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  1. There really must be a chemical imbalance for someone to be constantly persuaded by right wing propaganda.
  2. Another white middle aged man being rewarded for his prior and established incompetence by the boys club. Take as old as time sadly. Hes literally the worst.
  3. I don’t hate the vocoder effect but I can be picky with it. Some songs it feels like an extremely natural fit and is part of the sonic landscape. Other times I find it too muffled, particularly on Future and in parts of GC. I know that was an artistic choice so accept it but would prefer if the lyrics got a chance to resonate clearly, vocoder or not. Batuka is one of my faves on the album but I have found myself wondering what it would sound like with less vocoder and perhaps in a deeper register... something like the demo of Its So Cool. I agree with what someone suggested ear
  4. Agree completely. Music as a closer would have rounded it off perfectly, plus it’s another Mirwais song so would have fit well.
  5. I’m not sure they’ll acknowledge her but at this point it’s unnecessary. People who want gun control are applauding the video, from Ive seen on social media. That’s what will stick.
  6. Exactly. I just watched the video and when it finished said FUCK. its really well done, almost perfect. Def not glamourising. People are hypocrites if they take object to this. The same level of violence is played out across film and tv, even video games without any message to change.
  7. Candy shop can fuck off! Even joking about it makes me feel nauseous. I would DIE if she did impressive Instant tho... now THATS an album cut that needs a second outing.
  8. I’m not sure I’ve ever really found AL political. The video obviously but for me the song was more about her own introspection and where she was currently at in her life after 20 years of fame. To me it doesn’t fit Pride and actually feels ham fisted. She has the potential to cause a gay implosion with simply four songs from a catalogue of 36 years so her choices strike me as odd. im fine with I Rise... it’s suitable and I hope it’s the one she begins with. Ideally I wish she was doing 10 songs... starting with serious and contemplative, building to joy and hope. Just like the l
  9. Such a great interview! Madonna came across as really eloquent, intelligent and witty.
  10. What other big music videos feature a similar subject matter / violence?
  11. I don’t get the negativity. The only thing that got to me was the grills as per. Did she wear them for the Q and A at Ally Pally?
  12. I presume this was the order the songs were written/recorded... hence no Medellin at this stage
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