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  1. todsmod

    Troye Sivan

    It looks like a cross between Annie Lennox & Gags!
  2. todsmod


    Now when I think of "Only Time", I'm wanting to change the lyrics to: "who can say why my nose bleeds"....or....."who should say I should smoke weed"....
  3. todsmod

    Troye Sivan

    Pink ballet slipper is what I also think....but I've got an uneasy feeling it's probably Rosewood.? Maybe he'll show us one day (not that I really wanna see).?
  4. todsmod


    I stumbled upon them (maybe here) a couple of years back. I also enjoy some of their music. Thanks for the update....I'm anxious to check out their new stuff. This was/is one of my faves.
  5. todsmod


  6. todsmod


    The gif or the song....or both? Really do like the emotion in her voice (and in that gif)!!!
  7. todsmod


    You know, I searched many movie sites (and youtube). This is the only one that it could be!! Guess it just sounded different while half asleep. Thanks you for the help and the interest!! Sorry @Jazzy Jan.... @runa beat you to it (but thank you too)!!!
  8. todsmod


    Wasn't sure where to put this, but it's kind of a ballad? It plays during the closing credits of "Thanks For Sharing" (movie from 2012 w/Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow). I know I've heard the song before. Looked at the soundtrack and listened to some of the songs....but nothing sounded like it. I could have sworn (as I was halfway asleep) that it was possibly a duet/male-female, and the verses started with "Adam" & "Eve"..? Any info on song/artist would be appreciated. Looking at you, @Jazzy Jan and @Genevieve Vavance!!
  9. todsmod

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    The GS has to be my most watched tour. The set list, the musical arrangements, the vocals, the costumes. It's just really a fun show! I also loved the Omar "gimme some kick, baby"....and "now you've got hear my piano, so you know my shit ain't fake"! M (and Nikki & Donna) were in tip-top shape during this tour. M's thighs..... And she was so fucking cute during Everybody....w/the short hair, cut-off jeans, jersey and boots. GS really showed some of her best live vocals and dancing. Only wish I could have seen it live.
  10. todsmod

    Beach House

    @Bill How and why I've never heard of this is beyond me! I'm loving what you've shared and their sound. THANK YOU!!! @Fever Thank you also for your share....love them also! Can't wait to indulge into more of these 2!!!
  11. Haven't seen that movie...YET! On my list, though. I swear if I saw this "thing" on the street, I'd have to touch it, poke at it, scratch it....just to see what it feels/consists of (or maybe I'd just use a stick)!?
  12. todsmod


    @mnino I also loved them both. Can't leave out this classic....even though it's more mid-tempo!
  13. todsmod


    @mnino the Kenny Rogers "You & I" made me think of this one. Love their voices together. And another favorite duet.... Shit. Sorry @Genevieve Vavance Guess I should have made a "duet" thread (and I was pegging @Jazzy Jan for hijacking your thread when I feel like it's me.....all over the place, as usual)!!!
  14. todsmod


    What the hell. I'm on a roll now! Something about his voice that touches me (it's usually a females voice that I lean towards when it comes to ballads). But Dr. Hook's vocals melt my heart as well.
  15. todsmod


    Also loved part II (Jeanny....not Jan)!!! LOL Then I noticed it said " 5 parts" on YouTube....that's like a whole symphony!!!