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  1. Its 2016 and this is still happening. I hate this world.
  2. I love this song so much. OMG And this video is LIFE!
  3. Is LIVING FOR LOVE for me and everything about this song. Music videos, performances, everything! From the very first moment when those ugly leaks happend I just knew this is my new fav M classic, yes CLASSIC! And then Music Video OMG (MY fav video this era, and better than any HC, MDNA or COADF video #sorrynotsorry ) GRAMMY AND BRITS PERFORMANCES AND HA BEAUTY I picked up my crown, put it back on my head. Madonna’s fall at BRITs 2015 was named as the #1 most viral celebrity moment of the year by Telegraph. And don't forget amazing TV promo performances on Ellen, TJR, etc. “Lots of people write about being in love and being happy or they write about having a broken heart and being inconsolable. But nobody writes about having a broken heart and being hopeful and triumphant afterwards,” Madonna told Rolling Stone magazine about her latest single, LIVING FOR LOVE, when the track leaked last December. Are you with me MNation?
  4. 1 Madonna, "Ghosttown" Even in a great year for pop music, Madonna is still the queen. The power ballad off her March album Rebel Heart was a more classic pop turn for the singer after the house hit "Living for Love" and trap digression of "Bitch I'm Madonna." On the massive, romantic track, the singer tackles both world issues and a reflection of self. Even though the single didn't crack the Billboard Hot 100, it still topped the dance charts and showcased one of the singer's strongest vocal performances. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/readers-poll-the-10-best-songs-of-2015-20151216/madonna-ghosttown-20151216
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