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  1. ... and iiiiinsiide We re aaallll stiiiil WET
  2. Unbelievable Wtf, I assume people voting for this are as ignorance and emotional illiterate as this idiot, do they even have any dignity?
  3. it s a very female point of view song smtng I can witness but not expirience . the pleasure and pain / sex - religion - birth and it s more about who s she s singing to .. wo(men) . when I saw the RH tour performance I couldn t help thinking about her instag post about the italian nun suor cristina ( like a virgin ) and the "bitch get off my pole " line and the MDNA priests on high heels in GGW . They are ( TO ME) clear M messages about gender roles in catholicism and the questions I see her doing is WHY NOT ?
  4. another masterpuspeace .. tnks M to you I jenuflect
  5. incredible year . amazing music . tnks Queen
  6. mmm.....now she THE REBEL should go there perform BIM and destroy a tv screen with a M shape dildo ....M TV
  7. I think she s gonna use the demo on tour specially if that s in the last section
  8. it s a really good album I love the way she allways turn a song in a tiny soundtrack . It s a record that has a solid shape in the fuzzy music scenario of these days . She s a brilliant artist and we are so lucky to get HER VISION
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