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  1. Well as usual she s gonna WRITE down between notes the next chapter of our ( world ' s ) Pop** and let s face it " don t wanna get to the end of our days saying we weren ' t amazed " ! Go gurrrrl
  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    I sede her in the last scene of Sunset Boulevard..
  3. Oh man , you should....watch it in black&white in originale language .It s a beautiful noir movie. Soundtrack s amazing too
  4. And I guess that instagram post with Luigi and that other guy it s gonna be something more than a horse evening ride
  5. More

    Great song , one of my fav too
  6. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Gotta love the Woman!!
  7. Madonna Mania

    Damn that s amazing...tnks for this
  8. Oh the bad girl video is a masterpiece . When I ve realized back in the days that the abstract painting (an angel) the young murderer is looking at before he kills M ...that painting is behind M&MrWalken (HER angel now down on earth to kiss HER goodbye) down on the floor , I mean that metaphor is pure genius