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  1. It's just impossible to not like this woman! She looks flawless and the answers were really funny. (By the way: did you guys saw the RAT crossing the mirror on the left at 9:55?? )
  2. Well, i consider myself a M fan since 2005, so yeah, i'm kinda of "new" but i DO like her "fuck you" attitude (that's also why i'm a Fan!). I know that's not the first time that she's been attacked by press and general public (i still remember the American Life video comments,....) Well, i 'm sorry, but i still think that the Drake moment was a quite a mess (maybe 'cause i just dont like him...at all). Actually, and to be honest, the Coachella episode was more about Drakes stupid reaction than M kiss itself... (Oh, and by the way, the BIM performance was just great).
  3. That Coachella/Drake incident didnt help at all the sales of RH and the general image of M during this era. We all know thaters are now everywhere; they just want her to retire, that's why bad press is back on force and general people just start to be fed up of all these "scandalous episodes". Last week, a national newspaper had a big headline in the front cover saying: "A disastrous year for Madonna"... That kind of negativity doesnt help and it's just free food for all those who think that she's trying too much to be cool and look young. Her image management is more important now than ever at this time. That's why i really think that the Drake episode was really bad for her. She just needs to make an amazing performance on TV / Event (Live Earth?) so people can just forget that incident. I really hope that the promo of RH will not end with the Coachella moment, it will be quite sad. But im pretty sure that the tour will be amazing, something à la RIT / Confessions is coming.
  4. Madonna's ‪#‎Ghosttown‬ - currently at number #1 on theBillboard Twitter Trending 140 chart http://t.co/oBmG5WGO0F
  5. The video is getting press from Time, Rolling Stones, Huffington (the comments are really good!) The video is just amazing.
  7. The youtube audio version's video just reached 1.000.000 views! Good feelings about the impact of the clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEcp2HlFBwE
  8. Fantastic performance that saved this award mess! She looks absolutely flawless! All the press is talking about it and people seem to love the song and performance. You just cannot dislike this woman. Cant wait for the video!!
  9. My God... This Award Show is a MESS! I almost feel unconfortable with M performing there.... A tribute to JT!?!? Oh God! What's happening with pop/music industry!? I'm giving up. I'll watch the performance tomrw. This is too too too bad. Have fun, everybody!
  10. Pragmatism! M is a pragmatic Woman, and she knows that this duet is strategic to promote the album and her brand. Remember the B. Spear times... She did the same back then... It's a very clever move (and i really dont like T. Swift....).
  11. That Dress You Up moment!!!!!!!!!! JoA was wonderful! Madonna is just like Port Wine: the older she gets, the better she gets! AMEN to this Era!
  12. THIS!!!!! Not easy at all to have a top5. I like them all (even Body Shop...). Well, actually i'm not fan of BIM. Is the only song that a keep ignoring...
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