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  1. Well, DUH. I thought it was only cucumbers, bananas, zucchini....etc (that can enter your "secret garden")?
  2. Haven't seen that movie...YET! On my list, though. I swear if I saw this "thing" on the street, I'd have to touch it, poke at it, scratch it....just to see what it feels/consists of (or maybe I'd just use a stick)!?
  3. Are you sure this isn't from that old movie? Except he emerges from the water....not carrying a girl....but is one?
  4. I remember when my partners niece & nephew came over (they were twins....about 8-10 y/o).....and I always showed them Madonna videos, which they enjoyed. I brought them to my computer to show them a new Madonna video (probably around Music/ROL era)....and a gay porn video comes on once I stepped away! I remember one of them asking "what's that"? I said it was an elephant!!! LOL It was done and forgotten soon after.....THANK GOD!!! I'm sure my skin tone/blood pressure went from blush to hot pink to purple!!!
  5. I guess if you think you look gorgeous, more power to you.? To me....it's like someone left the cake out in the rain. You're melting!!!
  6. I'll give my thoughts on this because....1: I'm an animal lover. 2: Because I recently had to deal with a small/difficult dog. First, why go into a job/profession that requires you to deal with animals....when you obviously don't know how to? Now, just the other day, there's an elderly woman (a friend of a friend's ex-step-mom) that I help because she recently had hip surgery, her husband of 20 years left her, she has 2 sons (one is useless and the other doesn't live nearby). She's been hurting and calling me often. Last week she asked me to bring her dog (a Pomeranian) to the vet for his shots. I've met the dog (Jacques) several times over the last 2 years. Not my favorite furry friend, but I try. When at her home, he constantly barks while we're trying to talk and urinates all over her house....and she says/does NOTHING!!! He's 9 years old. I brought him to the vet and back. He was fine with me. The moment he got home, he began his unruly behavior. The vet gave some flea/tick drops (to apply between shoulders on back). She asked if I could administer the drops for her. I said yes. She put a small plate w/food for him while I was to put the drops. I had a feeling this was not a good idea.....dog/food/touching them.....NO!!! Sure enough, Jacques was not having it and snapped at me every time I tried. I told her I could take him outside.....away from her and the food....put his head between my legs and put the drops. She didn't agree, so I told her she'd have to do it her way and that I simply couldn't. Now this was an older/spoiled small dog. The one in video above was only a year old. There are other methods to gain their trust (especially younger) than using unnecessary force. I'm a firm believer in discipline. But again, a little goes a long way....especially if you do it early. Kind of like a child. They have to know that YOU are in charge. But it shouldn't require violence. Sorry for ranting, but Jacques (and the elderly woman) did kind of make me glad my dogs are well trained. Had she not been around, I could have done what was needed (just like the vet/nurse did) w/o the negativity from Jacques. I groom my dogs my self. Although the Danes don't really need "grooming", my standard poodle does. When I grab the brushes, combs and clippers, he's ready and willing. I know bigger dogs are normally more tolerant, but I have a feeling the Shih-Tzu owner probably never groomed her dog herself or tried to train him to tolerate a grooming session. Damn, I wrote a book!!! Sorry, again. I had been waiting to bitch about my experience. I do not condone animal abuse, but a bit of discipline can make a pet and owner exist more in harmony that not.....and that starts at home.
  7. Gay or straight, man or woman....doesn't matter. Anyone that commits such horrible acts on a child (let alone an adopted one) deserves everything that he/she brought upon that child. There are some disturbed/disgusting people in this world. This makes me want to do to him what he did to that child....until he also dies! God forgive me, but I believe in "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"!!!
  8. Aw hell. Not another label? HELP!! I don't know what to call myself. To quote Madonna..... "When will you understand that I am a person, and not a thing"?
  9. Such sad news. It's really heartbreaking to hear this shit, which has gotten more frequent and deadly. If you have such little respect for human life and yourself, just shoot yourself!!! Why take the lives of innocent people? What does this prove? My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this inhumane act. Hope all MNation members/families are safe.
  10. My exact thoughts when reading the headline. Only to see LOUISIANA!!! That's where I'm from/live (about 50 miles from where they are). But, believe me....we're not ALL like that!!! But the South is known for some pretty disgusting stuff. And although I've never been to Houma, I've heard there's a lot of trash & drugs there. Then again, you can find that almost anywhere....if you look hard enough!! But why a public place? Stay home, for Christ sake!!! I'm going now to watch one of their videos!! (I'm lying)!!! They fugly!!!!!
  11. Technology and the "at your fingertips/keyboard" era is definitely affecting stores (especially the small, can't-find-anywhere-else kind of stores). I used to collect old (replica) tin toys. There was a locally owned small toy store that had unique and educational toys, which were not only fun to play with, but made you think. Sadly, it closed years ago. Most of my nieces/nephews are older now and toys are out of the question. But seeing children playing with phones/pads/computers is disturbing. It really has made people disconnected, IMO. I know you can't stop progress. But are we going in the right direction?
  12. The wrath of Mother Nature can be a bitch....be it earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc... Glad that @Pedro and @ULIZOS (and hopefully all other MNation members/relatives) are o.k. It's heartbreaking to see the destruction. But also heartwarming to see everyone coming together to help. It's just a shame that it takes something like this to realize how small we all are (compared to our dwelling place/Earth) and see humanity pull through. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Mexico.
  13. I hear 'ya!!! I could tell you stories about growing up and the way we disposed of trash. When looking back now, I realize how wrong we were. You have to take responsibility and do what you can to help the planet you dwell on. But back then, it was not only brought up....it wasn't talked about. No one knew the consequences that would eventually follow. "If I could tuhrnn bakkkk taohmmmm"!!! (In my Cher voice)!!!
  14. I've thought before, why not everybody throw ice in the ocean to cool the water? I know....if only it were that easy!!! But to shoot at a storm (or bomb it)....come on!!!!! You simply CAN'T control mother nature or the planet's way of "fixing" itself. Earth will survive. Humans....not so sure.? Too many philosophical questions for my pea brain (nature vs nurture)...and all that!! I stand by my moral: Live and let live!!! Love yourself, your fellow man/woman, the planet you call home and above all, GOD. Hope I didn't get too "preachy"!!!?
  15. @Hector Devastating!! I woke up early this morning to see what/where Irma was doing. I couldn't watch for long. It makes me sick that Florida (which I have so many fond memories of) is getting so tattered and torn. Like I said before, I've been through a few major hurricanes....but this bitch looks brutal!!! I just hope and pray that most people are safe and they have something to return to.....and, that maybe Mar-a-lago (Trump's other WH) is blown away....with him in it!!!
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