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  1. Rocco looks very M in that photo. Probably freaked guy out hence the faux macho buzz cut that was before his current look.
  2. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    So no ding for Sonya?! She makes Geri Halliwell look like Martha Graham.
  3. Madonna RARE

    Can someone pls post that amazing fan retrospective that came out last year, I believe to the erotic/you thrill me demo? beed to dance to that now and have lost my links!
  4. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    She's out of it. Time for rehab.
  5. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    I've been wearing leather since I was 4 years old.
  6. Mercy James Center Opening

    I just think Rocco has a cheeky face. Guy was the same.
  7. How long before those conservative hens on The Talk start cussing and frothing over this...?
  8. Supposed Singles ?

    II has to be one of the biggest lost opportunities. It would have been a sizesble hit for her as it was peak Midas touch era. Its a shane as that style of song was so alien at the time however it became such a blue print during the later 2000s when the US finally moved beyond its RnB dirge. the song literally blew my mind when I heard it as a 17 year old, and was an early pre cursor to my love of electronics.
  9. I'm sorry but she's so fucking ugly... how is anyone going to stomach that face and persona on the big screen?
  10. Her BF has a more feminine figure than her!
  11. Lady Gaga thread

    There's those Yosemite Sam legs and feet again...
  12. Lady Gaga thread

    When was this taken?
  13. Mariah Carey Thread 🐑🐑🐑

    What do her fans think of her current fatness?
  14. Lady Gaga thread

    ^^ what was the question?
  15. Lady Gaga thread

    What do her fans think of her and this movie project? Like are they expecting her Evita or a flop as well??