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  1. That is a huge number for her! It's more than many of her younger rivals have.
  2. I love "Adventure of a Lifetime". It's like a drug to my ears. Rest of the album isn't that good. I liked Ghost Stories more.
  3. It's not a remix. It's the new song. Also on Spotify. It's good but it feels more like a dub mix of song we havent heard. I prefer more lyrics and singing. It feels Super will be a direct sequel to Electric.
  4. Except Elysium, which sucked. Thank god they released Electric soon after that.
  5. This has been a great era for her and us! She made a strong album and she was in love with it. So many promos (tv / magazines / radio) that I lost count a while ago. Good reviews (critics and fans). Magnificent tour and rave reviews! Beautiful music videos. This has been the best era AND album since COADF. This felt like a TRUE Madonna era. And I have loved every second of it.
  6. Art shouldnt be free. We shouldnt take it for granted, like it belongs to us.
  7. Thanks for sharing, loved reading that. #facts
  8. It's still the best track on the album imo. Whenever I hear those first few beats, I'm just one big smile and ready to dance.
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