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  1. Batuka > Crave > God Control (minus points for being too long) > Madellin (minus points for bad intro) > Dark Ballet (minus points for you blink, you miss Madonna > I Rise (for very obvious reasons)
  2. 1. Extreme Occident 2. Crazy 3. Medellin 4. Faz Gostoso 5. Bitch I'm Loca
  3. Today it's ….. 1. Crazy 2. Extreme Occident 3. Faz Gostoso 4. Bitch I'm Loca 5. Crave Probably different tomorrow ….
  4. it's one of my fav track on the album. so tempted not to keep this on repeat - just having the whole album on repeat. I have to skip 'future' tho.
  5. to me, 'future' is the weakest song on the album. sounds so out of place and I have to skip it. I am really digging 'gun control', 'extreme occident', 'crazy', 'faz gostoso, 'I don't serch I find'. btw. I must have already played the album at least 9x by now
  6. I feel that the weakest tracks on the album are the 1st 4 singles she released. I'm really digging God Control, Crazy, Batuka, Extreme Occident, Faz Gostoco, Come Alive, I don't search I find and bitch im loca. And this is just after the 1st listen from start to finish. I'm happy
  7. OMFG This has to be my favourite track of Madame X so far! Can't stop listening to it. The video is AMAZING!!!
  8. let's leave the past behind and look into the FUTURE It's so much more exciting what she has installed for all of us next ...
  9. OK … another one … what was all the apple slicing about???
  10. So, did anyone actually figured out why she was slicing apples?
  11. Why did MDNA make less money than S&S when MDNA had more shows and a more recent tour (which probably means more expensive tickets)?
  12. True Blue has to be one of my favourite Madonna album. Every track is a classic and not one single filler (the only others IMO are the 1st album and LAP). I can listen to the whole album from start to finish on repeat without skipping any track even today. Even today, the album doesn't sound dated at all. That is why i love her so much because she never release anything cheesy that sounds dated after 1 year. She is always so ahead of time! Plus, the album cover is so ICONIC! Looking back at it now, the one thing that jumps out are those THICK eyebrows! Thank gawd the pre-eyebrows plucking day
  13. Wow this must have been the best show ever with all the positive drama
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