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  1. That's the thing, Paul. Madonna made it "watchable" again. Then came Bey-yawn-say & GoGo....and it's been downhill since M.
  2. Can't wait to see the "ratings" from Avril Levine and her nasal voice/performance (although I have no interest in the game/half-time performers at all). Don't think they'll break any viewing records (unless they use the Gaga method).?
  3. @Aries we have the same musical taste (time/age). Although I'll add a couple to your list. Sweet Sensation - Take It While It's Hot TKA - Scars Of Love Noel - Noel Stacey Q - Playback Information Society - Information Society Stevie B - Party Your Body ABC - Beauty Stab Tears For Fears - The Hurting Lisa Lisa w/Cult Jam & Full Force - (same) *these may not be my favorite top debut albums (many have mentioned them earlier)....this is mainly "honorable mentions". Sorry, I was a "latin-freestyle-dance" kind of guy.
  4. This one's been stuck in my head (and playlist) lately.
  5. I haven't indulged into his music yet (minus a few tracks). But I find his singing a bit annoying. Too much mumbling. Too mainstream. I don't know.? Something about him is off-putting.?
  6. Well, DUH. I thought it was only cucumbers, bananas, zucchini....etc (that can enter your "secret garden")?
  7. Sad to hear this. Their music was part of my childhood....although, I did always wonder.....WTF is "Muskrat Love"?
  8. Never heard of them either. I did listen to the first one....waiting to hear "don't FART w/o me". Only to be disappointed (even though it was rather catchy)!!!
  9. Really? If you're gonna read that hard in to everything, you're gonna find something. Were these "offended" people also mad because the woman was drinking and smoking and it was already dawn? It's from the 40's, for Christ sake. Enjoy it for what it is/was....silly banter. Or change the words to fit today's sensitivity: "Pour me some drank, (cash me ahside). My pussy ain't cold, (lemme grab it and see). Fuck dis snow, (watch me fuck dis ho'). Deck these here walls, (while you jingle my balls)."
  10. @wash oops!! Just noticed my stupid mistake! Although I'm sure Karen could sing that "angle" beautifully!!!
  11. @Jazzy Jan You always bring such good topics/great music in times of drought!! Thank you! @runa No tackiness detected w/Vangelis. Their scores were so dramatic (as the movies) and took you to another time and place. @Lolo Timeless music that touches the heart/soul and only enhances the viewing experience. This shit never gets old!!!!!
  12. And we surely can't forget this classic!
  13. I used to love this song (Theme from Ice Castles....Through the Eyes of Love)....until singing/playing it countless times for weddings. I got sick of it!! But now, I actually can enjoy it again.
  14. When thinking of original music/movie scores, this always comes to mind. And no matter how many times I watch it, the hospital scene with that damn cute little boy (Teddy) makes me cry like a baby!!....oh, I love the music too!!!
  15. @Raider of the lost Ark Guess for now we'll have to settle for this little Karen tribute.... But that thought of M singing Carpenters alone ..... it makes me smile!!!
  16. I just love how right before singing live, she says "ugh, I've gotta get in a serious mood here" (right at the beginning). Her "get into the mood" voice must have been so easy for her. I know they had many "sad" songs, but there were many "joyful/playful" ones also. I just wonder what she may have felt while singing those songs, because she never showed her sadness. Sure, you may have heard it, but she always had a smile on.
  17. @Jazzy Jan True....we do share similar taste in our female vocalists!! M, Karen & ONJ....it's like running your fingers through silk. A few others that can bring that feeling are Whitney, Toni Braxton, Barbara....I know I'm missing some (especially a few from the 70's I remember admiring). Your mother (and you) is a smart woman with an ear for smooth/rich tones that deliver emotion and passion (not to mention annunciation) without having to scream/belt/show-off your God-given voice. And to think that Karen never really wanted to be a singer is unthinkable!! Thank God they noticed and shared with the world this silky smooth, seemingly effortless talent that Karen possessed. I must admit, I've watched a few documentaries about her life and struggles. It's difficult to watch someone that ill (not playing the victim for attention) and the pain she felt emotionally. Not to diminish her talent as a superb drummer, also!!! Those little arms/hands of hers could fly across a drum set w/o missing a beat!
  18. Publicity materials for the album said that this song was a tribute to Karen Carpenter, possibly because of the way Madonna sings it. Madonna said of the singer: "Karen Carpenter had the clearest, purest voice. I'm completely influenced by her harmonic sensibility."
  19. It's hard to pick/choose favorites....but here's a few of mine. The subtle smoothness in her voice just melts me. Her voice was like a living instrument.
  20. Not sure why, or if there even needs to be a reason why, but I've been longing/missing the sound of Karen's voice (and Richard's arrangements) lately. I've been listening a lot lately, and when I do, my standard poodle (CHARLIE) always comes and lays his head on my lap....as if to say "thank you....who is that angelic voice singing"?!!! Being nostalgic lately. How can one deny that this was a once in a lifetime voice?...???? No wonder M adored her!
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