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  1. DitaDolla

    Shawn Mendes

  2. DitaDolla

    Justin Timberlake thread

    That was.....meh... No 4 Minutes, No SuperBowl
  3. DitaDolla

    BRIT AWARDS 2017

    Watching on my phone now, tnx.
  4. DitaDolla

    BRIT AWARDS 2017

    I dont.have sound??
  5. DitaDolla

    which new artist is dominating the decade?

    Rih Adele Drake Toilet Shit
  6. DitaDolla

    The Weeknd

    I have this album on repeat! Its soooo good!
  7. DitaDolla

    The Weeknd

    Secrets is AMAZING!
  8. DitaDolla

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    Trump won??? They are both horrible but ok.
  9. DitaDolla

    Your Top Albums of 2016

    ZAYN - Mind Of Mine Ariana - Dangerous Woman And M.I.A is almost there.
  10. DitaDolla

    Bruno Mars

    It is horrible.
  11. DitaDolla

    The Weeknd

    Music video today
  12. DitaDolla

    New MIA

    Im talking about promo for this album.