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  1. It must be really hard for her to put on a great show every night when she has so much going on behind the curtains. I feel for her. What an amazing crowd she had!
  2. This has been a great era for her and us! She made a strong album and she was in love with it. So many promos (tv / magazines / radio) that I lost count a while ago. Good reviews (critics and fans). Magnificent tour and rave reviews! Beautiful music videos. This has been the best era AND album since COADF. This felt like a TRUE Madonna era. And I have loved every second of it.
  3. If she comes back to Europe I might go see RHT again. The show was so good! But somehow I feel she wont do it.
  4. Art shouldnt be free. We shouldnt take it for granted, like it belongs to us.
  5. So.. DWT $76 million (47 shows) RIT $125 million (56 shows) CT $194 million (60 shows) S&S $408 million (85 shows) MDNA $305 Million (88 shows) RBT $88 million so far.. (81 shows, 32 shows left) It seems this tour isnt making the money the recent ones did. I dont care (that much anyways..I'm a bit chart nerd) how many million dollars it makes in the end, but I still find it interesting to read the numbers. Absolutely loved the tour and it it has earned rave reviews so it's already a hit Tour. End total between $140-150 million seems possible.
  6. It's still the best track on the album imo. Whenever I hear those first few beats, I'm just one big smile and ready to dance.
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