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  1. Random Madonna Discussion

    Thanks Gus!! That was really interesting and very enjoyable!!!
  2. OK!! Now I remember that! More like "THUMP"!!!
  3. @Kim WTF is that? Kinda looks like Trump in drag!! @Jazzy Jan You sure know how to make people smile/laugh!!!
  4. YouTube reaction videos

    Awe damn. Video is gone!! I was so excited to see/hear what her reaction was (sure it's the usual)!!!
  5. @Gus was right....an outtake from ROL/1998. I thought for sure it was about 10 years earlier. I adore her profile pictures!!!
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    Outtake from LAP video (according to Sisley)!!! Who's bringing the wieners?
  7. That Versace photo shoot has always remained one of my favorites!! And not because it looks like she's painting "my Charlie's" nails....or playing Backgammon with "my Nonnie" (guess after I do my Baywawynceee video, I'll do a photo shoot to reincarnate these Versace ones)!? The outdoor/Miami/B&W setting/clothing....everything....was perfect! And the apple/stairs picture which you referenced Snow White, why did I always think of Eve (Adam & Eve)? Guess I never got into Snow White and missed that!? Only watched the porno of SW & The 7 Dwarf's... (JK)!!!!!
  8. Damn....I realized I was looking in wrong folder (so many pics/looks to choose from)!! This is one (or two) that also mesmerize me. See.....told you I couldn't just pick one...or two!! Even when she's being funny/goofy, she's still knows know to make love to the camera!!!
  9. This is almost impossible. I could pick a picture/look from every year and say this is the best. I'll try to narrow down to a few that remain engraved in my brain. 1980's: 1990's: 2000's: 2010's:
  10. Such honest emotion in one song. Hauntingly beautiful!!
  11. YouTube reaction videos

    And I'm sure they'll be some: "oohhh, she cut herself....what is that? I love her curly hair. That's freaky. Is that a church? Maybe she's at a bon-fire"? @Andra yep, Aayush is the most enjoyable (and sensible) one...IMO.
  12. Random Madonna Discussion

    Thanks for sharing!! Like you, I need something to hold me over until something/anything new is upon us.!!! Will surely give this a try (let me know in the meantime if it's worth purchasing)....if his reviews/commentary is positive/accurate/factual...etc. Thanks again!!!!!
  13. YouTube reaction videos

    Maybe if she'd stop rambling and put the few pieces of the puzzle together, she'd GET it.? "What is this"? She seems clueless with almost every M video. Always the same...."OH, that's cute, I love the transitions, I don't know what that means, the colors are pretty"..... Sorry if I'm being negative. But she really does seem rather dense.
  14. YES

    YES!! Seems she somehow knew just what to say/do to cheer me up and make the sadness disappear. Like you said, Bill....I'm forever indebted to her also.
  15. Agree. Never could tolerate that blabbering wise a$$! Hope M stays away from that vile creature.