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  1. Her BF has a more feminine figure than her!
  2. There's those Yosemite Sam legs and feet again...
  3. When was this taken?
  4. What do her fans think of her current fatness?
  5. ^^ what was the question?
  6. What do her fans think of her and this movie project? Like are they expecting her Evita or a flop as well??
  7. Her wigs have been one of the many worst parts of her career. She looks like shit most of the time and it just aids to her overall lackingness in anything organic. its going to be distracting on the big screen and I hope she gets dragged for it.
  8. Those tits! No one says anything when she goes nude... it's literally crickets. wasnt there some behind the scenes footage?
  9. I would LOVE to know what happened behind the scenes with this! Gaga and her minions (ala Elton) keep making passive aggressive digs at M publicly as though to draw her into an arguement but she remains above it. I kind of feel like they want an excuse to bring up something that happened in the BTW era to further tarnish M. otherwise if the fugly beast was that cut about M mashing BTW into EY then she is a terribly fragile petal after all.
  10. Remember when she used the excuse of "my tweet didn't post" or something like that for Xmas (I think)... her fans had a meltdown then as well!
  11. That's what I was trying to say but you were much more on point!
  12. love cher! and yes she is super deprecating but i guess thats what got her through the tough times. although its a shame she wore the TBT costume AGAIN at an awards show, i don't know why it bothers me and i'm not trying to throw shade. i guess she can do what the fuck she wants!
  13. "I'm a part of that family now." "I made them some food yesterday. I will keep cooking." "Last thing I told her, "Go find Joanne, Sonj." This woman is insufferable and her martyr complex is transparent. Desperate to be connected to all tragedies... I want the press to call her out on it with the same vitriol that M copped for her MJ speech. is it in poor taste to presume there will be a Sonja video interlude on the tour?
  14. I can't at Janet fans thinking the TOD comment was a dig at her and so MEAN of Madonna. If anything the dancer was making a dig at M copying Janet, hence her comment 'bite your tongue'. It was all tongue in cheek. Talk about victim complex.
  15. Not to mention she doesn't have the body to wear Versace. A troll body with terrible cleavage. Gianni would be rolling in his grave.