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  1. Yes But the chorus is there form a reason to me , I ve allways felt the lyrics as a desperate mantra this woman ( a flamenco dancer ) kept repeating in Her brain after she was shut dead while dancing . It s a charming collab . two pure visionaries ( sorry for my bad English )
  2. Cool Album ( not a fan of Spanish Lessons )
  3. DieAnotherDay is a great song , the whole production is brave , innovative and inspiring when you think about it as a lead james bond single . Only M could put out smtng like that regardless of the popular expectations . I love it and I adore the remixes too
  4. Madonna’s Instagram

    She took that picture , you can sede her with the hat reflected in the picture
  5. MADONNA REWIND: "Did You Do It"

    Is that " clean up me rifle , clean up me rifle clean up me rifle , elephant rifle " the right verses he sang close to the end ?
  6. I ve read somewere this song has been inspired watching a pole dancer performance ... And I see the connection
  7. Madonna’s Instagram

    Let the meltdown begin
  8. Yes tHEY are two very good songs , btw I find interesting the song S.E.X cause it s a collage of all the things people wrote on sex meeting apps ending with the sound of someone leaving a place to actually meet "@ Someone" .
  9. Madonna’s Instagram

    P.Leonard posted a pic in a studio at the same time ! Who knows
  10. This...and remember she once wrote. " but why should I care what THE WORLD thinks of me , won't let "A STRANGER" give me a SOCIAL DISEASE " #THEfucksSheGives ahgahgahg
  11. Well as usual she s gonna WRITE down between notes the next chapter of our ( world ' s ) Pop** and let s face it " don t wanna get to the end of our days saying we weren ' t amazed " ! Go gurrrrl