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  1. Hmmm. no order - MedellĂ­n, God Control, Come Alive, Faz Gostoso for sure. And either Dark Ballet or Batuka - not sure yet. .
  2. It's moved up for. Theres a handful of songs that I don't like but there are SOOO MANY songs, so there is a lot to love. 1 ray of light 2 like a prayer 3 confessions 4 true blue 5 rebel heart 6 erotica 7 bedtime stories 8 madonna 9 mdna 10 American life 11 like a virgin 12 music
  3. Always loved Body Shop, love it even more. But, I really like Heartbreak City now....wasn't a big fan before.
  4. Yeah, I've heard this before. It's pretty awesome!
  5. I keep imaging something like Fallon performance but with a bunch of the new pop princesses/madonnawannabee lipping "Bitch I'm Madonna" and partying their assess off. I doubt that many celebrities could get away with keeping it a secret though. Rita and Nikki kinda confirmed?
  6. Shit. We're getting severe weather here in Chicago so regular programming is being interrupted to cover it. So mad.
  7. I've been a fan since 86 and it might be my favorite M video of all time. Could do without the grill as it makes it look like the space between her teeth is ginormo, but absolutely wonder video, look, style....and one of my fav songs to boots. A+ Also note I'm not one of those fans that falls in love with everything she does. I've been a bit critical about her some of choices with RH, but this is absolute perfection.
  8. The demo is one of my fav tracks from the RH project. Listened to it 4 times today
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