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  1. Yes, very LQ. Sounds kinda weird though. I thought it was just the instrumental, but she actually sings part of the song. Ah, I see you're from Brazil too.
  2. I think the album might come out earlier. Guy knows the full thing is out there (said so himself to a friend on twitter), so the best thing would be to prevent it from leaking. This leakgate is pretty much out of control. Although I do appreciate to listen to so many different versions.
  3. Sometimes leaks are good, because it might help to finish up the tracklist with really well liked tracks. Obviously that was the case with 'Addicted' and it didn't made it still.
  4. This whole thing is out of control pretty much since december. It's getting worse and worse. It's pretty scary the amount of people who have the final versions.
  5. There are 3 or more snippets of Hold Tight. One is very LQ (but you can hear the new lines), one is HQ (and it cuts right before the new line) and the other one seems to be from a different demo. About Holy Water. Haven't you heard? Yeezus loves her p**sy best.
  6. Not surprisingly, 'Take It Back' sounds like an HC leftover. Alone with you sounds nice I think.
  7. There are several other snippets floating around. Including another one from Queen. Not sure if the Trust No Bitch is real. The others are though.
  8. Guy O. didn't stop the GMAYL leak, the Rebel Heart Sessions leaks nor the full album leak. People have it in really great quality (I really think they must have come from the so called listening party) and are sharing like crazy. As soon as one person leaks the entire file, it will spread fast. Madonna should act on this soon before damage is done.
  9. Wait till you hear "Yeezus loves my p*ssy best' in Holy Water.
  10. The thing is that I have no idea who sent it to my friend (he won't tell me and he just let me hear the bridge). I don't even have the file either, so. Problem is there's probably no way to stop it just like the previous leaks. It's sad, but true. I was just trying to be nice and share what I know in case anyone is curious. I helped reporting a lot of people back then when all those other files were leaking.
  11. If anybody has any questions about S.E.X, just ask. I'm a fan just like all of you are. I don't have anything, but I got to hear the bridge through a friend.
  12. Yes, "a lesson in sexology".... (...) raw meat, candle light, keyhole, golden shower, strap on ... ' (And other things listed / not in this exact order".
  13. I meant to say that I know now for a fact that the final versions are very close to being leaked. That's how I got to hear the final version of S.E.X (only the new bridge, that is). I was very happy with the demos, but now .. she better do something.