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  1. idro

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Tonight the RHT is on TV in Italy Canale5 ' s gonna broadcasts the show
  2. idro

    Re-Invention World Tour: Favorite performances?

    I was there too (ad well as forma TGS AND RH ) and it was aN impressive experience
  3. Guys she wrote August .... that s it I think we re gonna like it
  4. idro

    Which tours have you seen live?

    TGS in Paris DW in Milan RT in Paris CT in Rome S&S in Rome MDNA in Rome RH 2times in Paris Best times were in arenas
  5. so sad it s over ugh
  6. idro

    Manila February 24

    wow whatta lucky bitches
  7. This .This forum s not about a little pussy who screams
  8. We can see wts going on tagging #TAIPEIARENA on instagram ... it s getting crowded
  9. Kanye & Blood diamonds ( to me )
  10. idro


    it s a very female point of view song smtng I can witness but not expirience . the pleasure and pain / sex - religion - birth and it s more about who s she s singing to .. wo(men) . when I saw the RH tour performance I couldn t help thinking about her instag post about the italian nun suor cristina ( like a virgin ) and the "bitch get off my pole " line and the MDNA priests on high heels in GGW . They are ( TO ME) clear M messages about gender roles in catholicism and the questions I see her doing is WHY NOT ?
  11. idro


    another masterpuspeace .. tnks M to you I jenuflect
  12. doesn t it mean you can t atted if you re under 18y ? So she s gonna give the show as it is .
  13. incredible year . amazing music . tnks Queen