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  1. @dubtronic After a really rough 2 weeks, I finally had a little time to see what you've cooked up. WOW!!! What a pleasant surprise. I felt so satisfied (almost like "I wasn't lost"). Made all my worries and troubles disappear. Your magical skills always do wonders for me....and for that, I THANK YOU!!!
  2. I've been patiently waiting for this. I must say, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!! Perfection, once again @dubtronic!!!!!
  3. The way EO flows is perfection to my ears. So smooth, simple.....yet complex. Her vocals here just melt my heart. (IDSIF is really enjoyable also)!!
  4. Awe man! I was so ready to hear this while getting ready for work....cause I know it will be awesome (and worth the wait)!!!
  5. I also have been quiet here for the last few months (mostly work related), but mainly because I wanted/needed to absorb this era without major spoils/leaks. Work has still been absorbing most of my time. But, I find myself waking up earlier, going to bed later.....just so I can have a moment alone with this masterpiece. I can NOT skip a single track. I was a bit thrown off by some of the vocal affects on a few songs, but after better listening (through better headphones I shouldn't have indulged in).....OMG.....before the year, summer or month ends, I'll probably be deaf (but at least my ears/heart/soul/head....died happy)!!!!! Even the uptight (he thinks I'm overly obsessed) life-long husband is noticeably beginning to tap the feet, bop the head and unconsciously become addicted also. What a way to start the summer (finally enough love)!!!!!
  6. But if it is really a little monster, then it probably is leaking something.....(just a different kind of leakage....)! "We call....BS"!!!!!
  7. Will be a glorious moment when it is finally IN my hands and also in my ears, veins, brain, fingers, toes (and other unmentionable places)!!! I know I'm gonna love it from the inside out (and the outside in, around the edges, top to bottom, side to side).....this build-up/craving is kinda orgasmic?!!!!! I'm ready to release these flood gates. Sorry, getting carried away. Thanks @Shaun for making the waiting of MX a group effort/support system of sorts. And also, @Voguerista, @runa thanks for the added love and support!!!
  8. Thank God I've been having to travel daily for work....otherwise, I would have caved in. But, I made it this far....so I got this!!! Have been listening to the released songs and TRIED once to find the leaks, but failed (thankfully)! Don't know if it will be midnight upon digital release, or if I'll manage to wait until the physical copy is ready to work it's MAGIC!? Keep telling myself...."stay strong, stay strong"!!!
  9. For the longest time, I kept thinking "he reminds me of someone"....but just couldn't figure out who!!? Think I now know.? Mark White (from the band ABC). Not all of his pics, but some I find comparable.? Always thought he (and you) was cute!!
  10. Nice to see and read something on the positive side (without the backhanded BS). Informative, reflective, truthful and endearing. I also need to find/purchase this one!
  11. Another job well done, @dubtronic! And "enjoy" I did. THANK YOU!!!!
  12. Now I'm anxiously waiting (and CRAVING) to devour your extended version of Crave!!! Again, Thank you so much!
  13. Your extended versions are ALWAYS the best!!! Don't ever stop!
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