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  1. Sometimes Vevo will do a short interview with the Artist and ask them questions like "what's it feel like to have 100+ Million views on your video?" and "Did you ever think when making this video that it would be seen by so many people?" etc, etc...then they post the video of said interview on YouTube and Vevo.com, usually as a small gesture of appreciation for the Artists work and a kind of promotion for said Artist and video...sometimes these are used as commercials before whatever video is about to play...they've done this before, I've heard these types of things being aired on radio as a commercial just before the station spins that Artists music...
  2. Pain...from pain comes Her Beautiful Heart Wrenching ART...and sometimes Her poor little mind gets devoured by piranhas...ouch lol
  3. Good mix...I tried cleaning the ending up and turned it into an mp3 if anyone's interested https://www.sendspace.com/file/4m7hl7
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Rebel Heart is My All Time Favorite Madonna Album. I can't live without this Ultimate Masterpiece Collection of Glorious Pop Songs... ps. #AllTimeFaveorite
  5. I made my own extended version of this, and pretty much all RH tracks, cause they are absolutely heavenly...check out my extended WAOM...cheers! https://www.sendspace.com/file/4xm5wj
  6. I think this was just one of the over abundant ways Madonna wanted to express Herself and She's never done anything like nor has anyone else, that I know of, ever...which is why I think the record company had a problem with it...it's never been done before, in Madonna's case being a massive Touring God and not so much an album sales Artist anymore, they probably really thought why confuse the GP with 2 different releases at the time when they can do half the work and pack everything on 1 album and make a killing when She Tours anyway...it probably was as simple as that, lazy record execs that care less about Her Artistic Vision and more for the bottom line...$$$! ps. Have I told you all lately that Rebel Heart is by far and wide my All Time Favorite Madonna album?!!!
  7. It's absolutely about gutga...Madonna is genius for writing this and throwing her a little bone with the pretty girl line...I mean the irony in "you're nothing but a fugly wannabe" BUT "ok fine 'you're a pretty girl I'll give ya that' " ***said with the utmost shady, smirky and rolling of the eyes way there ever was***
  8. I more recently discovered the Power of Joan...and I must have played all the versions over and over one day and realized, like most of these amazing tracks on RH, it was too short...of course, I made an extended mix of all 3 versions together (acoustic "soldier", acoustic album chorus and album version)...cannot stop listening to this Glorious track!!! check it out https://www.sendspace.com/file/fvm2ti
  9. Here's one for Iconic https://www.sendspace.com/file/nn1l2u Here's one for Rebel Heart https://www.sendspace.com/file/habujj This is my latest RH extension...the track is too good but too short so I just extended the Avicii version.
  10. Thanx...there's a couple RH mixes, which one?
  11. This album is by far my all time favorite Madonna album so 5 is just not enough...so here's my top picks... 001 Messiah / Inside Out 002 Unapologetic Bitch I'm Mmadonna 003 Iconic / Devil Pray 004 Joan Of Arc / Holy Water 005 Veni Vidi Vici / Best Night Of course, if we were talking about top picks of this era instead of album my top spot would be occupied by none other than... 001 Rebel Heart (Avicii) / Wash All Over Me (Avicii)
  12. demo 4 is the Avicii original leak version...
  13. Forget double disc...I want it all on 1 long form disc...I'm head over heels in absolute Love with this album...every track is perfection, album and all demos...this is my current playlist and, not to sound greedy or ungrateful, but I WANT MOOOOOOOOORE, MOOOOOOOOOORE, MORE MORE MORE! 001 BITCH I'M MADONNA 002 WASH ALL OVER ME (d2) 003 REBEL HEART (d4) 004 Devil Pray 005 Joan of Arc 006 MESSIAH (d4) 007 INSIDE OUT (d1) 008 Never Let You Go 009 HOLD TIGHT feat. MNEK 010 Unapologetic Bitch 011 HeartBreakCity 012 Nothing Lasts Forever 013 Body Shop (d) 014 HOLY WATER 015 Heaven 016 Beautiful Scars (d) 017 ADDICTED 018 LIVING FOR LOVE (LGJstudio) 019 Borrowed Time (d5) 020 Graffiti Heart 021 Two Steps Behind Me 022 Tragic Girl 023 FREEDOM 024 God Is Love 025 Revolution 026 Alone With You 027 Score 028 Take A Day 029 TAKE IT BACK 030 Back That Up 031 AUTOTUNE BABY 032 Best Night 033 S.E.X. 034 Veni Vidi Vici 035 Trust No Bitch 036 Queen 037 Ghosttown 038 ILLUMINATI 039 ICONIC
  14. Same here lol...in fact I added that line at the end of the album version but for the mere fact that I love this song in every form and sing this line out loud every time...cheers! https://www.sendspace.com/file/3b1nlr
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