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  1. This has been a great era for her and us! She made a strong album and she was in love with it. So many promos (tv / magazines / radio) that I lost count a while ago. Good reviews (critics and fans). Magnificent tour and rave reviews! Beautiful music videos. This has been the best era AND album since COADF. This felt like a TRUE Madonna era. And I have loved every second of it.
  2. Art shouldnt be free. We shouldnt take it for granted, like it belongs to us.
  3. Thanks for sharing, loved reading that. #facts
  4. It's still the best track on the album imo. Whenever I hear those first few beats, I'm just one big smile and ready to dance.
  5. All the dreamers are waking.

  6. I heard the demo first. I liked it, but it was very LQ. Then she released the album and WAOM was totally changed. It's not a bad song, but it's just too slow for me. It doesn't go anywhere.. that been said, I'm also happy she didn't release the Avicii version. It would have been dated much more sooner and sounds more Avicii than Madonna track.
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