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  1. It must be really hard for her to put on a great show every night when she has so much going on behind the curtains. I feel for her. What an amazing crowd she had!
  2. This has been a great era for her and us! She made a strong album and she was in love with it. So many promos (tv / magazines / radio) that I lost count a while ago. Good reviews (critics and fans). Magnificent tour and rave reviews! Beautiful music videos. This has been the best era AND album since COADF. This felt like a TRUE Madonna era. And I have loved every second of it.
  3. If she comes back to Europe I might go see RHT again. The show was so good! But somehow I feel she wont do it.
  4. Art shouldnt be free. We shouldnt take it for granted, like it belongs to us.
  5. So.. DWT $76 million (47 shows) RIT $125 million (56 shows) CT $194 million (60 shows) S&S $408 million (85 shows) MDNA $305 Million (88 shows) RBT $88 million so far.. (81 shows, 32 shows left) It seems this tour isnt making the money the recent ones did. I dont care (that much anyways..I'm a bit chart nerd) how many million dollars it makes in the end, but I still find it interesting to read the numbers. Absolutely loved the tour and it it has earned rave reviews so it's already a hit Tour. End total between $140-150 million seems possible.
  6. It's still the best track on the album imo. Whenever I hear those first few beats, I'm just one big smile and ready to dance.
  7. All the dreamers are waking.

  8. How is it doing when compared to other show out there?
  9. I heard the demo first. I liked it, but it was very LQ. Then she released the album and WAOM was totally changed. It's not a bad song, but it's just too slow for me. It doesn't go anywhere.. that been said, I'm also happy she didn't release the Avicii version. It would have been dated much more sooner and sounds more Avicii than Madonna track.
  10. That's a great article. Haters gonna hate, but they can't deny the facts.
  11. This was HARD! I like my Madonna albums tight so even 13 tracks is stretching it.. 1. Iconic 2. Illuminati 3. HeartBreakCity 4. Inside Out 5. Body Shop 6. Holy Water 7. Unapologetic bitch 8. Devil Pray 9. Ghosttown 10. Rebel Heart (demo) 11. Revolution 12. Living For Love 13. Joan of Arc
  12. 1. American Life (If released in a different time.. you know rest of the story..) 2. Music (The first album that caught my attention so much that I had to buy my first M album) 3. Confessions on a dance floor (Madonna was a different beast during this era. Almost untouchable. Confessions Tour is still my favorite Madonna tour) 4. Rebel Heart (Very strong album. It's just too long. To get this near to my holy trifecta is pretty damn good!) 5. Bedtime Stories (Even thought considered a mainstream album at the time released, it has aged really well and has some of the most underrated gems on it.) 6. Ray of Light 7. Madonna (Still has it!) 8. Like A Prayer 9. Like a Virgin (This used to be my least favorite Madonna album, but it has some great pop songs and refuses to get old.) 10. True Blue 11. Hard Candy (This still don't feel like a true Madonna album, but I have started to like a bit more lately.) 12. Erotica (I have never quite liked it. Just not my thing.) 13. I'm Breathless (Strike a pose!) 14. MDNA (Even with amazing songs like Gang Bang, Love Spent and Free Falling it's just a mess.)
  13. I'm expecting at least one nomination. My guess would be 'Best vocal pop album' or 'Best Female Pop Vocal Performance'.. In my opinion it honestly deserves 'Album of the Year' nomination too.
  14. I didn't know about the book so imagine my reaction when I got that! It's work of art! Can't be more happier with the gift! The old concert tickets were the best part of it!
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