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  1. That's a silly poll. Why would you put tours that are 20 plus years old in with tour that recently ended. #pointless
  2. Obvious... are we missing something? I don't understand the connection you're trying to make between Madonna touring, a second leg, and all those other negative opinions you made?
  3. Oh the drama on this board today is at fever pitch. I'm sure everything, including her career and DVD will be okay even after a late start.
  4. Heading to NYC right now on the train for tonights show... can't wait!
  5. Well none of us really know for sure. However they expected this to be one of the top 10 grossing tours of all time and in order for that to happen it would need to bank more than $299M. I still think we're looking at at least $300M.
  6. With 49 shows done she's at 172M. She has another 40 shows to add to that total. I'm guessing she come in between 320M - 350M.
  7. MSG won't even be canceled. No reason for any dates to be canceled.
  8. No, I don't think so. The Drowned World Tour showed us a dark stage act and a very unfriendly Madonna. The reviewers seem to be eating this tour up, fans that are not sitting in the pit seem to love it, and I keep hearing how much fun she looks like she's having. Remember off these boards there are lots of fans and people that have a very different and much more realistic view of what's going on.
  9. It seems silly to get hung up on numbers like this. Fact is the tour is a huge success and will play to more than 2 million fans and gross probably 350,000,000 when all is said and done. madonna will once again stand above the rest as the greatest entertainer of our time. who cares how many people were in Nice.
  10. The DC crowd was crazy excited. It is what it is. People feed off of other people and if some folks are stuffy and stiff then others around them will be stuff and still. Madonna doesn't need momentum to keep a crowd going from a DJ. Sometimes I wonder if folks are seeing the same show that others are raving about. Everyone has different vantage points and views on energy based on the section they are in.
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