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  1. There's a few photos like this and they always crack me up. Can someone compile them? I think there was another met gala photo as well as some music awards show. of course she would use these photos as examples of being bullied, rather than her complete lack of personality and single white female desperation.
  2. ^^she doesnt look like that anymore!
  3. Her fans are truly the same as her. She must secretly despise them as she clearly hates herself. She's so desperate to have 'cool' fans but it will just never happen.
  4. Agreed - I find Push intolerable.
  5. What a floppy cunt.
  6. She's utterly insufferable. And I'm shocked the film is going ahead. This is all an example of chasing awards and trying to cement the farce that she's a supreme talent. Sadly I can see her winning but ultimately she'll still be that ugly girl who never quite fit in with the crowd she covets, and that eats her up inside. Fake name, fake face, fake legacy.
  7. ^^This is what I was hoping for as well. A house music inspired section...
  8. I've been surprised at the relative lack of outcry with this adoption. I know there's been some like above or am I kidding myself?! Says a lot about how the media has treated M when you brace yourself for a wall of ignorance every time she does something big.
  9. Her dancing was right out of artrave! Can't wait for the gifs... She reeks of desperation. And her lack of charisma only becomes more obvious as time wears on and her schtick gets older.
  10. ^^reminds me of roisin murphy
  11. I wish kris and dannii were still together!
  12. Those lopsided eyes strike again!
  13. It all just reeks of damage control. "Look, look! I'm still quirky"
  14. I see her team are trying to make out she has a sense of humour about herself in this video. Must have been a long shoot.
  15. I truly am feeling the tides somewhat changing. Seize the moment M and pop out that LP in 2017!