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  1. That's the thing, Paul. Madonna made it "watchable" again. Then came Bey-yawn-say & GoGo....and it's been downhill since M.
  2. Can't wait to see the "ratings" from Avril Levine and her nasal voice/performance (although I have no interest in the game/half-time performers at all). Don't think they'll break any viewing records (unless they use the Gaga method).?
  3. @Aries we have the same musical taste (time/age). Although I'll add a couple to your list. Sweet Sensation - Take It While It's Hot TKA - Scars Of Love Noel - Noel Stacey Q - Playback Information Society - Information Society Stevie B - Party Your Body ABC - Beauty Stab Tears For Fears - The Hurting Lisa Lisa w/Cult Jam & Full Force - (same) *these may not be my favorite top debut albums (many have mentioned them earlier)....this is mainly "honorable mentions". Sorry, I was a "latin-freestyle-dance" kind of guy.
  4. This one's been stuck in my head (and playlist) lately.
  5. I haven't indulged into his music yet (minus a few tracks). But I find his singing a bit annoying. Too much mumbling. Too mainstream. I don't know.? Something about him is off-putting.?
  6. Well, DUH. I thought it was only cucumbers, bananas, zucchini....etc (that can enter your "secret garden")?
  7. Sad to hear this. Their music was part of my childhood....although, I did always wonder.....WTF is "Muskrat Love"?
  8. Never heard of them either. I did listen to the first one....waiting to hear "don't FART w/o me". Only to be disappointed (even though it was rather catchy)!!!
  9. Really? If you're gonna read that hard in to everything, you're gonna find something. Were these "offended" people also mad because the woman was drinking and smoking and it was already dawn? It's from the 40's, for Christ sake. Enjoy it for what it is/was....silly banter. Or change the words to fit today's sensitivity: "Pour me some drank, (cash me ahside). My pussy ain't cold, (lemme grab it and see). Fuck dis snow, (watch me fuck dis ho'). Deck these here walls, (while you jingle my balls)."
  10. @wash oops!! Just noticed my stupid mistake! Although I'm sure Karen could sing that "angle" beautifully!!!
  11. @Jazzy Jan You always bring such good topics/great music in times of drought!! Thank you! @runa No tackiness detected w/Vangelis. Their scores were so dramatic (as the movies) and took you to another time and place. @Lolo Timeless music that touches the heart/soul and only enhances the viewing experience. This shit never gets old!!!!!
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