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  1. The line when she sings "ain't it lonnneelllllyyyy, out there"!!! Gives me goosebumps still to this day!!! Not to mention how gorgeous she was in that video!!!
  2. I'd never wish a disability on anyone, but I'm kind of glad good ole Stevie Wonder didn't have to SEE the creature screaming next to him. I'm only surprised she didn't push him off the piano and try to take over and play the 3 chords she knows (but that came later with the god awful BTW).
  3. Happy Anniversary, Dahlin'!! Think I'll go outside and WHISTLE!! Hopefully a hawk/vulture don't attack me. Then maybe I'll come inside, put on ill-fitting clothes, x-tra small shoes and get sloppy drunk!? Shit, maybe I should do the before mentioned first....would probably help me WHISTLE better?
  4. Although I must say I played BOTH sides constantly, I probably played the 2nd half more. I may have gotten bored with MG and LIV and began listening to the 2nd half more. Besides, I love LOVE LOVE stay, pretender and shoo-bee-doo (and of course DYU)!!
  5. One of the only good things to come out of "The Next Best Thing" (besides "American Pie"...of course)!!! I do think is hauntingly beautiful, but like @Pedro said, it never really stuck with me. Not sure why.?
  6. Oh shit!! I think that's what I was supposedly thinking of, but couldn't remember the name!!
  7. If you've ever watched "Swamp People", they're basically the same people!!!
  8. Then they had to give it embarrassing! Really does say a lot about the industry!
  9. I thought there'd be two pictures of of her left side, and one of her right side!! But I guess I'd choose the first half of the album (though I can listen and enjoy it all). It's timeless. A classic!
  10. It's a nice article, but when will they finally realize what we've know all along? When will they finally praise her for what she's done, how she's done it, and why she did it in the first place.? And stop with the stupid comparisons to Whitney, Gaga, etc.....Madonna is her own identity. And for LAP not even being nominated for a major award, that shows just how stupid/prejudice Hollywood is. Time will prove them wrong. I only hope they can recognize and admit the impact Madonna has had not only on music, but popular culture and every other humanistic thing out there. Give the woman credit!!!!!
  11. I've refrained from responding long enough!! There are (IMO) many great songs on MDNA. I think they will age better with time. GMAYL.....I adore it. It's cute. GGW....I dig it. It's groovy. As far as the rest, I LOVE "I Fucked Up" (sorry @jazzyjan)....I just do! I also LOVE "Gang Bang", "Love Spent", "I Don't Give A", "Falling Free" (who doesn't)?, "Masterpiece", "Best Friend", "B-Day Song", "I'm A Sinner", "Beautiful Killer" (killer song), and a few other honorable mentions. Again, M gave us too many songs that were incoherent and placed without any cohesion. Out of place songs that could have worked well SEPARATELY on different albums. I DO adore most of the songs!
  12. This is an "at the moment" assessment. It's funny to see how someone else's favorite can be your least favorite. But like someone else said, it changes on my mood, season.... Rebel Heart Like A Prayer Like A Virgin Ray Of Light Madonna I'm Breathless Bedtime Stories Music American Life MDNA Erotica True Blue Confessions On A Dance Floor Hard Candy
  13. Sky Fits Heaven & Skin are both killer tracks. To Have and Not To Hold is beautiful. But I (personally) think Swim would have gotten a warmer reception from the GP (or at least in the US)? It wasn't an easy choice!! But voted for Swim.
  14. I love how someone says "look at THIS". They should have said "WHAT is THIS". Put those saggy tits away (with that mug). Her demeanor/attitude really gets my blood boiling. She's such a......there are too many disgusting words that I could use here!