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  1. cardiganstarlet

    Apple Music Lists Most-Streamed Female Artists of All Time

    Yes that’s how I read it! Kind of a back handed compliment!
  2. cardiganstarlet

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    I find the arguments in these threads that are against his music being pulled from radio rotation rather odd and narrow minded. Some people seem very quick to label others overly sensitive and SJWs about this issue without seeming to approach it with an open mind. Surely the over arching reason that his music is being pulled is due to the fact that his estate profits each time his music is played. And why should the estate profit when they publicly label his victims as liars? Justice cannot be served as the man is dead so surely this gesture should be seen as a positive? No one has suggested a blanket ban of listening to MJ. Art is subjective and if you can seperate the man from the artist then that is totally your decision and choice. Some people cannot which is incredibly valid.
  3. cardiganstarlet

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    Urgh his fans would have made the little monsters look like Winnie the Pooh. He would have revelled in the martyrdom like he always did.
  4. cardiganstarlet

    Allowing gambling advertising on the Opera House

    Technically they aren’t allowed to use it for advertising with logos etc. We have a massive light/music festival called Vivid which uses the sails for three weeks in Winter to project an artists’s installation. This is why right wing ignorants are turning it into an art Vs sport / elitist thing. It’s BS.
  5. cardiganstarlet

    Allowing gambling advertising on the Opera House

    Not to mention it’s for a horse race... which to many equals animal cruelty considering all the dodgy shit that happens to those animals. I was disgusted. It’s not time square. I’m so sick of how marketing/advertising permeates so much of our visuals and people just accept it. im glad the protester crowd were out in force but unfortunately it’s a case of conservatives just thinkining they’re all ‘snowflakes’. And they always flip this narrative into how city people and the art crowd are elitists. We live in such an anti intellectual world it scares me.
  6. cardiganstarlet

    BREXIT / British Politics thread - cont

    ^ what’s the doco called?
  7. cardiganstarlet

    Harry Styles , sign of the times

    His voice does remind me of Jeff Buckley but I kind of get the feeling he's being positioned as an updated Robbie Williams? His song has shades of Robbie ballads. Harry is a better singer though.
  8. cardiganstarlet

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    This campaign is creating so many negative ripples. All I can think is what he said about shooting somebody and still having support to run.
  9. cardiganstarlet

    Rio 2016 Olympics

    There is always a 'will they won't they' about the host city but Rio's mess is definitely epic! I can't think of anything as bad in recent times... Greece perhaps?
  10. cardiganstarlet

    BREXIT vote aftermath

  11. cardiganstarlet

    BREXIT vote aftermath

    Tangent question but can I just ask what is the current set up for an EU student who wants to study in the UK for either there first degree or masters? Are they classified as international students or is there a different rate?
  12. cardiganstarlet

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    ^ exactly re the divorces etc. Surely there will come a time when an elected leader will have nudes out there? Professional or private. So many dick pics...! I actually find the idea that a potential First Lady has nudes out their quite indicative of our times and representative of American/western culture.
  13. cardiganstarlet

    Britain votes in favor for Brexit

    This. It's just so short sighted.I don't want to imply that all who voted leave are xenophobes but id be willing to bet at least 50% of that group are. This is a victory for conservatism and the power of fear.
  14. cardiganstarlet

    Britain votes in favor for Brexit

    Nationalism is on the rise everywhere - I'm shocked at the complacency people have about it.