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  1. I still am! It’s been fun reading the overwhelming reaction but I will wait and stream on Friday!
  2. I have a question about album versions for Australians. I want to be able to purchase the deluxe version which has the full track list like the target version in the US. Does anyone know any Australian release details?
  3. Oh this should be great. Andrew is an incredibly thoughtful interviewer
  4. Exactly, for those confused why she has focused on this article - this journalist was invited into her home. M doesn’t clap back at the daily mail ie tabloids. I personally only had minor gripes with the article but felt it was overall really positive. im sad for M that she’s taken it personally. I’m also sad for how she’s reacted, as a social media rant with grammar all over the place becomes an internet joke. This plus Eurovision only feeds into more negative narrative.
  5. I’m in Aus... listened to it at 12:01 so I fucking loved it! My only gripe is that it should be longer. I respectfully disagree with peeps who think it should be a single. It literally feels like an album interlude, something to help change gear. Both aurally and live on tour.
  6. It’s true, the majority of the comments are disappointing. Many falling over themselves to reference her age and diminish her talents but trying to be pseudo intellectual and still remain woke.
  7. On the whole I think the reviews have been super welcoming. And are adding to the the excitement and roll out of this era. I take my hat off to whoever in her team sorted out the security issues to provide a leak free era! There are some points in the NME review of RH that I agree with and felt at the time, like wishing she cane back with a full on house inspired LP produced by Diplo or Hercules and Love Affair.
  8. Deeper Ray of Light I Rise (if there has to be a MX song) Like a Prayer Vogue I personally don’t think there is any need for Madame X. If she puts on a great set with hits then this would be killer publicity. Medellin would be an odd fit for this occasion IMO. I prefer crave over I Rise but understand why should perform the latter.
  9. Oooh I’m excited fort this! I feel like post UB on the RHT she may be looser around him this time (as she appears to be in general). Plus with Ian McKellan being a camp old queen it should get her laughing. im just going to be selfish now and pray for no grills...!
  10. OT: they do that all over major cities, it’s good PR for the development site but the percentage of affordable housing is generally very small and not that affordable.
  11. I took it as a reference to a famous Gloria Swanson photo by Edward Steichen. Although I thought she had referenced this before but I can’t picture it right now.
  12. Yes I love the NYC backdrop and she looks so damned good! i think Crave is my favourite release so far
  13. Great vibes from the embargoed critics! I know RH was considered a return to form but it wasn’t as positive as this feels
  14. I’ve only seen the performance via YouTube and it wasn’t the car crash I was expecting, having trawled through all the pages here... did they doctor it before uploading? ultimately it’s a massive shame this didn’t work out to be great PR for her. And only plays into the shitty narrative of M’s alleged lack of talents, right before the LP drops.
  15. Her brother said it’s because she thinks it makes her legs look more toned but take that with a grain of salt.
  16. Love it when she wears colour! Seems like everyone else does too.
  17. Where is everyone listening to this? I’m in Aus and there isn’t anything on Spotify
  18. I’ve never seen a legend been treated so poorly in any field. She definitely cops an insane amount of criticism. Anyhow - positive vibes... as someone said above the next few days involve so many new and different releases it’s oractically th mix tape!
  19. I really hate the tone of the unsigned contract press. Makes her come across as desperate. Its really unprofessional of Eurovision to publicly broadcast this BS.
  20. She hashtagged Dark Ballet so it looks like it could be similar.
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