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  1. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    Well, she took her personal trainer to live with her in Portugal......
  2. I wanna see the full thing. Anyone???
  3. Tour in 2018??? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
  4. Did she said anything about a new album?
  5. I hope Kelly asks her about it!
  6. The Youtube crusade thread

    I sent a DM to Guy
  7. The Youtube crusade thread

    I'm TOTALLY with you, guys!! Let's make Guy notice us!!! DM him on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  8. The Youtube crusade thread

    On RIAA Certifications, She's only behind Barbra(only 4 platinum).
  9. The Youtube crusade thread

    BTW, Her RIAA certification should be updated too. It would be a FANTASTIC birthday gift!!!! The Best Selling Female Recording Artist Of All time In USA( She is already, but an official certification would be perfection). DO IT, GUY OSEARY/Warner
  10. The Youtube crusade thread

    YES!! I want ALL her videos (inclusing This Used to be my playground, American Pie, Beautiful Stranger, I'll Remember, etc) on her official channel.
  11. No Letterman Appearance

    Didn't they say this would be a documentary???
  12. He has directed like 60% of her videography