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  1. Me too!!! A few more....The Dazz Band, The Gap Band, S.O.S....
  2. @Sky Fits Heaven This is how you've (or this game) made me feel!!!
  3. LOL....not sure? Maybe I stole it from someone else here? Or found it looking for "camel toe"? Maybe I'm just good like that? p.s....thanks for the many laughs (and patience) w/this entertaining thread!!!
  4. IKR? Or maybe it's "All I Want For Christmas Is SHOES (that fit)"? It's good to be bad!!! I just get mad because I can't even guess the Madonna ones....without help!! I SUCK!!!!
  5. Is #15 MooRiah Carey? Is the song "MooseKnuckle"?
  6. Or maybe it'll be M....breastfeeding Jancel's baby?!!!
  7. You'd think the NFL with it's slumping ratings/controversies would have gotten someone else (anyone else)...? It's the gaga curse upon them....and rightfully so. I predict this will be one of the least viewed StupidBowl performances ever (unless Justin and the NFL can pull a rabbit out of the hat)....which I doubt.
  8. Such sad news. It's really heartbreaking to hear this shit, which has gotten more frequent and deadly. If you have such little respect for human life and yourself, just shoot yourself!!! Why take the lives of innocent people? What does this prove? My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this inhumane act. Hope all MNation members/families are safe.
  9. Thanks for the hint! Had to re-watch video to make sure!!! YAY!!! I FINALLY got it!!!!! #5 Beautiful Stranger
  10. @Sky Fits Heaven HELL!!! I forgot. Thought I was done!! My pea brain aches!!!
  11. hahahaha, I'm starting to feel like Dory (from Finding Nemo)!!!
  12. You're always soooo close. Unlike me (off by miles and miles)!!! I love your "almost got it" guesses!!!!
  13. My exact thoughts when reading the headline. Only to see LOUISIANA!!! That's where I'm from/live (about 50 miles from where they are). But, believe me....we're not ALL like that!!! But the South is known for some pretty disgusting stuff. And although I've never been to Houma, I've heard there's a lot of trash & drugs there. Then again, you can find that almost anywhere....if you look hard enough!! But why a public place? Stay home, for Christ sake!!! I'm going now to watch one of their videos!! (I'm lying)!!! They fugly!!!!!
  14. Technology and the "at your fingertips/keyboard" era is definitely affecting stores (especially the small, can't-find-anywhere-else kind of stores). I used to collect old (replica) tin toys. There was a locally owned small toy store that had unique and educational toys, which were not only fun to play with, but made you think. Sadly, it closed years ago. Most of my nieces/nephews are older now and toys are out of the question. But seeing children playing with phones/pads/computers is disturbing. It really has made people disconnected, IMO. I know you can't stop progress. But are we going in the right direction?
  15. The wrath of Mother Nature can be a bitch....be it earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc... Glad that @Pedro and @ULIZOS (and hopefully all other MNation members/relatives) are o.k. It's heartbreaking to see the destruction. But also heartwarming to see everyone coming together to help. It's just a shame that it takes something like this to realize how small we all are (compared to our dwelling place/Earth) and see humanity pull through. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Mexico.
  16. Is you for real? The little fishy's eye!!! You making me work/think wayyyyy too hard!!!
  17. My last guess would have to be Love Profusion??? AWE HELL....that's the 2000's!!! Since it's twice, I know it's not Take A Bow (no sand/sea), Nothing Really Matters. Unless the 2 I'm missing are both from the same video?....or am I missing 3 videos? You done got me all fucked up!!! LOL Or, I'll Remember....This Used To Be My Playground??? AAUUGGHHHHHH!!!!! Jamaican me crazy!!!! I hate tests! Unless it's like 2nd grade material!!!
  18. Well, if it's something FISHY....guess I'd have to try "Cherish"? But, Cherish was B/W!!? That black hole surrounded by orange/yellow and the NIM are baffling me!!! I thought for sure the NIM was from 4 Minutes!! And yes, my brain must be "fish guts"!!!
  19. OK...another shot at it! #2: Nothing Really Matters #4: Ray Of Light ???? P.S....this is for my "special" Madonna round!
  20. @Sky Fits Heaven...."Look what you made me do"!!! hahahahaha They are not only hard, they're almost impossible!!! I think you just gave me PTSD, anxiety, depression, melanoma, schizophrenia.....awe shit....wrong thread!!!!! WE NOW NEED HINTS (not that it would help ME)!!! @Lolo @Mmmmm y'all is good good!!!
  21. Oh wow!! After an hour of watching M videos....I think I got one!!!??? #3: Take A Bow? If others want to speed this process up, PLEASE feel free!!!! I suck!!! Or, this may take forever!!
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