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  1. The album has a score of 72 on Metacritic as of now.
  2. If you press your ears in the venue, you can hear all the flaws of a singer. The raw footages mask those flaws.
  3. A fully live band is hard for the singer to handle.
  4. Does she demand a fixed fee per show or what? I still think a RH show costs more than most other pop girls' shows.
  5. Yess @Palladium, show her amazing vocals to Mariah fans to shut them up.
  6. The one hard truth about acting is that you cannot make any claim. The audience can judge your acting talent on the big screen. Madonna isn't a spontaneous actor to say the least.
  7. Erotica was what made her a distant star in U.S.
  8. The dress was unfortunate. She looked older back then.
  9. Yess @ into the groove . They only used movie clips, right?
  10. without a proper music videos = live performance videos on mtv or no video at all. I can think of "dress you up"
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