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  1. Why such an insulting words!? We are here to discuss regards M, not to mocking each other. Have a nice day.

  2. Wow... Bitch I am Madonna was incredible performance.... So much energy, fun, humour... after this I kind a like the song better...
  3. You should probably know something about visual meanings, you have Roland Barthes nickname. one of the greatest visual philosopher. you should reread him again... maybe after it you will agree with me.
  4. There is no connection between Bacons paintings and this annoying effect in LFL video...
  5. I hate contrast and color saturation of black and dark red, it looks like huge mistake in editing, I would love to know story behind this quality... its so annoying... I have trouble to find deeper connection between music style and video story, music is contemporary but visual aspect of this video implied traditional Spanish/Latino conceptual language... I am not fun of this video at all.... I like better GMYL video.... Also I find stupid Nietzsche quotes.
  6. I am amazed with this one. This is BIG!! After all this years of provocation Madonna eventually admits and consider haters along to fans. She could be pioneer regards this statement. This is conceptual art.
  7. "Bitch I'm Madonna," featuring Nicki Minaj, leads with sales of 12,000 downloads, according to Nielsen Music. "Living," the album's first proper single, starts with 10,000 sold and "Unapologetic," 7,000. The tracks begin on Dance/Electronic Digital Songs at Nos. 9, 12 and 14, respectively. (She notches her first top 10 on the list, which launched in January 2010.) http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/6415173/madonna-hot-dance-electronic-songs-chart-rebel-heart
  8. Guys, anybody knows where to buy New Madonna on Itunes alternatives?
  9. Ryan Tedder working with Madonna for new album http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/simon-cowell-guru-ryan-tedder-4766488
  10. G_O_N_E Any Hints for posthumous collaboration with Tupac, she posted some indication pic of it, I guess cardboard cutout of him... http://instagram.com/p/vmhvZRmEdz/
  11. ......Whooooooo am I to decide what should be leaked? If this is the end then let it sneaked. Let it leaked, let it leaked, Let it leaked, leaked all over me.....
  12. Me too. Somebody should sent message to Guy via tweeter regards wash all over me leak....
  13. Wash all over me leaks in full... You can find it on youtube under Renato Oliviera user.... and its sucks !!!
  14. Has anybody noticed her new Instagram post http://instagram.com/p/vJwzbMmEfT/ Does Madonna posts sneak peek of her new singe?
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