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  1. Such a simple but fantastic song! At first it didn't do much for me but now it is definitely in my top 5 of the album! Hoping for a great live performance...
  2. But it seems Illuminatrix posted that supposed heart stage thing which is fake, isn't this the same thing? So it doesn't seem that he is reliable AT ALL...
  3. That still sounds like a twist of the same rumors and some are just obvious guesses, a while ago I posted that Kylie video where she did a swing version of Locomotion and I guessed Music would be like that...
  4. Me neither, it's one thing that she hasn't sung it for nearly three decades but it was never a great song in the first place. I'd rather her do Everybody from the 80s and stuff like Secret or Bedtime Story...
  5. Trust No Bitch appeared at Warner Chappell, apparently DJ Dahi & Blood Diamonds got a credit for it... http://www.warnerchappell.com/song-details/WW010507122000
  6. Erm you guys, that setlist posted in the previous thread comes from a dude at FOTP putting all the rumors together... http://fotpforums.com/topic/111068-spoiler-possible-setlist/?p=3538692
  7. By the way, was True Blue meant to be the instrumental interlude after Rain? http://todayinmadonnahistory.com/2015/07/08/today-in-madonna-history-july-8-1993/
  8. I can't believe that out of all songs, she would skip Joan Of Arc. I'm sure there are a lot of details we don't know about, after all until yesterday nobody ever talked about a 1930s segment but everyone assumed "matador" and "apocalypse" segments...
  9. Well she has not touched it since 2004 but yes, it should be remixed.
  10. The first segment definitely needs some big hit since it will be show in news reports and stuff, Don't Tell Me is not a bad choice and honestly I don't know what else could fit...
  11. This post was deleted at FOTP by the way: http://fotpforums.com/topic/111017-mods-please-delete/
  12. I'm surprised about such segment, I thought this tour will skip the showgirl/cabaret stuff. So will Music sound something like...
  13. They posted this today, is this it? http://www.news-of-madonna.com/J-30-_a571.html
  14. Vogue & Human Nature were practically album versions on MDNA Tour and Express Yourself & Like A Prayer didn't stray away too far from their most familiar, The Immaculate Collection remixes. Also, some of Stuart Price's reinventions were nothing more than spiced-up album versions.
  15. I agree, I don't like that Vogue is getting shorter and shorter. Unfortunately I think this pattern will continue...
  16. MDNA Tour only had new songs with guitar treatment so it's possible she sticks to that, Joan Of Arc & Rebel Heart are the obvious candidates I think.
  17. Hmm always wondered where it came from but doubt it's MK, that was sampled in Die Another Day 2008. Like A Virgin, Bye Bye Baby & Justify My Love are EVERYTHING! Great versions of Vogue, Express Yourself & La Isla Bonita as well!
  18. If that's the case then we practically know the whole setlist. Like A Virgin, La Isla Bonita, Deeper And Deeper & Music are reported by insiders so we have 8 old songs and then she teased Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Into The Groove, True Blue & Justify My Love... Though I still don't believe LDLHA & TB are full performances if they do appear, it's not like there is much room left for other songs, assuming she does 8-10 Rebel Heart tracks.
  19. Unfortunately many COADF songs don't have one, nor the Avicii-related tracks on Rebel Heart.
  20. Yeah the Evita stuff is also among the exception. Celebration came out during the second leg of S&ST and its music was mixed with Holiday.
  21. Maybe the 2016 leg will have even more classics, i.e. first two singles of Ray Of Light that are not even rumored at all.
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