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  1. I'm the same way, I even quote the songs to my co workers who aren't Madonna fans. I love listening to it on the way home, it's great wind down music.
  2. You know, I like both versions for different reasons. The album version is great (especially the ending), but it's like they're different songs. I've grown to love them the way that they are
  3. There's something about "Addicted" that I can't get enough of. I could honestly listen to it on repeat for hours. I love everything about it, Beautiful Scars is amazing but this is one of my top favorite Madonna songs. Does anyone else think it sounds slightly like "Hung Up"?
  4. "You've got to love me" makes me think of "You Must Love Me", in Beautiful Scars. Nice...
  5. When you guys listen to the album, what do you visualize? I visualize M singing the songs in her opening GGW outfit. Do y'all imagine potential music videos while listening or maybe think about M in the recording studio?
  6. Beautiful Scars is gonna have to grow on me...Demo and Final are completely different tracks but I love that it was included as bonus.
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