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  1. It’s a complete lack of critical analysis skills coupled with rightwing victim mentality. Hopefully Biden’s speech on the anniversary is strong but I won’t hold my breath. Can the republicans just be called fascists at this point?
  2. I guess this is the problem when issues are boiled down to culture wars. So incredibly toxic while real and important issues like healthcare, education, wealth inequality and the climate get pushed aside for yet another election cycle. I'm not American but I love visiting and it’s terrifying watching their system unravel. It’s been a long time coming and is far more complex than my post obviously. Sadly similar situations can be seen in the UK and Australia - coincidently where the poisonous hand of Murdoch media has also been gaslighting people for decades. 50+1 is a pretty blunt assessment but ultimately you’re right. Enacting real change though requires so much more but there are very few politicians willing to walk the walk when it comes to long term vision.
  3. Just genuinely curious about what it is within the progressive agenda that doesn’t work for you? Asking respectfully!
  4. I think presuming that those less fortunate than you and are possibly in need of some sort of social/health welfare are ‘druggies’ is a bit of an unhelpful attitude. Crime can happen anywhere obviously but Sydney and Melbourne CBDs are hardly downtown Kabul.
  5. I wish I knew the answer to that. Utterly perplexing. It was the same with Alan Jones. People tune in to listen in droves and agree with everything they say. I don’t want to sound like a snob but it’s hard not to question people’s intelligence at times. Please explain to me how and why you find this entertaining and the gospel truth?
  6. Such a boys club pick. And yes, the man is a career conservative who is a fervent catholic and doesn’t even believe in contraception. BUT THE ECONOMY! The false narrative of our LNP being economic warriors wins again. I wasn’t a fan of Gladys but the personality cult that surrounds her is unbelievable here in Sydney. I’m astounded by the amount of gay men who stan for her, that’s what you get with Murdoch media and her unedifying appearances on the Kyle & Jackie O radio show. It seems pseudo intellectual when they say they like her without having any concept that she was the leader of the Conservative party and under investigation for corruption, but this is the scary world we live in. The same people don’t seem to question why a right wing woman who is unmarried and childless is considered ‘independent’ but someone like Julia Gillard had her partners sexuality questioned, was called ‘heartless’ for not having children, and indeed her own leadership abilities were called into question for the very reason she never had children. Anyhow rant over!
  7. If it wasn’t so scary, this would be hilarious parody.
  8. I hope that yellow star works well for her when she can’t breathe in intensive care.
  9. I find it interesting that someone like Cummings who helped gaslight a nation to achieve Brexit is now doing the same to his former ‘friends’. Unsurprising when they’re all such bottom feeders. He’ll obviously do and say anything to complete an agenda. Not that I believe a word Boris says either. I don’t think any of them are going anywhere though sadly.
  10. I never really understand why people who have enough money for major surgeries don’t just get a personal trainer to work on parts of yourself that can be changed through exercise. Obviously Jessica has an addiction to surgery/body dysmorphia so I mean this more in general sense.
  11. I don’t live in the UK but what is the consensus about Kier Starmer? On paper we he sounds okay (and surely anything is better than the tories) but obviously that’s no indication. Do the press attack him as much as Corbyn was?
  12. I agree with you. I’ve noticed the people in my life who have an addictive type of personality really go down this rabbit hole and drink the kool aid. Couple that with a variety of environmental factors and it just compounds it. I used to make jokes about these type of voters having a chemical imbalance but now I’m not so sure it’s a joke anymore.
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