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  1. Howdy. How's your pooch Charlie doing today? Hopefully eating and drinking water. I hope he's feeling a little better. 

  2. 1've a st0r t0 tell....damn kee-b0ard be f'd....back when get a new. aagghhhh!!!!!
  3. True about the Scientology. And Tom really has aged (or hasn't) really well. Still a very attractive man.
  4. I LOVE Sofia!! Glad she's getting recognition.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing/listening to Lionel....but who wants to see an over-inflated cow being held up by backup dancers pretending to sing and act like she's God's gift to the music world. Count me out (even if the tickets/drinks/rooms/trip were free).
  6. Paws Up? Well we damn sure all know it wouldn't be "tits up"!!!
  7. Y'all are right. That megamix continued after JML with the "fuck me" part and I wanna say a couple of ballads and then maybe picking up the tempo towards the end? I have it somewhere. It's always been one of my earlier megamix favorites!!! Was a pleasure viewing all posted. I'll try, when I have more time, to post some of my faves.
  8. Nobody does it better! I can never get enough of this epic performance.
  9. He's always so sweet....and I find him really sexy (in a boyish kind of way)!! I too was smiling the whole time.
  10. "fuck judgmental people as well"....classic Madonna!!! I also see another "fuck ? " pillow in the back on the right.
  11. jawline, chin, nose, eyes,....EVERYTHING!!! oops, almost forgot the most important.....mouth & body also!!!!!
  12. @Aries....that (for me) would be quite an undertaking/task. I have no clue. I'll just say....A LOT!!! I have an old hard-drive with hundreds. An external hard-drive with hundreds. Boxes of cassettes/cd's/vinyls....etc. I really need to sort through and categorize it all and put in one place....a whole Madonna room!! I feel bad that I haven't taken better care of many rare/collectible recordings.
  13. Flawless!!! Porcelain doll-like.
  14. Can I host the Gaga funeral? Everyone MUST wear one of her past "costumes"!!! I've got a calf to slaughter, so I'm claiming the "meat dress"!!!