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  1. Oh wow. I've just discovered how great this song is after the concert. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Visually, i thought it was the best piece from the set!
  2. My verdict ..... 1. True Blue 2. Madonna 3. Like a Prayer 4. Ray of Light 5. Erotica 6. Music 7. I'm Breathless 8. Confessions on a Dancefloor 9. Rebel Heart 10. American Life 11. Like a Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA 14. Bedtime Stories Actually, I can't decide which of the 3 are my least favourite ... MDNA, Bedtime Stories or Hard Candy. I have to rank Hard Candy higher because it contains one of my very fav. madonna track "Give it 2 me". I'll put Bedtime Stories at the very last just because I dislike RnB =)
  3. Sources close to Drake is not Drake. it's pure gossip and speculation. He has a twitter account and nothing ... i rest my case.
  4. I love the whole controversy behind the kiss. She sure knows how to grab attention.... obviously it is a HUGE publicity stunt. Notice how drake hasn't said a Bleep about the whole incident? He is keeping quite obviously for a reason. This is obviously to keep people talking about it. If he would say something about it now, the whole debacle will die within seconds. VERY CLEVER INDEED!
  5. I not only love the performance but the interview also. The first interview in this era where she was not asked (AGAIN) about: 1. her children and motherhood 2. the brit fall 3. her very first 'like a virgin' MTV performance 4. who is she listening to 5. who she is dating and who she has slept with You can almost hear her sighing "here we go again ..." Love the candidness, spontaneity and the big push for RH!
  6. ok. she sucks as being a stand up comedian. still it was fun to see her try. LOL
  7. Looks like there is going to be a MASS DELETE on Meerkat LOL
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