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  1. Disgusting Same disgusting excuse used for rape crimes "the girl was high, the guys were high..."
  2. And they re destroying press equipment, how pathetic
  3. This horrible human being is feeding his disfunctional voters to ensure a civil war just to keep his dirty ass out of jail A disgrace
  4. So HAPPY for you guys in USA and for all of us still fighting for what WE believe in Live you all
  5. The first album Like a prayer Ray of light American life Madame X
  6. ... and iiiiinsiide We re aaallll stiiiil WET
  7. Unbelievable Wtf, I assume people voting for this are as ignorance and emotional illiterate as this idiot, do they even have any dignity?
  8. Tomorrow April25th we, Italians, celebrate our 75years freedom anniversary from Fascism, we used and use to sing a song since then, BELLA CIAO.
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