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  1. i just think there were so many directions they could have gone with the promotion of this album considering how many different genres and types of songs on this amazing album and they just made all the wrong choices/gambles. This song should definitely have been in the line of singles for sure. it sums up the pain of her divorce and would have made her more human in people's minds. Unfortunately they chose the most candy coated and crappy tracks to represent an amazing and dark album. Tis a shame but whatever...we all love it and that's really what matters right?
  2. i like the choreography on tour but wish it was for a different song. so right about how this should have ended the show....why oh why she chose Celebration to end the show is just mindblowing. Those two songs should be switched on tour...(well i would rather Celebration just not be performed at all actually)
  3. this song is her punk rock song...only done with a thick, nasty electro house beat. LOVE! Definitely in my top 3 of the album!
  4. i could do without the silly whispering parts. aside from that it's absolutely perfect!
  5. How the hell is Lionel Richie even a contender for the charts right now???? That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. And not to be evil about it but I guarantee that if Ms. Whitney Houston died a week or two later than she did...GMAYL would have climbed a bit higher than number ten. It's a crazy thing to consider but it's the truth. I really hope that the insane amount of positive reviews for the album will help it sell but I really don't know if the age group that spends money on music is that interested in her. What demographic doesn't illegally download music right now? I would think the young kids buy all their music and that's why I was always surprised why Germanotta sold so much because her audience is tweens, a few teenagers and a decent percentage of gay men who still think and act like teenagers. I guess she really does have them brainwashed enough to spend money on her. Does anyone know what happened to the supposed Beautiful Killer promo video? It was supposed to premiere on the 26th and I cannot find it anywhere. It was an odd promotional route to go because I don't think she was even in the video but it definitely wouldn't hurt her because its a kick ass song that would further promote the variety on the album. Something that didn't really hit me right away is that this album is her most explicit when it comes to lyrics and expletives. She's never had them in song titles or insinuated in song titles before. Do you think its scaring away the masses a bit? She also hasn't had a raunchy, homoerotic video is way too many years and that's such a divisive issue out there now (always was but it's worse in 2012). It's a fantastic collection of envelope pushing and sonically and lyrically edgy. If it doesn't sell well it's just a damn shame.
  6. Why the heck didn't they name the tracks properly? That's absolutely ridiculous and below amateur. I'm listening to one of the TUTR mixes that is freaking KILLING ME RIGHT NOW!
  7. Actually I am listening to it right now on my computer!! woo hoo! Sorry...this is the very first Madonna album I pre ordered (i'm old) and it's such a different experience!
  8. thanks agclef. I realized that it will come through my icloud because my iTunes on my computer was associated with a different user name. I just got an iPod Touch and started a fresh account on it. So funnily i'll only be able to play MDNA on my iPod but not my computer for another month or so haha
  9. i have a different question about pre-orders since i've never done it before. I'm positive I did pre-order it because I think I got the GMAYL freebie but is there a way to check your pre-orders somewhere?
  10. Happy birthday!!! :D

  11. this is the type of sound Hard Candy should have had. It's r n b but still has something fresh to it. Every song is so different from one another...it's pretty amazing how she accomplished that. Now GMAYL kind of fits in with the album since it's so broad. She's basically saying...you want a song like this? check. a song like this? check. a song like that? check.
  12. i just don't get how in the hell someone would compare this to Die Another Day. They couldn't be more different. I think it's going to be one of my favourites on the album. It's got a Cicada vibe to it...a sound i'll always love and never get tired of
  13. i think this might be one of the tracks I skip honestly. it's the first of the lot i'm not instantly loving
  14. it's got a sadistic sort of vibe like when Tori Amos covered Eminem's "Bonnie & Clyde". Absolutely LOVE IT!
  15. we all know the album is coming out....why is everyone so concerned about everyone else all the time? Chill...out...and...enjoy...the...ride
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