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  1. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I'd love her to go brunette. i thought her hair in the CBS special was too yellow.
  2. It was cute and I think she came across really well. I find 'Madonna the saleswoman' a little jarring but I've never been on board with BrandMadonnaTM. The perfumes were okay... outfit was great - dare I say she was giving me some Debbie Harry vibes!
  3. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    Great topic... I would be LIVING for a live, full on house beats version of Thief of Hearts.
  4. Utterly. It's only going to get worse as she gets older. she needs severe psychiatric help!
  5. Literally one of my favourite songs! And I still remember watching this on tv.
  6. I can totally see her angling for a feature at the next superbowl...
  7. I don't understand how this has been twisted against Madonna. How can Darlene prove they were gifts and not stolen items? And considering they've already been to court, this Lutz creature is clearly a cunt with a vendetta.
  8. I like the list but could do without the passive aggressive commentary.
  9. I'm just so perplexed as to why she even feels the need to mention Madonna. It's so passive aggressive and baiting, desperate for M to say something so she can be relevant through a 'feud'. It's supposed to be a doco about you, fuckwit. I too hope Madonna pisses her off further by not saying anything, however it must be hard not to. I truly hate Gaga for the continual diminishing of M. She's really one of the biggest instigators out there.
  10. 5 foot 2... isn't that Ms height?! i thought this troll was shorter? God she's insufferable. And if she actually had a real career there would be no need to even take about the queen of pop in her own doco.
  11. Rocco looks very M in that photo. Probably freaked guy out hence the faux macho buzz cut that was before his current look.
  12. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    So no ding for Sonya?! She makes Geri Halliwell look like Martha Graham.
  13. Madonna RARE

    Can someone pls post that amazing fan retrospective that came out last year, I believe to the erotic/you thrill me demo? beed to dance to that now and have lost my links!
  14. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    She's out of it. Time for rehab.