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  1. This album is dope. So happy for that... Its very crafted album. Unconventional songs structure within unpredictable dynamics. Combining of deferent musical elements and languages on one song. My favorite songs on fist listening are: Batuka, Looking for Mercy, Extreme Occident, Killers who are Partying and God Control... Medellin was tricked us to think in different direction.... I have inspiration and motivation for whole summer. Thank you M.
  2. I like Crave video better than Medellin, I like Ghost Dog, The Way of the Samurai inspiration. I believe Crave single was originally created to be more faster and up tempo tune. Madonna dance and moves is more energetic, speed up and it does not sync with the music.
  3. Crave 8/10 Soltera 7/10 Champagne Rose 7/10 Medellin 6/10 I Rise 6/10 Future 5/10
  4. Song is out, on the internet for half day.
  5. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/madonna/future.html
  6. "...Not everyone is coming to the future Not everyone is learning from the past Not everyone can come into the future Not everyone that's here is gonna last, gonna last..." She is repeating this verse as chorus, for 8 times!!
  7. I heard a song. So confused now. Song is so repetitive and boring. I hate trumpets. Only interesting part is beginning and when she is mumble rapping 0:30. Eurovision opportunity wasted.
  8. Crave video inspired by Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai movie.
  9. Hologram thing was experimental, Madame X characters was a bit smaller then real Madonna. But concept and atmosphere of performance was beautiful.
  10. Why such an insulting words!? We are here to discuss regards M, not to mocking each other. Have a nice day.

  11. It's called North hemisphere imperialism; in Australia for Summer you have winter Christmas celebration elements. I am so sad about heavy dark outcome of Meddelin video, i am sure it will fails commercially, and Maluma momentum will not helps. Bitch I am madonna was masterpiece.
  12. Hey 13,264 posts, I am sure number of posts is inversely proportional to intelligence in your case. I am her to say my opinion regards video.
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