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  1. Already discussed in other threads. Most likely it was scrapped, she teased those images like two months ago at least, doubtful they would work on an interlude video that long.
  2. She clearly has the time of her life performing Candy Shop!
  3. Well maybe Like It Or Not, it was closer to Human Nature than anything on American Life. Let It Will Be and How High just continued the "fame sucks" theme...
  4. Do we even know they were rehearsed? Neither of them were teased by her, nor News of M ever mentioned them. Love Spent did not replace LAV, only at one show I think, they were performed together most of the time.
  5. I think that's exactly the point in that segment, i.e. Greased Lightning version of Body Shop. As for S.E.X. interlude missing footage, isn't it more possible that it was simply scrapped?
  6. Yeah most of her tours are like that, MDNA Tour, TGS, CT etc, she always starts out with mostly new stuff. Thankfully this tour does not have a "new album free" segment like RIT or (initially) MDNA Tour.
  7. No sketch of the second costume? In act 1 and 3 she seems to have costume changes though as Matador and Gypsy are separate costumes.
  8. News of M posted the setlist without Ghosttown & Deeper And Deeper: http://www.news-of-madonna.com/LA-SET-LIST-DU-REBEL-HEART-TOUR-_a613.html Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Burning Up Holy Water Vogue (+Holy water) Devil Pray Body Shop True Blue HeartBreak City - Love Don't Live Here Anymore SEX (Justify My Love) Living For Love La Isla Bonita Music (Get Stupid) La Vie En Rose Candy Shop Who's That Girl Rebel Heart Illuminati Material Girl Unapologetic Bitch Holiday
  9. So there is no actual "Roaring Twenties" segment then if that costume is for the finale?
  10. http://wwd.com/fashion-news/designer-luxury/madonna-designer-costume-rebel-heart-tour-10211945/ First Look: Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour Designer Costume SketchesThe costume designer Arianne Phillips was in London in late February when she heard through the grapevine about a designer who was just beginning to get people’s attention: Alessandro Michele. The 42-year-old Roman had just shown two collections in quick succession after his appointment as Gucci creative director and suddenly found himself the toast of the fashion world. Meanwhile, Phillips, an in-demand costume designer for the mo
  11. So it seems Drowned and Rama woke up because they realized News of M did not post BS and they both said NOTHING AT ALL...
  12. RIT version is still closer to the TIC version because of the drums during the verses...
  13. After the first song like on MDNA Tour. It was so weird she did not greet the audience till Express Yourself on RIT...
  14. Did you see the show? Different stage setup, more stage props and just a small video screen. Then the RIT went almost full on empty stage with huge backdrops behind her.
  15. But DWT was her most theatrical tour and its stage was way more elaborate than the last four tours, so hopefully those comparisons are valid!
  16. Yeah this is the best ever, not a "let's sing and clap along" dance number, I blame Shep for turning the track into that!
  17. Well Benny Benassi remixed Celebration and everyone expected him to produce her next album and it happened...
  18. That fake setlist picture was posted here like 4 months ago!
  19. Doubt they will leak it, these big international websites seem to be very careful since leak-gate last year...
  20. Both Arianne and Laura might be just trolling with those pictures, pretending they are giving out hints.
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