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  1. Nope.....not interested. Nice try, girl. Nothing comes close to the original.....unless it's M herself. Sorry Laura Been Dated.
  2. I think the studio shot with the cereal/candy is for the twins.....making their "feature" on a song!! Mambo in the making!!?
  3. CupcakKe - Duck Duck Goose

    Should have been called "dick dick cooch"!?? A bit too raunchy (even for me)!!!
  4. My mother once hit me with her Grandmother's beautiful/handmade/antique rosary....my sister and I were giggling while saying the rosary. The pretty rose shaped pink beads broke apart and fell to the floor. Looking back now, It looked like M's "Oh Father" video with the pearls falling!!! I did feel bad....a little!!
  5. Geesh!!! Stay gone for a couple of hours, and pages are suddenly full of speculation and anticipation. Exciting times ahead!!! I don't give a F who/where/when she's working with....just bring it already!!! I also have a feeling this will be something special, different but totally M (but every album is)! Can't wait for new music for my ears, watery eyes and tears, dance-able beats and that heavenly voice. Fuck patience.....I'm sooooo ready!!!!!
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    Maybe after a few several drinks and a pill or two?!!! So not my type. But with a good shave, uhmmmm, never say never!!!
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

  8. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    She should try tying her hair to her tits....so when she pulls her braids, her tits perk up? It doesn't take a genius to figure that out!! But look at what we're dealing with!!!
  9. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Awe, damn!! I so wanted to see the "hokey-pokey" dance. Where has all her classic dance moves gone?
  10. YouTube reaction videos

    He's the most boring of all!!! He just sits there, says nothing (except the occasional "WHAT WAS THAT")!! Reaction.....NONE!!! Anybody who is a nobody can do that! NEXT!!
  11. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Or maybe "Judas/Joanne Juice"? "Judas Juice" is like the new "Juicy Juice"!!! Just stick a straw in it and suck the life out of it. Like Joanne, you need no hands. Now available in Sonja flavor.
  12. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    The agony of de-feet (and de-face) AND de-body!!! The pain (inflicted upon one's eyes) is real!!! Sell giveaway those thickets, Joanne. #soldout #sellout/fraud/liar
  13. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    I wore my "meat sweatshirt" around my dogs....they all ran away!! So I threw that trash in my outdoor fire pit....it smelled like burning rotten meat, aka Gaga!! (if any of you actually think I ordered that meat shit)!!
  14. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Have y'all ordered the "meat sweatshirt" yet? I just got mine in and wore it for the first time today!!! See the results below.
  15. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    JustJared asked for suggestions on naming her "whine"....here were mine!! Suggestions? How about...."Lady Flop Fake Juice"? "Joanne Wannabe Wine"? "Ugly Azz Wish It Was Wine"? "Sick/Diseased/Fake Whiner"? "PTSD" (Poor Thing Should Disappear)?
  16. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Poor Joanne. Here comes the PTSD, Lupus, Fibromygagala....etc....
  17. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Didn't like it....whatever it was! "We're plastic, gonna melt in summer"? Doesn't she know that shit floats....not melt?
  18. I'm so damn clumsy/careless, that after several parties and drinks, I've also f'd up some of my prized possessions. Just last summer while raking back yard, I found my GHV2 cd among the leaves.! But remembered I had a gathering, and a nephew-in-law (who hates my obsession w/M) took my cd and threw it in the yard!!! I quickly learned that when having a party/gathering and I was ready for certain people to leave, I'd either put on M's music or videos/concerts. Those that stayed were TRUE friends!!!
  19. A few fun/silly titles: "M & M(e)" "MLVC" "Live To Tell/I Have A Tale To Tell" "One Queen, One Dream" "60 Years Of M" "Till Death Do Us Part" "Into Your Eyes, My Face Remains" "No Substitute For M" "A Quest For A Queen" "M's Nation" "Put Your Hands All Over My Discography" "Cosmic Climb" "Into Madonna's Groove" "I Deserve It" "The Throne" "One Woman, One Name" "I Get What I Want" "To Rule The World" o.k....I quit!! But I do like the simplicity of "M" or "MLVC"(though some simpletons may not get it)? I'm also certain she'd never use a song title or quote, but I was on a roll and having fun!!!
  20. In the beginning of her career, I'd buy both cassette and vinyl (albums and singles)....but that was when we HAD record stores here. When CD's started, I bought back catalog on CD and some vinyl when I could find them. I could kick myself in the ass because I've bought several limited edition (with the fancy cd cases) of Music, ROL, Confessions....only to open them and eventually ruin the discs. Now, I buy the physical (usually CD) and vinyl, but also a digital copy. I do miss the old days of record shops. I'll have to dig through my collection one day to sort through and see exactly what I have of each release.