowns about demos!
  12. Do we think that the Billboard performance would be somewhat repeated for Eurovision or restyled?
  13. It does look very cinematic! Can’t wait to see the whole thing... it already feels like a classic M video. Do we still think there are more than two videos though? Seems like a lot of looks are in the teaser...
  14. I feel there is a general theme and tone amongst most of the reviews I’ve read... and I’m not ashamed to say I love it! - it’s a return to form - she made something her own - the song is actually quite enjoyable These are really important messages as this will translate to the wider public. Regardless of whether it turns out to be a hit or not, it helps remedy and contribute positively to the perception of M. I don’t want to jinx anything but I actually feel like this era will be a highlight that stands up there with the rest.
  15. I’m in Australia and it’s bed time for me now... Will no doubt wake up to a flurry of threads! Enjoy the reveal you guys!
  16. What an awful thing for anyone to witness let a child!
  17. Off topic but why would her mothers lips have been sewn together?
  18. Ps. Does anyone remember the insta video she posted ages ago with one of the twins singing ‘looking for Mercy’ in the studio... with an auto tune effect?
  19. ADORE the deluxe cover! The standard I find a little fan made... and not overly flattering but hey ho. I think posters of the deluxe in a record store would be incredibly striking! So excited for the tracks - was desperately hoping for a Nakhane collaboration so think that may be a missed opportunity. Bring on MEDELLIN!
  20. Thanks for the clarity honey! What a ridiculous world to live in...!
  21. What are the charting rules in Australia other than 10 streams/24 hour limit? Ie does anything else besides streams and sales count? The USA system seems so complex
  22. The Guardian article that someone posted earlier is a little shady. Suggesting that M has likely lifted this persona from underground DJ Madam X (who????)... a very odd argument is crafted that ultimately goes nowhere except showing how once again the Guardian just can’t report on her without being negative. Im excited to see the positive reactions on social media tho. EDGING to wake up to new M music within days
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