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  1. Crazyone

    Manila February 24

    So, M may be banned from the Philippines now because she ridiculed the national flag by wearing it as a costume and allowing the flag to touch the floor .... http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/entertainment/music/philippines-may-ban-madonna-after-singer-ridiculed-flag-on-stage-20160227-gn55pv.html
  2. Crazyone

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Why did MDNA make less money than S&S when MDNA had more shows and a more recent tour (which probably means more expensive tickets)?
  3. Wow this must have been the best show ever with all the positive drama
  4. Crazyone

    PARIS - 9 December thread #1

    hahaha. can't wait to see the reaction if she sings this tonight! Have fun tonight guys
  5. Crazyone

    London - December 1

    So excited for you. Enjoy the show tomorrow
  6. Crazyone

    Herning, Denmark - 16 November 2015

    What terrible things did Billboard published?
  7. Crazyone

    Herning, Denmark - 16 November 2015

    I was there in Cologne when she did WTG. It was a magical moment for me but the crowd didn't really get it. But then again, i didn't think the crowd at Cologne got the entire show at all ....
  8. Crazyone

    Stockholm November 14

    omfg. her speech was so moving. made me shed some tears. love love love!
  9. Crazyone


    Oh wow. I've just discovered how great this song is after the concert. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Visually, i thought it was the best piece from the set!
  10. Definitely the Blond Ambition Tour BECAUSE ... that was when all the magic began. The tour where she used as a template for all her future shows, the tour concept where all other pop stars ripped off. Wished i had the chance to see it live =( BUT then again... I wished I had watched all the other previous tours also because i didn't get the chance to do so.
  11. Crazyone

    Berlin November 11

    Yes Wunderkind. Thank you for all your amazing videos!!! Good way to relive the moment when suffering from post tour depression ...
  12. Crazyone

    Berlin November 10

    Finally got back from the show. I totally enjoyed this one so much better than the one in Cologne mostly because this time I was close to the tip of the heart stage and got to see most of the show without relying much on the big screen. The crowd was also heaps better too. They seem to get most of her joke and I felt that more people knew the words to the song also. Was ecstatic when she sang secret. Unfortunately no Ghosttown and she canned Who's That Girl. Oh well, can't have it all i guess. She seems happier and more into the show than in Cologne. That made a huge difference in her performance. Sad that this is my final show and really glad i bit the bullet and went to 2 shows instead of one. Now bring on the DVD!!!
  13. Crazyone

    Berlin November 10

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ghosttown and secret
  14. Crazyone

    Berlin November 10

    Ah that sucks. Do you know what time the doors will be opened?
  15. Crazyone

    Berlin November 10

    Is this for the Early Entry or the General Admission????