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  1. Awe bloody hell!! Woke up this morning and got a little excited reading the thread title. Thank God (and you wonderful Aussie members) I read the comments first and didn't dare watch the video. I'd hate to hear who their favorite artists are.
  2. Whitney 'Can I Be Me'

    I kept trying to think of how to compare a screamer vs. an emotive/lovely tone. The thing that kept coming to mind was birds...in my trees in the backyard. Every morning there's a couple of crows...gawking and screaming. A sound I find so annoying. Then there's these tiny wrens. They have the sweetest little chirps and melodies. I'll take that soft/sweet chirp of the wren over that loud gawking of the crow any day!!! Tweet Tweet vs. AAHHNNN AAHHNNNN!!!
  3. Janet Jackson thread

    Back in the day, people thought Madonna was black, before seeing her picture/videos. Where is the outrage there? Some people only see black/white. Defend your black (wanna be white) .... but don't dare act white (wanna be black) .... that's a travesty!! It's an attitude....not a color.!
  4. Whitney 'Can I Be Me'

    I might get crucified for saying this, but Whitney didn't have too much common sense (had a voice)....a basic clueless person. No control or interest into what she actually wanted. Let others control her and her career. Sad, but true. I hate to say "victim", but when you put yourself in that position and surround yourself with people that are there for their benefit, you get what you asked for.
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    Like I said earlier, sorry if I offended anyone in THIS thread with my comments on Jancel. It just gets a little annoying when we (as a whole) can poke fun at ALL other pop divas/princesses here....but say something discomforting about this certain wishful/has-been/basic/ tried-to-be-legendary hoe....the claws come out? If you're that offended, go and join HER forum....OH....she doesn't have one (or if she does, there's only 2...maybe 3 members). I try to get along with most members here. But a select few in THIS thread have no sense of humor and/or tolerance. Why must you ruin the fun for everyone else here? This is (at least what I thought) was a topic for having a laugh at wanna-be divas/princesses.? Ignorance is bliss.
  6. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    And then a hero (sandwich) comes along, And I just popped my thong!
  7. Janet Jackson thread

    Uhmmm, what's the problem, SJW? Is JJ not of a darker complexion than BS? Is M not whiter than both? You had no problem with me comparing their same tired dance moves and whisper vocals.... , but mention skin tones and the SJW's suddenly pounce. Didn't expect you to take a simple skin color comment and turn it into some social/racial injustice. It's not that deep (at least for me). We all bleed the same color....RED!!! If my comment offended you (or any others in THIS thread....which where it seems to mostly occur)....I'm truly sorry. And I'm sorry for suggesting that Jan is of a darker skin tone than Brit. How insensitive of me.
  8. Did she really say "this is the first time I've panicked"? You've been doing the trapeze thing for 10 years now. And suddenly you're scared? Girl, you're long overdue for a new routine or just retire to a circus act.
  9. Lady Gaga thread

    DWYWWMB.....this is the only thing I could think of that I'd possibly want to do with you or that body!! JoPig is almost done....except it has the wrong color hat!!
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Holy Cow (aka MooMoo)....you guys are cracking me up....and I love it!!! Let the rolling continue!!!!! Tanaka must have to roll her in flour just to find the wet spot!???
  11. Janet Jackson thread

    All hail the queen of.....? Good Will leftovers? Exactly what impact has "it" had on music, culture, fashion....? ZERO!! Her tired dance moves were taken from her brother and Paula. Her beats were all Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Her whispering voice is all her own (I'll give it that). It's almost like Britney with a mega tan!!!?
  12. Beat It I'm Madonna

    Pretty cool. Robin Skouteris usually does some pretty awesome remixes (many of Madonna).
  13. Debunked Stories

    I know this is all "made up trash"...but....Has the guts? The gut that was hanging over her shorts? Was probably her Irritable Bowel Syndrome. @Mattress awesome job on the album cover!!!
  14. YouTube reaction videos

    He's very easy on the eyes. I also like the way he just sits there, sways to the music and compliments M (although, not much reaction going on)!! He's sexy though!!