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  1. hasta

    Tokyo - February 13

    Miles Away or Nothing Really Matters. Either one is good.
  2. hasta

    Tokyo - February 13

    Here for paradise (not for me)
  3. TAB with crow vocals and some flat notes. However she SLAYED!
  4. Don't the DJ know Taiwan and Mainland are not the same? Its not like they are obscure countries. Lol
  5. hasta

    The band

    A fully live band is hard for the singer to handle.
  6. hasta

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Does she demand a fixed fee per show or what? I still think a RH show costs more than most other pop girls' shows.
  7. hasta

    ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    Yess @Palladium, show her amazing vocals to Mariah fans to shut them up.
  8. I wonder how she will sound in upcoming tour.
  9. Next goal is to have a madoona video without any featured artist vevo certified.